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How to Score an Easy Distinction in Research Papers?

How to Score an Easy Distinction in Research Papers?
We all know that there are multiple assignments covered in academics and one of them is a research paper. It is based on original research that features interpretation and analysis from the writer – and sometimes writing a research paper can be overwhelming! But do not worry as in this blog, we have provided a short research paper writing guide that will help students who find difficulty in dealing with such tasks. 

If you too are stuck somewhere and need guidance in writing a research paper, then do go through the steps given below. To prepare a high scoring research work, you will have to find out excellent research topics, conduct primary research, craft a thesis statement, frame the research paper outline and then finalise your work.

Step by Step Guide for Preparing Your Research Paper

Understand the Assignment

The very first requirement in preparing a research paper is to understand the assignment and its details. You must read the instructions and guidelines carefully, identify the aim of writing the paper, its deadline, as well as the key points.

Brainstorm a Topic

Finding an appropriate topic for your research paper can be done through different methods such as taking help from professors or friends, getting inspired by online research papers, or freestyle writing. Once you get the key subject area, you are required to choose a specific topic that has to be:

  • Unique & original
  • Interesting
  • Fulfils the assignment criteria
  • Go for preliminary research

Make a note of the materials that seem to be fit and relevant to your research topic. You can refer to different platforms and sources such as library books, e-books, articles, journals, reliable websites, etc.

Establish a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement can be explained as a statement of your key arguments. Developing a thesis statement gives the position and purpose of a research paper. For example, if you have included a question in your research, then the thesis statement should answer it completely and accurately. It should also include all the reasoning and evidence used to support the central argument. A thesis statement of a research paper should be concise, clear, coherent, and contentious.

Develop an Outline

Preparing a research paper outline is important as it can be used as a guide or roadmap at the time of writing. It includes all the essential key topics, evidence, and a list of arguments to be included in a research paper. To prepare a quality research paper outline, focus on the following:

  • Organise your thoughts
  • Relate your ideas and arrange them logically
  • Make sure you have followed research paper instructions

Finding difficulties in drafting the outline? Take a moment and go through a research paper sample available on our website, Online Assignment Expert. You will get a ton of ideas on how to create a research paper outline too.  

Also, while you’re writing the research paper, here’s a checklist that you might want to take a look into:

writing a research paper

Prepare a Draft First

Your first draft should be written including all the important arguments, evidence, and key points and polish later on. The reason behind writing the first draft is to – 

  • Present the rough ideas workable 
  • Provide details to your research paper arguments
  • Give an idea of how the research paper will look like

Also, you are required to follow the research paper format, i.e., title page, table of content, introduction, body, conclusion, etc. Some students write the easiest section first whereas few write the most difficult part of the research paper first. In your draft, you should: 

  • Pay attention to arrange paragraphs and sentences logically which will be helpful when you move on to 2nd draft of a research paper. 
  • Present your ideas and other materials.
  • include flexible arguments. 
  • Include citations and references.

Write the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion

  • The introduction is an important part of the assignment whether you are writing an essay, thesis, dissertation or a research paper. The research paper introduction should be prepared in such a manner that it can address ‘what’ ‘why’ and ‘how’ elements.
  • Writing body paragraphs is the lengthiest part of a research paper where many students get stuck. Not only this, but the section also asks you to arrange the information systematically and this is the point where you can take help from the research paper samples available on our website, Online Assignment Expert
  • The conclusion is written with a purpose to provide a sense of finality to your readers. The best way to write a research paper conclusion is to read the thesis statement once, re-phrase it, use examples, summarise the key points, and make a lasting impression.

Revision Process

At the end of the writing process, you must revise your final copy of the research paper. The aim of the revision process is to ensure that all the requirements are duly met and the research paper is prepared as per the given guidelines. By taking help from the research paper writing services, we ensure that we deliver error-free research papers written by one of our experts. 

Students who need help in writing a research paper can chat with our customer care team or research paper writing expert. Or, you can order a fresh copy of a research paper by clicking on the ORDER NOW button before filling the details asked. In case, if you have any query, simply call/text our customer service executives who are available 24*7.



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