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Get to Know More About Financial Accounting and Reporting ACCG224 With Us!

Get to Know More About Financial Accounting and Reporting ACCG224 With Us!
January 26, 2019

Get to Know More About Financial Accounting and Reporting ACCG224 With Us!

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Are you one of those students who are in search of academic guidance on ACCG224?

You would already know that after you compete for this unit, you would be a pro in dealing with various principles and concepts which govern around financial accounting. This is because this unit is an extension of ACCG100 and ACCG101.

So, Online Assignment Expert is here to guide you on various financial accounting issues. Our finance assignment help experts are all geared up to help you comprehend various finance topics such as foundations of accounting, measuring the assets and liabilities as well as the financial statements. So, delve further and acquaint yourself with all the imperative topics under this unit.

Assessment modes under Financial Accounting and Reporting

While you can focus on the practical aspects of the subject, our finance assignment help experts are all ready to guide you on the theoretical aspects of the unit. Following are the assessment modes under this unit –

Class participation

It contains a weightage of 16% and stretches for about 3-13 weeks. We understand how difficult it might be for you to balance your assignments and lectures.

Online Quizzes

ACCG224 quizzes are the next assessment mode which consists of 15% weightage. There will be three online quizzes that would help your professors assess how much you have learnt before the final examination.

Report and Presentation

This assessment mode consists of 19% weightage. Here, you would be required to submit an individual 2000-worded report. This business research report has to be based on the case which is given in your question file. Based on this report, you would also have to prepare and submit a presentation.

Our ACCG224 experts can efficiently guide you with the business report and also suggest you some great tips to prepare a business research presentation.

Final Examination

This is the final assessment mode which would contribute 50% weightage. The paper will consist both calculations as well as theory.

Our Financial Accounting and Reporting Assessment Sample

Draw your attention towards an ACCG224 assignment sample which our finance assignment help experts had done for the reference purpose of students like you. So, make sure you have a look at this before you start proceeding with your Financial Accounting and Reporting ACCG224 assignment.

ACCG224 assignment sample

Our financial assignment help experts approached this above sample as follows –

Firstly, they read the given case thoroughly. As discussed above, this is a business research report sample. Our experts clearly underline the objective of general-purpose financial reporting as per as the conceptual framework for financial reporting.

Then, the existing report was compared with the report which they had made. Based on this information, they find out if any requirement is not met by the firm.

For the complete solution of this assignment sample or any other such sample, you can easily get in touch with our experts via our Email.

4 Most Important Financial Statements

Let us see what 4 most important financial statements around which ACCG224 revolves around are.

4 Most Important Financial Statements

Income Statement

Income statement basically unveils the financial performance of a firm covering the entire reporting period. The total expenses incurred is subtracted from the total sales, in order to find the income statement.

Balance Sheet

Assets, liabilities and equity are elaborated which helps to clearly display the position of an organisation. This statement is one of the most crucial statements in finance. Thus, it is included in a majority of financial transactions.

Cash Flows

The sources from where cash inflow and cash outflow were initiated in a firm as experienced by the firm constitute cash flows. As this financial statement is a bit difficult to assemble, thus, it is mostly used for outside parties.

Changes in equity

This financial statement talks about the purchase of shares, profits and losses. This statement is issued internally as this does not concern the management team.

Worried Still?

Online Assignment Expert provide expert guidance in more than 50+ disciplines all across the globe. Our finance assignment help experts never fail to provide samples to students. You can get the customised financial accounting assignment help right here.

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