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How to Write a Conclusion for University Assignment?

How to Write a Conclusion for University Assignment

How to Write a Conclusion for University Assignment?

All the universities students, regardless of which university they belong to; or wherever they live, they ought to face the reality of writing thesis or essays. Many students struggle to complete the tasks due to the varied intricacies involved in it. There is no denying the fact that introductions and conclusions are by far the rickiest parts of a write-up, investing time for which is totally worth it. Writing a conclusion for an assignment is not as easy as it may sound as it is the last chance for the writer to put forth his/her point on the subject.

In case you are struggling real-time with writing a conclusion for an assignment or are looking out for sample conclusion for assignment, count on Online Assignment Expert as we are right here with our pool of PhD experts to help you out. In fact, in this blog too, I will be unveiling a few tips to write a good conclusion for an assignment. Do read further!

Top 10 Handy Tips on Writing a Conclusion for an Assignment

There should be certain strategies in writing an effective conclusion to your thesis or essay. Below are certain pointers that you can keep in mind for the same:

Tip#1: Be proactive in the conclusion - It should be kept in mind that one should be proactive in the conclusion by inculcating provocative insight or reference from the research or reading you did for your paper.

Tip#2: It’s better to synthesize rather than summarise in conclusion - In the conclusion, rather than summarising what you have already told in the paper, it would be gaining you brownie points if you synthesize. No doubt, you can summarise but keep it very short and don’t repeat the same things that you have mentioned earlier. Rather than this what you can do is you can tell readers about how the points you made and the support and examples you used fit together.

Tip#3: Propose the course of action - The ball would be in your court if you propose the course of action or the solution to the issue or the questions for the studies to take place in future, in the conclusion. This kind of conclusion might help the readers to redirect their thought process and might also help to apply the notions personally as well as to look at the bigger insinuations.

Tips#4: The size of the conclusion does matter! - There is no denying the fact that essays might be of different lengths. At the same time, it is also to be mentioned here that there is one single guideline that stretches to all of them. It should be kept in mind that the conclusion must not be more than 10% of the overall word count. Let say, for instance, if your university assignment is 3000 words, conclude the write up in 300 words.

Tip#5: It’s the conclusion, right? So, provide closure! - Make the final sentence of your paper final in a literal sense. Explain everything, give advice for future researches to take place, and inculcate general statements in the very end.

Tip#6: Play fair in conclusion - Don’t act smart as your readers are smarter. So, play fair as in if there were a few limitations in your research then have the guts to face it and address it. Stay away from being too hard on yourself, whilst showing that you are an objective academic examiner or researcher.

Tip#7: You have to answer the question “SO WHAT?” - If you doubt the efficiency of conclusion, ask yourself a question, “And so?” Is it obvious why your work was important? If not, make these parts clearer until you could give a positive reply.

Things to avoid when writing a conclusion for an assignment

  • Avoid beginning your conclusion with overused phrases such as “in conclusion,” or “in summary”, etc. These phrases in standard academic writing come across as wooden and trite. 
  • It should be avoided to state the thesis for the very first time in the conclusion. That’s absolutely not logical, right?
  • Never ever talk about the new notion or subtopic in the conclusion for the first time. 
  • It’s a BIG NO to end your write-up with a rephrased thesis statement without any substantive changes. 
  • It’s also to be kept in mind; never make sentimental and emotional appeals.
  • Never put data, quotations, statistics, etc. in the conclusion, which should be in the body of the paper itself. 

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