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COVID-19 knowledge, attitude, and behaviours survey results

COVID-19 knowledge, attitude, and behaviours survey results
Coronavirus (an infectious disease) has affected 58.5M people globally out of which 37.4M recovered and 1.39M lost their lives. Now, COVID-19 has made an unusual impact on people's lives all over the world. After a year, no vaccine or effective treatment is available, thus it is required to follow the public policy and regulations and behavioural change to limit the COVID-19 effect. So far, Australia has adopted such changes and taken positive steps based on the COVID-19 knowledge, attitude, and behaviour survey results in controlling this virus.  Until a vaccine or effective treatment is developed the only and the best protection is to make and implement community behaviour and effective policy change to prevent people from this virus. Monash University is partnering with Australians to motivate and support them in terms of change in behaviours and protecting people from COVID-19 disease.  In order to understand the attitudes and behaviours in a better way, and to enhance knowledge about COVID-19 in Australia, they conducted a nationally representative sample survey which is a part of an international study known as iCARE. In this sample, over 60,000 people from 140+ countries have participated and still in progress.  However, here is some of the key information taken from the survey. This survey takes place in two waves: 1st wave May 2020 and 2nd wave July 2020. who survey

Source: Monash.edu

What are the key findings?

In Australia, Victoria falls under the second wave. The two longitudinal Australian surveys in May and July show that 1/4th of Australians report self-quarantining and sub-optimal physical distancing when unwell. The second wave was still inevitable. Coronavirus disease waves are unavoidable in Australia as not enough Australians are following the behaviours required. Moreover, the suppression strategy can also be one of the most effective methods if the following gets enhanced more than 9-in-10. 
  • Objective
Develop and acquire strategies to monitor and control The Wrath of Coronavirus on World Economy and Health needs behavioural adherence and public policy. Therefore, the Monash University members have examined the self-reported Australian knowledge, behaviours, and issues around Coronavirus at two recent points, just a few months apart.
  • Setting and Design
It has already been discussed that the recruitment for the above Australian survey takes place in two waves, i.e. 1st wave from May 1st to 5th, 2020, and 2nd wave from July 1st to 7th, 2020. This sampling has used online surveys depending on the evidence-based behaviour change. Representative samples for some major demographics of the Australian population were done based on age, gender, and residential location.
  • Results
Total 2,056 surveys were done including wave 1 and wave 2. Out of these, 1296 surveys were longitudinal data that is contributed by 648 individual surveys. The remaining surveys were imparted by n=760 individuals that only completed surveys in one wave. The participant's age range was between 18-99 years.  No social distancing was reported as 1-in-4 in waves 1 and wave 2 with differences by age and sex. For example, in May 2020, 38% under 30 years vs. 19% >30 years and 27% men vs. 23% women were recorded whereas in July it was 46% under 30 years vs. 31% >30 years and 31% men vs. 26% women. Self-quarantine: In the month of May and July 2020, following sub-optimal policy can be seen as evidence including not getting self-quarantined. Many a time, 1/4th of people were not self-quarantined when they feel unwell. The differences by age and sex of these people were 29% men vs. 17% women in men and 31% under 30 years vs. 23% >30 years in women whereas it was recorded as 34% % under 30 years vs. 25% >30 years and 36% men vs. 17% women in the month of July. The people with COVID-19 symptoms were only asked to get tested in the survey that was conducted in the month of July, and also sub-optimal; 56% under 30 years vs. 68% >30 years and 59% men vs. 72% women. Quite similar results were analysed for seeking tests or contacting doctors in case of similar symptoms: 50% under 30 years vs. 66% >30 years and 54% men vs. 73% women. action taken by australian gov Wearing masks: Wearing masks while going out from home was quite equal in both the waves. It was recorded fewer than 20%. As per the report, the younger people were more likely to wear a mask. Also, they were significantly wearing masks while traveling through crowded areas or public transport. Information sources: Major information was taken from sources like conventional media, workplace, WHO, Scientific Literature, etc. Let' understand this by our nursing assignment help experts. corona virus information for australians

Source: monash.edu

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