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Standard Format Regulations for Written Assignments

Standard Format Regulations for Written Assignments
July 28, 2022

Standard Format Regulations for Written Assignments

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Standard Format Regulations for Written Assignments

This broad guide to the "Standard Format Regulations for Written Assignments" may be found here. All of the basic and special criteria for the various disciplines and degrees have been outlined by our experts who have been offering university assignment help in Australia. The fundamental prerequisites are the emphasis of this advice. Be aware that term papers and other tasks evaluated as course sections may have different layouts. The pupils should become familiar with these criteria.

Formal Requirements for Written Assignments

If we take the University of Oslo as an example, the Faculty of Education places a strong focus on academic learning and writing. As a result, written academic projects are a crucial curriculum component.

The right use of references and bibliography are prerequisites for academic writing. The assignment grade may suffer if the formal criteria are ignored. The assignment could be rejected for plagiarism in more severe circumstances.

Regarding written tasks, there are many technical standards. The requirements are as follows at the Department of Educational Research:

  1. The assignment must be typed and follow the guidelines below: 1.5 spacing, 12-point font, and 2.5 left- and right margin settings. It is necessary to number the pages. Numbers must be listed under each of the sub-headlines on the content page. The content list, front page, bibliography, and appendix (s) are not counted in the total number of pages for the essay.
  2. The task has to be printed on both sides.
  3. new paragraphs should be indicated by skipping a line rather than indentation.
  4. Headlines should not be positioned but written from the left margin. There shouldn't be over three layers if the headlines are divided into sub-headlines. The rating must be displayed using capital and lowercase characters decimal number system, with the following example:
    • Classical theory
    • There should be a triple space between a new heading and a new paragraph and a double space between a new paragraph and a new heading.
  5. References must be included in parentheses. If a reference is required, it should include the author's name, the year the work was published, and the relevant page number.
    • (Myhre 1988:160-162)
    • (Atkinson 1987:223)
    • (Hirst 1987)
    • (Handal & Lauvås 1983:59)
    • (Sommerschild 1985)
    • Both writers' names must be listed if there are two writers in the reference. Whenever there are more than two writers listed in the reference, place their names first, following et al., like in the instance above. Furthermore, the bibliography should always include citations for all sources utilized in the text. It must be provided after the paper in alphabetical order.
  6. You can immediately cite quotes up to five lines long in your writing. Quote, marks must be used around any textual references. Longer quotations must be presented in a parenthetical aside with a single space and an indentation. After the supplied quotation, the first paragraph must start in the left margin. You have the option to exclude certain words or entire phrases. This is indicated by [...]. Quotes must be accurate and in the original language reference. Quotes that are presented in languages other than English must be transcribed. After citing the quote, you must acknowledge that the paraphrase is your own.
    • You must provide an author's name and the year of publication when referencing a particular model or line of reasoning from that author rather than merely broad ideas. Giving the page where the material was discovered is required when citing quotations, figures, and tables, for example. (Myhre 1988:23)
  7. Figures, charts, and other items should be numbered and given a brief explanation. It is necessary to emphasize the explanatory text. Text for tables should go before the specified table, and text for the figure should go under the specified figure.
  8. Notes may be added to the project as footnotes after the work. If the notes are included after the paper, they must come before the bibliography but after the document. For the duration of the assignment, they should be numbered. Notes can only contain extra text; any reference used in homework must be placed in parentheses, as shown above.
  9. The information listed below, in the order specified, must appear on the assignment's first page:
    • Title
    • Name and details of your college
    • Name of the subject
    • Purpose of the assignment
    • Professor's name and designation
    • Name and details of the student

Plagiarism and Assignments

There is a stringent anti-plagiarism policy in place at all Australian universities. Plagiarism is a betrayal of the school's trust. The University and your fellow students are all impacted and negatively reflected by plagiarism. Plagiarism offenses result in grave repercussions.

Written assignments and tests are subject to plagiarism in the following situations:

  • Sent by a different student at a prior test
  • Submitted by someone else during a prior test
  • For the student submitting the assignment, written by a different individual
  • Using "unknown" previously released information or answers from earlier written examinations in a project without properly citing them
  • Plagiarism also includes paraphrasing and quoting verbatim from articles, books, previously written assignments, and theses without providing accurate citations.

The student must sign a statement indicating the assignment when completing a written assignment.

  • Doesn't use the other writer's concepts and arguments without citing them.
  • Hasn't been submitted at a prior exam at a different college
  • Does not allude to the applicant's prior work without citing it.
  • Both the bibliography and the text do contain references.
  • A violation of these rules will be regarded as plagiarism and result in disciplinary action from the relevant University.

Final Words!!!

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