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Tips to Write an Executive Summary

Tips to Write an Executive Summary
January 28, 2020

Tips to Write an Executive Summary

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An executive summary is a piece of paper that summarises a lengthy business plan or investment proposal document. The summary of your assignment must include only the major details which are essential in grabbing the attention of your professor or anyone reading it. This lets them know what they are going to read in the report, proposal, or any other assignment. You might have gotten confused between an executive summary and abstract. But do not worry; executive summary writing services are here to help you out.

Understanding How an Executive Summary is Different From an Abstract

An abstract and an executive summary are the two different terms used in the process of writing assignments. The abstract is a term that is used in writing a research paper whereas executive summary usually is included in business reports. This is the basic difference between an executive summary and an abstract as per our executive summary writing help experts. Additionally, they added that an abstract is written with a purpose to let the readers know the gist of the research paper to be highlighted during a conference or a seminar. Indeed, various businesses can define an executive summary differently as per the nature of their organisation models. 

The executive summary is generally written by using a non-technical language whereas technical language is used to write an abstract. Moreover, the executive summary includes a conclusion at the end, on the other hand, this is exclusive in an abstract. If you are a student who is asked to write a business report or investigation report including an executive summary, then do read further as there is information that will help you in preparing it.

How to Write an Impressive Executive Summary?

An executive summary of a report is an important section where you are required to efficiently summarise the whole business plan including key findings and proposed action course. Following components to be included while writing an executive summary:

business plan executive summary

While writing an executive summary, the below-given guidelines can be helpful for students. According to popular writers and our assignment writing experts who have drafted numerous executive summaries, the ideal length of an executive summary is about 5 to 10 percent of the length of total word count. However, the following are the things to be included in an executive summary.

Appropriate Use of Language

The best part to remember while writing the executive summary is to understand your audience and use the appropriate language accordingly. For instance; if you are writing for financiers then your language will be different from those of engineers not only in terms of words but also the content and explanation.

Pithy Introduction

Always introduce your executive summary strongly because it can attract and engage the reader to read on. As per the assignment help experts, you must use your strength and skills but do remember most of the readers only give a few sentences to win over them. Start your summary with a short and bullet-pointed list along with the table of content. And then flesh out with these points while writing the executing summary.

Include Relevant Information

We understand that an executive summary is a place to summarise rather than introducing new ideas. Therefore, establish the problem and let the readers know that the issue is going to be solved in your report. Once you have done this, you can propose solutions and highlight their value. In the end, include a strong conclusion wrapping all the things and once again highlight the important points.

Take a look at the executive summary sample below

If you are still in need of someone who can help you in writing an A+ executive summary, then you can contact Online Assignment Expert. Here, a team of talented, skilled, and top executive summary writing experts are available to help you in designing the best executive summary. But before that, you are suggested to have a look at the executive summary sample given under.

Executive Summary Sample

executive summary sample

Prepare a Draft, Proofread, Edit, and Proofread Again!

As you write any part of the assignment, you must start with a draft. The first draft should always be an exploratory as you are collecting all the relatable and valid information. Next, you are required to review your writing and identify the essential things to be included. Once you make sure that nothing has been missed out, go for the following:

Proofread the Executive Summary

Proofreading helps you to examine the document carefully to identify and correct mistakes in styles, grammar, and spellings and eliminate typographical errors. Before you proofread, make sure you have gone through all the aspects of your assignment, remove unnecessary words to write a clear and concise executive summary.

Criticism of Executive Summaries

A good argument requires a rebuttal and when we are talking about the executive summary it would be neglectful to avoid including few critiques. It has been seen that many executives might just read the summary, thus it becomes important to mention some critiques to describe the full picture of the report or proposal you are writing.

Get a Well-Written Executive Summary from Online Assignment Expert

Stuck in writing an executive summary? You can ask for top executive summary writing experts available with us. Our experts are highly talented and experienced for over 8 years in writing an executive summary for a report, business plan, for leaders in an organisation such as department heads, CEOs, or supervisors. Taking help from us will let you easily submit a wonderful executive summary that engages your professor to read the assignment. Moreover, you will be assisted in proofreading & editing, online quizzes, and assignment writing. So, do not waste time searching top assignment writing experts, just let us know your requirement and we assure you to deliver your assignment at pocket-friendly prices.

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