Importance of AI in Higher Education for Teachers and Students Both

Importance of AI in higher education for teachers & students
October 22, 2022

Importance of AI in Higher Education for Teachers and Students Both

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Importance of AI in Higher Education for Teachers and Students Both

Whenever we talk about technology, there will be a comparison between how things were ages ago and how things are now. The transformation is evident and clearly seen. Ironically, a student grabbed all the required education to build something called Artificial Intelligence to help the future generation with their education needs. One such great example is that you can now search for IT assignment help and get help from across the globe within the timeline. It usually happens that live examples of science and technology constantly surround us, yet we cannot see greatness. You use social media daily, order food online, buy groceries online every other day, and so many more things are there, which are the daily necessities you perform. Yet, behind all the usage, you forget to thank the technology. And those who don’t understand technological developments might say it is a waste of time. However, if you are a higher education student, you must learn about the importance of AI in your learning process.

How Technology has Transformed Education

“Don’t stare at the screen for a long time; it will affect your eyes.” Every mother has screamed these words to their children. Whether that screen is a television, computer, laptop, or mobile phone, the rays from a digital screen might be harmful to the eyes, which is why students wear specs from a young age. However, as the tables have turned, things have changed significantly.

We all know that recently the COVID-19 pandemic hit us hard, and it felt like someone had pressed the pause button to stop every movement outside our homes. When going out was banned, and people struggled to live a stable life, one thing that couldn’t be controlled was education. Education is essential for the world’s better future and society’s betterment. By no means could it have been stopped, so what worked as the best blessing in disguise were these digital screens that made every student’s home a classroom and made it easier for the teachers to connect with their students so that education won’t be hampered.

Roles for Artificial Intelligence in Education

Indeed, there’s still a debate amongst psychologists, parents, and teachers regarding children's screen time. However, if you look at how education has transformed over the years, the journey is nothing but commendable. Ages ago, nobody would have thought you would have access to connect with an assignment help service provider from across the globe and get your assignments done at the earliest. Gone are those old days when the only means of grabbing education was to attend classes and go to school or college regularly. As the world is transforming and becoming more reliant on technology, some incredible transformations have occurred. One such great example is education coming to digital screens and making education more fun and interactive.

The Interactive Learning

As you are in your graduation years now, but earlier when you were in your earlier stages of learning and going to school, the education was a lot different. Remembering the days before COVID became a part of our lives, education in classrooms was different to what it is now. The standard learning process is changed now, and as some changes happen for good, the basic style is not replaced with interactive learning. Research states that since the interactive learning form has made its grand entrance into the world of education, there is a 17% improved performance is shown.

Interactive learning is a way of teaching students with the help of video games, and something that engages the students as 91% of school and college-going students are aware of gaming and interested in that when these exciting games combined with challenging teaching sessions make it easier for the students to grab extensive knowledge. This is because interactive learning engages students better than traditional learning and standard class visits. So, one of the reasons why students were happy with online learning at the time of the pandemic was because it gave them a chance to explore new learning methods.

Now, we talked about interactive learning and how students learning and understanding concepts with the help of video games find it easier to enhance their knowledge. But one of the main reasons for how video games are developing with each passing year is because of artificial intelligence.

The After Effect

Even after the pandemic, when things are returning to normal, according to research, 38% of teachers agree that video games and interactive learning are needed in the classroom to grab students' attention.

One of the reasons why students hate to study is because they find classes boring, and complex topics of subjects become why students prefer to roam outside the classroom rather than staying inside. Moreover, even those inside the classrooms ask them if they are studying with complete concentration. You’ll find that they are constantly peeking outside the window as they are not interested in whatever the teacher is teaching. In this manner, education is harming, and the system is drowning. To save the education system from drowning, it is better to take help from Artificial Intelligence to improve the learning process, interactive and fun.

Artificial Intelligence Helping the Education Sector

As an IT background student currently looking for IT assignment help, you must know that artificial intelligence is a big help in several industries, including banking, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, advertising, security, and anything else. The power of attracting everyone by showcasing the different manners one can use artificial intelligence is commendable. Of all the industries where, artificial intelligence has left a remarkable impact, whether helping with inventories or keeping a better course of registration for a patient’s medical history, AI has been a great help. But today, we will see how it has helped the education system. There are several ways in which artificial intelligence supports the education sector, some of which are mentioned below.

Handy in Administrative Tasks

Teaching is a subject that isn’t restricted to the education a professor provides to its students; several attached tasks are required to be done at the teacher’s end, which is different from the primary task. You get assigned several academic projects and tasks that must be completed and delivered within the deadline. Sometimes those tasks are so tricky that you look for assignment help and external support to finish your work within the timeline. However, for now, you are only looking at the issues on your side; if you could be in your teacher’s shoes, you’ll realise they have more tension than you.

If you think your professor’s job is restricted to teaching you, you are surely mistaken here. There are many things your professor does besides teaching:

  • giving your assignments
  • setting question papers
  • checking your external project sheets
  • grading your exams to form the final results

It takes much time to do these tasks manually because you are studying in a class of 50 students at least and checking all the sheets manually; it will take forever. So, to help ease the tasks, several Artificial Intelligence-based tools help the professors finish the administrative tasks at the earliest.

Spotting the Classroom Weaknesses

Most people think that if technology is entertained or has entered someplace, it will eat someone else’s job. Because if a machine can perform a task, what is the requirement of paying a person to do the same job? However, this isn’t what the myth is about. If a teacher uses artificial intelligence and tools integrated with such technology, it will be handy in finding the flaws in the class. As we mentioned earlier, due to complex topics, most students prefer roaming outside the classroom rather than staying focused. One of the ways to solve this problem is by adapting the interactive learning environment or using tools to understand the difficulties students face in understanding a particular topic.

You must be aware of the term “college dropout”. Have you wondered about the reason behind the same? This happens for several reasons, but one of which is highly heard is that students lack understanding of the course they are studying. This situation occurs because of the gap between teachers and students. When a teacher cannot understand their students' problems, how can they resolve them? So, for their assistance, there are AI-built tools that give the professors an overview of how many per cent of students find it challenging to understand a topic. Once the figures are precise, there won’t be much time to clear the student’s doubts.

24/7 Assistance

Gone are those days when the professors and teachers only provided assistance, and students had to wait to meet them the next day in class to get their doubts cleared as connectivity is growing for the betterment of humankind. It is becoming easier to take guidance from expert professionals across the globe whenever you need it. Suppose you are assigned to do an assignment, but the topic is complex, and the deadline is due tomorrow. No matter how hard you try, you cannot understand and write your assignment. That situation might give you panic attacks when you have no external support. However, thanks to technological advancement, now you can get access to connect with an expert at whatever time you need.

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