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ETX2250 Data Visualisation and Analytics Assessment Answer

ETX2250 Data Visualisation and Analytics Assessment Answer
In the tech world, data visualization and analytics have become one of the most gradually important. In many companies, the data and information are presented graphically, which help connect with the target audience through charts, graphs, maps, and more. Similarly, the software can be used to access tracking online patterns, trends, and outlines for the given set of data and information. With the massive demand for such professionals, many universities are providing academic courses where students come to learn about several topics, such as:
  • Digital Media Lab
  • Data and GIS Lab
  • Codex Atlanticus
  • The Atlas of Moons
  • A View on Despair
  • Symbolikon
Drafting Data Visualisation and Analytics assessment answer for such topics cannot be easy, and therefore, we are here to assist you. Here, you will interact with subject-matter experts who are highly-qualified, talented, skilled, and proficient to look into the data visualization and analytics assignments and provide a flawless ETX2250 Data Visualisation and Analytics assessment answer. In addition to the above-listed topics, there are several topics such as Space Junk; Leaps in Space; LGBT; Data Grammar, Global Communities; Building Hopes; etc., being covered by our experts. Therefore, taking help from them can be the wisest choice. However, more details about the ETX2250 are discussed below.

Overview for ETX2250: Data Visualisation and Analytics

Business analytics is widely used to unlock veiled data insights to provide a competitive advantage to businesses. Several enterprises have a vast repository of data concerned with operations, customers, and other areas. To deal with business analytics assessment, you are required to be skilled analysts so that you can quickly reveal insights and propose up-to-date and accurate predictions. However, the ETX2250 unit deals with data visualization usage to examine, analyse, evaluate, and explore a set of different data sizes. Moreover, it introduces specific business analytic models that are effective in prediction and interpretation. This unit also discusses the software environment for data analytics, data visualization and cover analysis, and visualisation techniques for numerical and categorical variables. In this unit, visualization methods are Mosaics, Box-and-whisker plots, Heat maps, Rotatable 3D scatter plots, Cluster and Association charts, and Motion charts. If we talk about the models, it includes classification and regression trees, linear regression models, random forests, etc.

Introduction to ETX2250 Assessment

In this assessment, you are given a business case about an Indian Company named YourCabs.com located in Bangalore. The business case scenario is described below by assignment writing experts – etx2250 assessment sample Based on this business case, you are required to deal with several tasks, like explaining the approach that can be used to fix the problem faced in practice, identifying, preparing, and transforming data to simplify predictive modelling, and more. However, complete lists of the questions covered under the ETX2250 Data Visualisation And Analytics Assessment Sample are discussed below. ETX2250 assessment question ETX2250 assignment question Before starting with the suitable approaches to write the ETX2250 assessment answer, it is important to know the aims and objectives of the assignment. Let’s have a look at them!

Purpose of ETX2250 Assessment

The key purpose of ETX2250 assessment is to:
  • choose, develop, and apply concerning visual representation types for the given data
  • pick and cultivate different types of the model used for predictive/ and explanatory ability
  • make the best use of concerned out-of-sample and in-sample model evaluation
  • Interpret the relevant research skills to enhance original solutions in economics, marketing, finance, and other related areas
  • use modelling and visualization in order to communicate the investigation results effectively
  • describe the system and structure for procedures to be applied in order to examine the dataset provided
Now, we have a well understanding of the purpose of the assignment. Designing assignments as per the above-discussed purposes might be helpful in writing the ETX assessment answer. In case if you find difficulties, then the below instructions should be followed.

Instructions to write ETX2250 Data Visualisation And Analytics Assessment Sample

Writing ETX2250 Data Visualisation and Analytics assessment answers is a daunting process for students. They have to be very much accurate and stay connected with the guidelines given in respect of the EXT2250 assessment answer. Our assignment writing experts have discussed a few important steps to write data visualisation and analytics assignments. Step 1: Removal of missing data – Here, you are required to just drop out the rows from datasets that includes missing values. In this approach, a large dataset that has very few missing values works well. In case if you find it difficult to deal with this approach, then you may avail of university assignment help to overcome the issues. Step 2: Replace missing values by using mean or median – This method works with statistical features. The mean and median approach is generally related to the data distribution type. According to experts providing help in drafting ETX2250 assessment answers, the mean method can be the best alternative for distributed data and symmetrical data as compares to the median, which is best for imbalanced data. Step 3: Encrypting label as additional categorical variable level – As per the ETX2250 - data visualisation and analytics assignment answer experts, this approach for models is very much similar to tree-based models. Avoid using this approach for logistic regression. ETX2250 assignment answer Step 4: Categorical Function – In statistics, probability theory, and data visualisation and analytics, the categorical function is used. This function is only fit best for categorical data types. Additionally, you may know that categorical function groups, such as array functions, text, or categorical, can also be performed on categorical data.   Following the above-discussed purposes and following the given set of instructions can be quite beneficial in drafting an accurate and up-to-the-mark ETX2250 Data Visualisation and Analytics assessment answer. In case if you are in search of academic assistance for your assignment, then opt for Online Assignment Expert.

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