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Social Media's Persona in the Nursing Profession

Social Media's Persona in the Nursing Profession

Social Media's Persona in the Nursing Profession

Social media is the need of the hour. According to GlobalWebIndex, 97% of internet users are on social media sites. This truth isn't hidden from you, as you are also an internet user on social media. In this digital world, social media platforms have become the fourth most important thing for a living after air, water, and food. Besides being a nursing student, being a millennial or Gen Z person who uses the internet, it is your right to own a social media account on several platforms. From telephone calls to smartphone chatting, we have come a long way. On the one hand where technology has made it easier for the beneficial enhancement of nursing equipment and other services such as getting nursing assignment help. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages for each person irrespective of their profession.

From all the professions that are famous on social media, or if we use a broader term to cover various information-sharing channels, we can also use modern media as a perfect term. Well, today, we are going to discuss the nursing profession and how social media has left an impact on the same. On the one hand, where social media is excellent connectivity, this platform has some disadvantages. As a nursing student, you study a lot, but whatever free time you get, you prefer to waste it while scrolling through different social media platforms. And this activity leads you to waste a lot of your time.

The Social Media Campaigns

As we know, everything in the world has two sides, just like a coin. Where there are some advantages of any technology, some disadvantages are also attached to the same. Recently, we saw how the global pandemic made people stay behind closed doors. Physical contact was prohibited, and going outside was not even an option, yet to make people aware of the situation and how they could protect themselves. It was social media that came to help. The creative and attractive social media campaigns were a big hit where several nursing staff collaborated with celebrities to let people know how they could stay protected. As a social media-addicted generation, you must know the value of this collaboration. Coming from a healthcare worker, people will acknowledge the advice, and as a celebrity shares it, it will reach millions in no time.

Apart from being a great technology such as social media collaboration, there are some other advantages too that are helping the healthcare industry in several ways. Some practical steps are interacting with the public, giving live solutions in a debate related to a particular health problem, and sharing valuable insights regarding several health problems through blogs and posts.

A Social Media Insight in Nursing Profession

You undoubtedly know the importance of the internet. In today's world, if you have any query, with a few clicks, you can get the solution on the internet; even if you are looking for the best Australia assignment help, within seconds, your screen will be flooded with thousands of results. However, you must be wondering that social media is a part of the internet, so how is there a comparison? Well, your wonderment is correct, but social media marketing is a trick you are unaware of. The information you get on the internet in the form of blogs, journals, images, and videos is a part of marketing.

On the one hand, where educators provide you with immense knowledge, your constant visits to their pages make them earn big bucks. As you know, there are several social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and more. Each of these platforms helps provide educational content. Those who know how to collaborate with the platform with information are using the new age technology best. According to Sensis Social Media Report, 2016, nine out of ten Australians (87%) use the internet daily. Among these users, 69% of them are active on social media platforms on an everyday basis.

As with each passing day, the numbers are increasing, and using online platforms for providing extensive help is a great idea. However, as you know, there are some advantages and disadvantages to everything, below we are discussing some of them. Moreover, you can't also ignore the consequences of social media, and some of them are mentioned below.

Consequences of Social Media Abuse

Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of social media in nursing.

Advantages of Social Media in the Nursing Profession

Educate Public

As mentioned above, the internet is a great way to educate people. If you want to share a write-up, you can use Medium as your social media platform to reach people. There is YouTube where you can share informative videos helping students understand a complex topic. Then there is Instagram for live streaming and clearing doubts then and there. Moreover, the internet world is so huge that you can even get nursing assignment help with a simple search on Google.

Connecting with Other Healthcare Organisations

Facebook is the oldest social media platform, the first and far most famous social media application that eased the manner of connecting people across the globe. This application/website is a place where people can join several valuable and helpful groups. In future, when you become a nurse, joining with several other healthcare workers and organisations via this group will be an advantageous feature. These groups can unite nurses and healthcare workers to support or enhance awareness of an important cause.

Up-to-date Information

Social media platforms are always on your thumbs; whenever a person is bored, they directly scroll through social media platforms. These various online connecting channels can be a great way to keep people updated. A recent example is a COVID-19 pandemic; several online channels were updating the number of cases and deaths, helpful precautions and the new waves hitting the world.

Disadvantages of Social Media in the Nursing Profession

Sharing Personal Information

You belong to gen Z; you have that itch to post everything on social media no matter how much you try to stop yourself. After seeing others' social media posts and stories, you get the itch to post whatever you are doing, including your work routine. As social media can make you a star overnight, there are several cases where nurses intend to make entertaining reels to gain more followers and end up breaking their working protocols and personal information.

Posting Unprofessional Behaviour

Social media is great; this judgmental and not-so-much-caring world can make or break your image in seconds. One of the various features of social media is that you can go on live sessions with people and interact with them. However, the disadvantage of the same is, when as a nurse you are on a live stream, and someone has asked you a question, you have to maintain your professionalism, even if you are irritated. Followingly, you can't post anything poking someone else, and surely you can't target an organisation only because you have a great audience following you.

Losing the Calm

Indeed, social media has some significant advantages, but there is one lousy feature you can't handle. You can't decide what people say about you, as everyone has the right to speak in a democratic country; sometimes, the comments can be mean. Suppose you are a nurse posting something on social media, and a bunch of people are leaving negative comments under those posts. These trolling words can affect your peace of mind, and you'll lose your calm. As a nurse, when treating people and their lives are in your hands, you can't let your personal life affect your professional performance.

Wrapping it Up

So, if you think the internet is only good, it provides you with nursing assignment help and helps you connect with Online Assignment Expert. Then you must look at each aspect mentioned above that states the advantages, disadvantages, and consequences of social media in nursing.



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