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Top Universities in Perth for Nursing Course

Top Universities in Perth for Nursing Course

Top Universities in Perth for Nursing Course

Nursing is indeed one of the topmost, priority professions. Besides medical researchers and doctors, nurses help in the smooth run of the healthcare sector. As we have seen in recent years, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world with its different waves and phases, the nurses and doctors were selflessly serving people across the globe. The healthcare profession indeed requires some ultimate sacrifices, but the medical team's happiness when they successfully proceed with an operation is immeasurable.

Nursing is an excellent profession if you are willing to help humanity with utmost selflessness. And out of all the countries across the globe, Australia is a better choice to pursue the nursing course. It might seem difficult to follow the nursing course; however, with the assignment help Australia, you can make your way to the finals, as Online Assignment Expert is always there to guide you.

Nursing in Australia

Indeed, you might wonder what is so specific about the land of Kangaroos that it makes this country an excellent fit for pursuing the nursing profession. Well, as we have talked about the COVID-19 outbreak, Australia is one of the first countries to recover from coronavirus at the earliest with zero cases, returning to everyday lives. This wouldn't be possible if the nurses and doctors didn't give their best in the shifts they were working for countless hours. Staying away from the families, taking care of patients, trying not to scare them, wearing PPE kits all the time, forgetting the eating times, and all the other sacrifices made by the healthcare workers were commendable.

Even though nursing isn't an easy profession, it is a 24*7 standing job, communicating with patients, their family members, and other healthcare workers regarding the patient's health, and lastly, staying on standby for emergency calls. A nurse's life is tough, and to appreciate the sacrifice and selflessness on the work front, the nurses are appreciated every year on May 12th, as this day is celebrated as International Nurses' Day.

Why Nursing is a Good Career

The entire process of deciding to become a nurse and after becoming a nurse is an arduous journey. However, when you treat someone who goes home healthy, that satisfaction is worth all the sacrifices. As you know, becoming a nurse in Australia isn't an easy task. Even though there are different types of nurses, such as practitioners, public health, midwife, or registered nurse. To become a nurse of any kind in Australia, a graduation degree is a must, and when it comes to deciding where you've to graduate, there are some great nursing universities in Perth.

In your nursing course journey, there will be several tasks: theoretical, practical or educational projects. As you will be juggling a lot in all these tasks, you might need nursing assignment help, and for that, Online Assignment Expert is always a great option, as our experts guide you at each step moving forward. So, without further ado, let's glimpse what your nursing education journey will look like in Perth.

The Living Cost in Perth

As an undergraduate student, your income is limited, taking help from your parents financially as they have supported your studies and tuition fees. Yet, to support your living in Perth and to buy essential items such as stationery and clothing, you just need some bucks. Many students work part-time jobs and study, which is why they end up looking for nursing assignment help. However, while getting the assignment help, you must carefully compare which assignment writing service provider is changing you with lower prices.

So, as you are thinking of living and pursuing nursing courses in Perth, here's an estimated chart of expenses you must be prepared to pay.

  • Accommodation: Depending on how you are willing to live, in hostels or guesthouses, alone or with someone, the price range can be around 90 AUD to 150 AUD per week. Or, if you are willing to live off campus, the estimated amount per week of rentals can be 440 AUD.
  • Food and Groceries: 140-280 AUD per week.
  • Public Transport: 30-60 AUD per week.
  • Phone and Internet: 15-30 AUD per week.
  • Entertainment: 80-150 AUD.
  • Gas, Electricity, and Miscellaneous: 10-20 AUD per week.

Apart from your tuition and nursing course fee, this is Perth's estimated cost of living. This cost is manageable if you work at a part-time job. However, below are some universities for nursing courses you can take admission in.

Charles Darwin University

As you know, to become a nurse in Australia, you have to get a bachelor's degree, where you will get several additional academic projects to complete. And to guide you in writing impeccable academic papers, here's Online Assignment Expert, offering you assignment help Australia for your assignment-related needs. Moreover, at Charles Darwin University, there are guaranteed credit transfer arrangements for students pursuing a nursing bachelor's degree. The university provides certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree qualifications in the nursing discipline. The degree course is three years long, full-time program, starting in August, with a tuition fee of 32,320.00 AUD. Also, the university provides several scholarships for bright and brilliant students.

University of Southern Queensland

USQ's Bachelor of Nursing degree is accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia and is listed as an approved program with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority. In your process of becoming a nurse, your basics must be clear in the learning stages. The University of Southern Queensland is one of the best options for studying nursing because it will help you gain practical skills via 800 hours of placement in clinical practice. This is also a great match because here, you can quickly get nursing assignment help. Furthermore, it is a 3.3-year-long course part- or full-time, starting July, with an estimated tuition fee of 32,000.00 AUD. Providing a wide range of scholarships to support the USQ offers a chance to students who are willing to help humanity.

Curtin University

As you are a budding nursing student, confused about where to take admission and start the studying process. Well, here's another great nursing option for you, Curtin University. You will be encouraged here while learning from experts in the healthcare field. Curtin University is in the 12th position in Australia and is a great university to study from. Because it offers a variety of courses, nursing is one of its strengths. The Bachelor's degree course can be 3 to 5 years long, and the studying process is divided into two stages. The first stage for domestic students costs 15,600 AUD and the second stage costs 16,400 AUD. For international students, the first stage costs 25,000 AUD and the second stage costs 35,900 AUD. The first stage starts in February, June, and October, whereas the second stage starts in February and July.

Some other great Nursing universities in Australia, which many students across the world prefer to get into, are as follows.

  • Monash University
  • The University of Sydney
  • La Trobe University
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Wollongong
  • University of South Australia
  • Victoria University

Wrapping it Up

Nursing is a selfless profession, and every nurse should have a few qualities to become a great nurse. Those qualities are communication, attitude and confidence, teamwork, critical thinking, conflict resolution, professionalism, and many more. So, if you are willing to be a nurse someday, you must ensure these qualities. Moreover, as we've agreed that nursing isn't an easy profession and you need assignment help, whether, for aged care assignment help, Online Assignment Expert is there to help you at each step. Our experienced experts will assist you and guide you through any difficulties you face in understanding a complex topic. If you are willing, someone else will write you an assignment. Online Assignment Expert is your place to connect, as we are only one call away.



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