How to Write an Argumentative Essay? A Complete Guide

How to Write an Argumentative Essay? A Complete Guide
October 12, 2022

How to Write an Argumentative Essay? A Complete Guide

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay? A Complete Guide

In your educational journey, you've encountered thousands of academic write-ups. Whether it is an assignment, research paper, case study or essay, and in the following years, soon you will be getting to write a dissertation. However, how do you think you will write a thousand words long books if you get scared of writing a minor blurb? As you are most probably an English literature student whose current struggle is to find an essay writer Australia, when you will become a writer, at that time, whom would you look up to?

Indeed, writing for your happiness differs from writing to get excellent grades. Yet, you have to secure quality scores in your assignments if you wish to grab your degree. And in this academic journey, you will again write uncountable blurbs. Sometimes when you sit to write, your inspiration will be a calm voice dictating words to you. Although sometimes the noises outside won't let you go deep inside to shuffle your thoughts and write something inspirational. At those moments, you might wonder about getting external support. However, if you keep your main aim clear, no voice can disturb you to such an extent that it will distract you from your ultimate goal.

The Academic Write-Ups

No matter what you are assigned to write when there is an academic attached, you are constantly under pressure, and to increase your tension deadline is one such word you wouldn't wish to hear. Irrespective of the length, ease, and informative material you get, you'll always find yourself under strain as long as there is a constantly ticking clock. Talking about one of the essay types- argumentative essay; as suggested, it has something to do with arguments. However, this also brings confusion that all the essays contain arguments, whether it is a narrative, persuasive, descriptive or expository essay. Now, one more delusion that occurs here is the difference between expository and argumentative essays.

As we mentioned, all types of essays have arguments because of the basic structure of essay writing. Undoubtedly, you've been writing essays all your life now, and the basic writing structure of any essay is divided into five paragraphs. Including the introduction, author's argument, counterargument, refutation, and conclusion, yet the two essays are different and confusing.

Difference Between Expository and Argumentative Essay

On the one hand, expository essays are shorter and do not require much research to collect the required information. On the other hand, argumentative essays are entirely different; in argumentative essays, you need to research a lot in order to insert facts. Also, the length of argumentative essays is larger because of the facts included in them. While writing an argumentative essay, you must ensure to break down the information into several stages of writing. This particular write-up will take your time to find factual information.

If you are having trouble understanding an argumentative essay exactly, here's a definition for you.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is another academic writing assignment for which many students look for assignment help Australia. However, this writing assignment is nothing more than a blurb with factual evidence and logical supporting arguments. Such essays aim to make people think about a particular topic from different perspectives; indeed, several other essays are intended to do the same. Still, no other academic write-up is as close as an argumentative essay when researching and forming an evidence-based argument.

This time of research required in writing this essay is why many students hate writing argumentative academic essays. Not only this, but several students willingly find an essay writer in Australia who can help them escape this hazardous situation.

The following reason students envy this writing setup is that the use of vocabulary has to be persuasive so the writer can persuade their readers. While writing an argumentative essay, the writer has to put their point of view in front of the readers with conviction, proof and evidence, just to ensure other people agree with the same.

Moving forward, as you are willing to know how to write an argumentative essay, first, you need to know. For a fact, an essay is much bigger than you think it is. Indeed, the writing limit is restricted to a particular word count, yet there are several things you must keep in consideration while working on your argumentative essay. Below are the three main types of arguments and how to structure them.

The Three Famous Arguments!

As we mentioned, there are more things in essay writing than you can imagine; for example, apart from the argument types, there are types of argument claims. Furthermore, you will understand from the image below; besides, you will find the instructions about different argument writing strategies. So, without further ado, let's get started. 

