Difference between repo rate and reverse repo rate and factors controlled by the repo rate in assignment work

Difference between repo rate and reverse repo rate and factors controlled by the repo rate in assignment work
September 02, 2021

Difference between repo rate and reverse repo rate and factors controlled by the repo rate in assignment work

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The repo and reverse repo are the essential pillars for any country. The repo is a term that stands for the repurchase agreement. It is the short term form which is used as the collateral-backed for borrowing the different instrument. And is an interest rate that is applied for such borrowing is the repo rate. And when we talk about the reverse repo rate perfectly suggested by the name itself, the reverse repo rate is the opposite of the repo rate contract. There are many reputed Australian universities that include the course on this critical topic. The repo rate and reverse repo rate are the topics that are part of many individual courses.   

The repo rate is the pillar on which the money supply of the entire country depends upon. The factors which are related to the money supply are also affected by the repo rate. We will tell you about the significant factors which are led by the repo rate. And these factors are significant in affecting the economy of the country on different levels. The same has been discussed by our experts in the samples, which you can witness when you join us. The assignment files of the students also have the question related to the same. So, without any doubt, this is the topic which is vital for your depth knowledge of the subject. 

The first point or the factor that is within the control of the repo rate is inflation. This is something that is the factor that can easily affect the economy of the country on various levels. When there is a high level of inflation, it is the RBA that tries to bring down the money flow from the economy. Now, this can be done by increasing the repo rate. The increase in the repo rate creates borrowing, a costly attempt for the various business industries. This situation slows down the investment and also the money supply in the market. All of this brings a negative impact on the economic growth, and thus the inflation can be controlled.

The second major factor which is controlled by the repo rate is liquidity. This affects the economy as the repo rate can increase the liquidity in the market. When the RBA is required to provide funds to the system, the repo rate is lowered. The various business industries find it very cheap to loan the money for their repo rate and reverse repo rate projects or different investment purpose. The overall money supply in the economy is increased by this situation. And so, the economy rate of and the growth of the same is boosted up ultimately. So, without any doubt, the repo rate can help in changing the essentials of the economy. 

Vital knowledge useful for your repo rate and reverse repo Work  

There is a vast difference between the repo rate and the reverse repo rate. The differences are a very vital point to be discussed. When you join us, you can avail yourself of the sample related to the same. The experts find the difference in the soul that helps in better understanding the complete topic. The differences are drawn based on the distinct parameters. These parameters are the base of both the repo and reverse repo rates.

The first parameter on which we can discuss the difference is the meaning. The repo rate stands for the rate at which the central bank provides the loans to the other commercial banks against the securities of the government. And when we talk about the reverse repo rate, it is the interest that is offered by the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) to the banks that deposit the funds with them.

The second parameter on which we will learn about the differences of the repo and reverse rate is the rate of the interest applied. The repo rate always has a higher rate of interest. And when we discuss the reverse repo rate, we find that it has a rate of interest that is lower than the repo rate. 

The third parameter is the mechanism of the operations. And for the repo rate, the RBA grants the various funds for the commercial banks. And this is done against the government bonds as collateral. When we come to the reverse repo rate, the commercial banks deposit the extra funds with the RBA and then receive the interest for the deposit that they have made. 

The fourth parameter is the controls, which we will be discussing here. The repo rate will control the inflation and the increase or decrease in the same. And the reverse repo rate has control of the money supply. The money supply which is resourced to the economy is controlled by the reverse repo rate. 

The fifth parameter based on which we will have the knowledge about the repo and reverse repo rate is the purpose of both. The repo rate has the purpose of fulfilling the various deficiencies of the fund. And the reverse repo rate has the purpose of the economy. The reverse repo rate makes sure that the liquidity is maintained in the economy of the country. 

The sixth difference is drawn based on the impact on the higher rate. With the higher rate, the costs which the various funds have to get increased for the commercial banks, and so the loans are expensive. This is what happens in the case of the repo rate. And in the case of the reverse repo rate, the money which is supplied in the economy gets decreased as the various commercial banks have more surplus funds with the RBA. You can have the depth knowledge about the basis of the rate as they are vita for the university assignment help you need.  

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