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What Are Nursing Case Study Examples

What Are Nursing Case Study Examples

Are you Looking for Nursing Case Study Examples?

Nursing case studies are clinical scenarios that have played out in real time. They enable nursing students to develop critical thinking skills. The examples serve as ‘real-world’ models for nursing students to practise their nursing reasoning in a cooperative environment. The situation in which patients are evaluated and summarised eventually adds up to their sample.

Writing nursing case studies is a time-consuming and challenging task. The majority of them are written by senior practising nurses pursuing advanced degrees when providing direct care to patients in critical and very critical situations. Nursing students who want to achieve different degrees should look at study examples prepared by senior professional nurses who have medical and nursing expertise caring for patients with a specific illness condition.

Writing the nursing case-study examples gives nursing students the certainty that they are being completely realistic. They also offer referrals to future similar case studies, if they arrive, with similar manifesting trends in a patient. Finally, they prove beneficial as recorded as a nurse's samples on a patient who has suffered similar symptoms earlier.

Why Students Struggle with Nursing Case Study?

Is it common for students to struggle with ‘how do I write a Nursing Case Study? Writing nursing case studies is a time-consuming and challenging task. The majority of them are written by senior practising nurses pursuing advanced degrees when providing direct care to patients in critical and very critical situations.

Nursing students who want to achieve different degrees should refer to and study examples prepared by senior professional nurses who have medical and nursing expertise caring for patients with specific illness conditions. Nursing Case Study examples provide nursing students with the certainty that they are entirely realistic.

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Understanding a Nursing Case Study Example

An example of a nursing case study is cited below only to make the subject more understandable. Based on the case study scenario, several patients will be diagnosed in future. Therefore, while compiled by a serving nurse to patient, a case study sample provides referral material for a particular illness that shows a similar trend compared with the last patient’s symptoms recorded as a sample proves as a nursing case-study example.

  • Monsieur Boris is currently using:
  • Allopurinol - 1*1
  • Betamethasone topical -1
  • Cephalexin -1/2
  • Perindopril-indapamide - 1*1
  • Oxycodone -1*1
  • Apixaban -1 and
  • Paracetamol on SOS

A separate toilet, bathroom, and front entrance were added to his home to accommodate his medical needs. The patient's wife has heart difficulties, but he is sceptical of the diagnosis. He has two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren and has been married for approximately 54 years. Monsieur Borris is a self-employed businessman who enjoys gardening and weekend soccer in local clubs.

The patient had a BP of 120/61, oxygen saturation of 980, and a weight of 72. His vitals were 20/85/36— venous congestion in the lower abdomen. There was no evidence of obstructive uropathy or metastatic bone disease. The patient is awake and oriented, according to the neuroeval.


Intracranial hypertension adds to the pathophysiology of this syndrome. During the assessment of Monsieur Borris, the patient exhibited a variety of indicators.

  • He was admitted with acute and chronic bilateral hip pain following electric hip replacement therapy.
  • Hip discomfort is a common ailment among the elderly. Because the patient is age 73 now from 54, discomfort is expected.
  • His recovery from a fall and other health issues slowed the situation.

The patient is diagnosed with osteoarthritis and gout, which commonly damage the hips. It is chronic hip arthritis characterised by the dramatic degradation of cartilage.

Most patients with this illness develop persistent arthritis similar to osteoarthritis. Monsieur Boris had nausea, vomiting, and constipation; according to the assessment, he was given potassium, phosphate, and magnesium supplements.


Due to his numerous health issues, the patient would require pharmaceutical treatment. However, since Monsieur Borris’s main complaint is acute, persistent bilateral hip pain, the initial therapy methods would alleviate his condition.

The patient was given a total hip replacement or hip arthroplasty; the medical method was created to improve hip joint movement after injury or arthritis. 


In the majority of situations, a total hip replacement relieves the patient's joint pain and allows them to return to pain-free movement more quickly post-surgery may not allow Monsieur Borris to maintain an active lifestyle due to his advanced age, it may improve his overall well-being as well as relieve the severe bilateral hip discomfort that he was experiencing. Notable here is that the extended use of these medications may cause back discomfort. 

Role of health professionals:

Providing nursing care for Monsieur Borris involves a multidisciplinary approach to regaining his mobility. Monsieur Borris would also benefit from a treatment plan that included surgery, examination, and monitoring of his anticoagulant therapy.

To ensure that the patient engages in physical exercise to avoid any possible complications requires the duties of trained health professionals to enable Monsieur Borris to regain his optimum functionality.


Orthopaedists treat the musculoskeletal system. They can help patients like Monsieur Borris reduce the occurrence of chronic illnesses. He receives strength, stretching, and physical therapy to regain mobility.

Physicians and Pharmacists:

Inpatient and outpatient physicians are essential. Direct interaction with the sufferer allows for a more personal understanding of the illness.

Physicians educate patients on reducing or avoiding risk factors. In addition, they create physical exercises to increase mobility during recovery. They will help patients manage chronic conditions during their extended rehabilitation.

However, pharmacists help ensure that the prescription is correct and that trusted non-spurious medicines are administered. The pharmacist will also advise the patient on how to take the recommended drug, potential adverse effects, and how to minimise risks.


Nurses provide prompt care for patients. This care plan includes crucial nurse practitioner tasks. For example, a nurse's responsibility includes assessing the amount of DVT to make an accurate diagnosis.

Some of the diagnoses that the nurses can make on Monsieur Borris, for example, are:

  • reduced comfort due to vascular inflammation.
  • Inadequate venous tissue perfusion.
  • Discomforts were caused by physical immobility.

The nurses check for any physical contraindications and help the patient take the necessary meds. In addition, the nurses will frequently assess the patient's skin integrity and instruct them on how to apply correctly and care for the AES.

Allied Health Workers:

The patient in reference in the nursing case study example drafted by the nurse is now a sample for consideration for other scholars availing the subject for a nursing case study for studying medical conditions for other scholars.

Allied health specialists help patients regain function and independence, connect them to extra supporting services after discharge, and create future care plans to avoid recurrence. However, it's a psychologist who assists the patient in comprehending the link between physical and mental health and devising a coping strategy.

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