1. The Classic Argument Strategy (Also known as Aristotelian)

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Thesis
  • Argument
  • Refutation
  • Conclusion

2. Rogerian Argument Strategy

  • Present the issue
  • Summarise the opposing arguments
  • State your points
  • State the benefits of adopting your points

3. Toulmin Model of Argument

  • Claim
  • Evidence
  • Warrant
  • Backing
  • Rebuttal
  • Qualifier
  • Exceptions

Out of these essay writing strategies mentioned above, the highly used type is the classic. It is because this lands in the basic category of writing an essay involving four steps: the introductory paragraph, the thesis statement, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion. Out of all the academic essays in this specific essay type, the writer, i.e., you, has to mention evidence in the form of examples, citations and statistics. So, if you are ready with the overview, let's move forward to know how to write the perfect argumentative essay.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

Writing an essay might seem easy for some, and for others, it is a great deal of pressure. However, if you are willing to finish your argumentative essay at the earliest, here are some great tricks to complete your write-up and submit it before the deadline. Some students in a tense situation prefer to take help from an essay writer in Australia; however, with the following tips, you will be alright to give your argumentative essay writing a chance. The best part about writing an argumentative essay is that you write these types of essays in either your high school or first year of college, so even if you fail in trying, there are still several chances to bounce back. Well, without waiting any other minute, let's start the process of writing an argumentative essay.

Begin with Brainstorming

The main motive behind writing an essay is to share your point of view on a particular topic. But when writing an argumentative essay, your topics are usually politics, science, health care or technology. When you start writing an essay on one of the topics, you have thousands of thoughts in your mind. As you keep researching, you will find more relatable information; however, as there is a word limit that you can't exceed, you must also try to think about others' perspectives. An argumentative essay is about giving a strong opinion and argument on a point with facts.

However, when you are in a dilemma with your thoughts regarding the topic you are writing, how could you finish the entire write-up at the earliest? Here's one trick to save you, the first thing you do is start working early on your project. Second, once you are done with your part of understanding the topic, you should begin to know others' points of view. In this manner, you can see your topic from different perspectives, and in the end, brainstorming will help you shape your essay perfectly, with or without the help of an assignment writer in Australia.

Do the Research

It is clearly mentioned in this write-up a few times that an argumentative essay is about using factual information and evidence that shares facts and statistics. As you know, argumentative essays are about where you have to put your point forward with the utmost conviction for others to agree with you. However, you can't be able to do this to secure great grades if your essay lacks evidence. Indeed, it is true that to make others agree with what you are saying, you have to show them proof. And in an argumentative essay, this is all you need to make your essay valuable and bag some extra credits. Moreover, one more advantage of research is when you are struggling to find that perfect starting point reading about the same topic in several types will give you a hint to start writing. Also, researching will enhance your knowledge.

Although, it is also true that you are an undergraduate student with thousands of things to do all day. From your busy schedule of juggling and shuffling from one thing to another, research seems an additional pressure, especially when you are out of time. In those tough minutes, when you are scared of submitting an impactful argumentative essay, all you need to do is to connect with Online Assignment Expert; here, you will find your professional assignment writer in Australia.

Create a Rough Layout

You are surely mistaken here if you believe your first write-up is your final draft ready to submit. From the minute you decide to write your first draft, there will be several changes the minute you will be prepared to submit the final write-up. As you go through the process of brainstorming and research, you will sometimes find various related information, facts and statistics that you must use in your essay. But if you start at the last minute with the decision that your first draft is the final piece, you might end up with poor grades. When your marks are at stake, avoid such daring stunts; take your write-up seriously.

The best manner to write a flawless argumentative essay is by creating a rough layout of how your essay might look like. Above mentioned are some of the significant structures you can use to write your essay; ensure you use one of the writing structures. Now, if you are wondering why emphasising the writing part, it is because a well-structured essay makes it a good read. And the easier it is for your audience to read and understand, the better the chance they will agree with your point of view, and you will succeed in the main motive of writing the argumentative essay.


there are a few more things to make your essay valuable: citations and flawlessness. Insert citations and statistics in your essay when final checking to ensure your argumentative essay is qualitative and can get you some great grades. However, if you need assistance, remember that Online Assignment Expert is always a call away from providing you with the best assignment help in Australia.

Wrapping it Up

Lastly, this is all you need to know and understand about your argumentative essay, and we are sure that this guide is all you want. The highlighted points are the keynotes that you must remember while writing your argumentative essay, whether it is the structure, difference, or manner of writing. Moreover, if you are stuck in any issues, you can connect with Online Assignment Expert any minute of the day, as we are available 24/7 for you.

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