Example Of Executive Summary For Business Plan Assignment

Example Of Executive Summary For Business Plan Assignment
April 03, 2019

Example Of Executive Summary For Business Plan Assignment

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Do you know what an executive summary is? No? Don’t worry, Online Assignment Expert is here to clarify all your doubts regarding an executive summary with the help of an example!

This would not be the first time for us. Our assignment help professionals have helped a lot of students understand various assignments with the help of our intricately designed examples and samples.

Before we go on explaining you the example, we would talk briefly about an executive summary. So, brace yourself till the end in order to procure an example of executive summary for assignment that would fetch you desirable grades.

Executive Summary for Business Plans

Whenever you prepare a business plan, the first and foremost thing which you need to prepare is an executive summary. So, in a way, an executive summary is a brief about your business plan.

According to our management assignment help experts, the purpose of the summary is to inform the investors about your business, products or services, your target customers as well as what all you have achieved financially.

Our Intricately-Designed Executive Summary Example

Now that you know what an executive summary for business plans is all about, let the experts of our management assignment writing services take the wheel and explain you all the aspects which must be included while writing an executive summary.

Business plan

This is an example of executive summary for assignment that our experts have recently guided a student on. You can clearly see that there is a specific theme upon which you are to write the summary. For this, first of all our management assignment help experts paid extra attention to include the following things in the executive summary based on the given theme -

  1. Details about the organisation
  2. The services and the products offered by the organisation
  3. What is the purpose of your products or services
  4. The market that your business is targeting
  5. The purpose of the business plan
  6. Size of sales
  7. Other critical details such as the accolades or achievements that your business has achieved.

Tips Of Writing An Effective Executive Summary

An executive summary is something which is like the foundation for your business plan. Thus, the efficiency of your business plan would solely be dependent on how efficiently you design the executive summary.

Realising this, our management assignment help experts would now like to share some of the tips which they have been using in order to design flawless reference executive summaries for students. These are -

  • Write It Last

Now you would wonder why to write it last when it is the beginning of any business plan. A majority of the successful entrepreneurs prefer to write it in the end. This is because once you are thorough with what all you have included in the business plan, you would easily prepare an accurate executive summary.

  • Concise, Yet Clear

When it comes to writing an executive summary, you must always remember that ‘less is more’. According to our management assignment help experts, if you are able to keep it short without missing any essential detail about your business, your summary would definitely be a hit!

  • Keep It Simple

Only when your executive summary would be readable, investors would be interested in reading it. By readable, we mean to ask you to include short texts in a well formatted structure. For this, you may use bullets or subheadings. You may also make use of charts to enhance the readability.

  • Move From Most To Least Important

Although there is no order to include different sections in an executive summary, if you prioritise your sections from most to least important, your executive summary would definitely have an edge over others.

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