How to Write a Personal Statement for University?

Personal Statement Writing Help
February 23, 2022

How to Write a Personal Statement for University?

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Do You Know How to Write a Personal Statement for University?

"The critic who doesn't make a personal statement, in re-measurements he has made, is merely unreliable. He is not a measurer but a repeater of other men's results. KRINO, to pick out for oneself, to choose. That's what the word means."— Ezra Pound

Ever wondered why boasting about your favourite person in front of others is way easier than writing about yourself? Sadly, this is exactly what a personal statement asks you to do- write about yourself for university admissions or a scholarship application to wave off your fees!

You must be thinking your personal statement doesn't matter as long as your grades are high and you have sufficient experience. But this is not true since a perfect personal statement could make you stand out from the crowd of several other candidates having the same grades. Indeed, your application might not get rejected by the university for not having a personal statement. But is it something you want to risk?

If you are thinking of taking personal statement writing help online, worry no more! Here, we'll guide you about the process of planning, composing, and checking a personal statement, so that you can submit something with great confidence. Let's dive into the blog without further ado!


What is a Personal Statement?

A personal statement is a crucial component of your university application, in which your reason behind choosing a specific course and why you are a good candidate for them? It's an opportunity for you to stand out among other candidates and to showcase your potential to soar in your chosen course.

You have to draft just one personal statement, which can be submitted to every University you applied for. So, if you are applying for multiple subjects or a combined program, it is essential to use a common theme or include all the skills needed for all the subjects in the personal statement. 

Your personal statement should be concise and comprehensive. It has a specific word limit which should be always kept in mind. You can use up to 4000 characters or 47 lines with 95 characters (with spaces). Before you think of taking personal statement writing help online, why not discuss each aspect of personal statement writing right here.

  • Plan what you want to add to your problem statement - Firstly, you need to make a plan. It is cumbersome to write a personal statement if there is no planning. Start making notes and answer each of the following questions:
    • What is your area of interest?
    • Why are you pursuing this course?
    • What are the qualities for which the University should consider your application? Think about your experiences and personal traits.
    • What are your skills and interests?

These pointers will form the backbone of your personal statement, so it is necessary to write them sensibly. You can use bullet points or a mind map to draft your personal statement.

  • Showcase your experience - Instead of your GPA or percentile, the admission committee wants to know what you have done differently that shows you are the best candidate for admission? To identify this, spend some time contemplating your experience in the applied subject. As a student, you might not have appropriate work experience in the chosen subject so you can think of other options. For say, you can add the experience of debating clubs, blogging or vlogging, or being a member of an afterschool club. This is one of the major aspects that all top personal statement examples consist of.
  • Portray your achievements boldly - Don't boast about your achievements in your personal statement. Instead, unleash your inner tiger to roar and get all "I am the king" with your writing. Mention your achievements concisely and precisely. Use only professional language. But don't keep your qualities under the layers of false decency. Your personal statement is a product that you have to sell-you are marketing yourself as the best candidate for the University. So, make sure you don't miss a beat!
  • How to start writing a personal statement - Write your personal statement in a cloud-based processing program such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. The benefit of doing this is that you can quickly run a spell check. Don't copy and paste your content somewhere else until it's done. Next, you will always have a backup of your work in your system.

In the first sentence, describe why you want to do this course and why it is important to you in one or two lines. In the rest of the introduction, give details about your enthusiasm to join the course and what will be your future prospects in the next three to five years.

  • Briefly explain why you have chosen the subject - So, when you are done with the introduction, it's time to nail the rest of the part!

After the opening paragraph, include your experience in the personal statement. Next, display your enthusiasm for the current study area. You can cite some examples of the current work in the subject that have impressed you a lot.

Following this, you can add something about yourself as a person. You can include non-academic stuff that you enjoy but try to relate these hobbies with the course subject.

Wrap up your personal statement by emphasizing your commitment to studying the chosen subject.

  • Keep it concise and simple - The sole purpose of editing your personal statement is not just to reach the milestone of the acceptable character count. You have to ensure that your writing fulfil its purpose - of explaining your enthusiasm to choose this subject and why you are best suited for this course.

Keep your personal statement as simple as it could be. Keep in mind that you are not writing an essay. So, use short and punchy sentences in your problem statement to explain your point.

  • Wrap up your personal statement smartly - Don't wrap up your personal statement with a closing line explaining your happiness to be a part of the University. Sign off with bold and memorable sentences highlighting all the good things you have covered so far in your personal statement. Use this space diligently to make the reader believe what an excellent addition you would be to their university. Make you personal statement stand out amongst the other personal statement examples.



Let's wrap up

Personal statements are critical decision-making tools for admission tutors as these statements make them decide which candidate is best suited for their university. If you are applying for a highly demanding course, make sure your personal statement is compelling enough to convince a university because they should offer you a place.

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