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HLT54115 Implement and Monitor Care: Assignment Analysis

HLT54115 Implement and Monitor Care Assignment Analysis

HLT54115 Implement and Monitor Care: Assignment Analysis

Students pursuing the nursing courses from the Nursing Health Care University of Australia know that HLT54115 is one of the core units often a part of the Diploma of Nursing. It provides a background in essential health, interpersonal, clinical, and technical skills which are mostly required to practice nursing. HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing is the best choice for those seeking to establish their careers in the field of nursing where they provide support, aid, and care to needy people.

Once you complete this diploma course, you can be eligible to enter the healthcare industry as an Enrolled Nurse working under a Registered Nurse. The course includes concepts like first aid, work safety and health, examine and interpreting physical information of a patient, physical health assessment, and more. The assignments based on the above topics require you to have knowledge and skills like critical thinking and decision-making. However, some important details about HLT54115 - Implement and Monitor Care of Older Person assignment is given below. 

Requirement For HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing Assessment

Being a student, you must provide answers for the following questions in the box provided under them and also include sufficient references.

What are the physical changes and chronic health problems the ageing process has on the following body systems?

physical changes and chronic health problems

  • The minimum word count for the above question is 500 words. Each answer should be written in its given box. 
  • Generally, students are required to explain all the given terms, i.e., sensory function, respiratory function, musculoskeletal function, renal and urinary tract, digestion, immunity, and skin integrity. 
  • Therefore, you must know about all the terms asked above to provide answers correctly.

Now, according to the given case study, the following questions need to be answered.

case study assignment

case study question

To answer the above question, you must briefly explain the different levels of care for the ageing community and what could be the functional assessment tools used in aged care. 

What are Aarti’s health care needs and how would you prioritise them?

Based on the above case study, students are required to analyse Aarti’s health care needs. Also, let the readers know why it is given the highest priority.

Here are two hints provided by our nursing assignment help experts for answering this question:

  • Step 1: Firstly, find out why Aarti requires health care. Is it due to chronic kidney disease, elevated blood pressure, incontinence, pain, or poorly controlled diabetes?
  • Step 2: Secondly, showcase how these needs are priortised for patients. 

What are some age-related effects of medications on Aarti, and are there any complementary therapies that might assist her with some of her health issues?

This question mainly focuses on two aspects, i.e., the effects of medications on Aarti and the various complementary therapies that can improve her health. A few effects suggested by our nursing case study assignment help experts are mobility issues, dehydration, loss of cognitive function, depression, incontinence, and loss of autonomy based on Aarti’s case study.

In addition to this, there are more questions that you need to answer.

They are:

age-related effects of medications

Additional Tips for Writing the HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing Assessment Answer

  • Acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the nursing profession and the improvement in delivering medicinal services by health professionals
  • Explain the significance and use of legislation, guidelines and legitimate point of reference for enrolled nurses and their practice 
  • Identify the self as well as other team member’s obligation and responsibilities in the arrangement of nursing practice care  
  • Illustrate critical thinking in providing a particular service 
  • Develop nursing care plans and implement them for an individual client. Also, assess the care offered in the scope of health conditions
  • List all the encompassing nursing care to help healthcare need 
  • Recognise the cultural competence and group commitment as a reason for a successful working environment and expert connections 
  • Understand the significance of critically analysis, nursing research, and apply evidence-based practices to nursing practice

Apart from this, there is a case study assignment task 2 which mainly discusses a 78-year-old man named Mangal. He is suffering from partial deafness and avascular dementia in both the ears and is admitted to an age cared service called St. Andrews.

HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing Assessment Answer

Based on the above case study, students are asked to write about what nursing interventions and strategies can be used with individuals suffering from dementia. Speak to our nursing assignment help providers if you need the solution for the above case study.

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