Why is Financial Analysis Necessary for Supply Chain Management?

Why is Financial Analysis Necessary for Supply Chain Management
September 20, 2022

Why is Financial Analysis Necessary for Supply Chain Management?

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Why is Financial Analysis Necessary for Supply Chain Management?

As a student in the finance field, there is a lot for you to discover apart from studying what equity finance and debt finance are. You don't have to doubt your decision to choose the finance field as a career option. Because when you look besides taking external support for academic projects, such as supply chain assignment help, you'll realise that several career options are available. As a finance student, some hypothetical questions might scare you, where you have to find answers to several questions using different methods. However, when you step out in the world and face various challenges, it will be these theories helping you in your field of work.

Whether it will be cost budgeting in supply chain management or getting the financial reports done for a firm as an accountant, there are several things you have to take care of. Although, sometimes, indeed, it happens when you doubt your decision to pick the right field of interest. At that time, do remember that several steps must be performed to ensure the raw material meets its audience as a perfect product. In between those steps, all you have to do is be flexible to march-in in anything.

So, rather than doubting your skills only because you need taking management assignment help, here's a fascinating insight for you. In our today's topic, we are discussing why financial analysis is necessary for supply chain management. Before solving the complex part, it is always best to clarify the basics to understand the main concept. So, here's all you need to know.

What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain Management is also known as SCM. For any business' successful run, a supply chain is indeed essential for the flawless and smooth execution of transporting raw materials to the suppliers and then finally to the customers. The whole process from point A to point B is called the supply chain. The loop transportation is indeed called a supply chain, and the entire process of managing a smooth execution is known as supply chain management. However, a supply chain also includes logistics, which is an essential part of supply chain management and is an entirely different part of the supply chain.

Understand it in this manner.

Suppose there is a raw material supplier who deals in supplying a certain type of raw clothing materials, and then there are you who has brought a t-shirt recently. As a consumer, all you care about is the branded clothing article. Although, some of you might be interested in knowing about the quality of the cloth and its cheap rates. However, have you ever tried to bring your theoretical knowledge to the practical level as a finance student? If you haven't already, then the next you buy such articles, think about basic supply chain management and differentiate it from logistics.

The entire process of transporting raw material cloth to finally buying a t-shirt is indeed an example of supply chain management. Here various individuals are playing their crucial and silent roles. The supply of raw material to the manufacturer is one different kind of supply chain than the one from the manufacturer to the distributor and then finally to the customer. The second part is denoted as logistics, yet the whole process is known as supply chain management.

Businesses and Supply Chain Management

As long as a business is running smoothly with all the procedures done from points A and B to the end, and the outcome is favourable, it is intended to understand that a business is running successfully. However, some issues are overlooked at times of success, but this doesn't indicate that supply chain management isn't important or think how financial analysis has anything to do with the same. As long as a business is considered and is wholly operated via supply chain management, each issue needs to be taken care of, whether financially or physically.

Below are some of the Physical supply chain issues mentioned.

  • Incorrect items or quantities
  • Stock quality problems
  • Stock being help up in costumes
  • Shipping or general transport delays
  • Sudden changes in demand

Supply chain management isn't easy, and the slightest delay in anything related to the supply chain directly influences the customers. This becomes the reason sometimes why things go out of stock. Supply chain managers must manage all the related stuff to ensure the necessities are provided every time. Because only if there is good quality and quantity of an item, there are various options available for the customers to buy from. And if the purchased item is likeable, then there are chances of revisiting, which is helping the finances to be better for a company on the sale front.

However, this doesn't mean there are no financial supply chain issues. Indeed, there are, and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Lost sales due to late or incorrect deliveries
  • Logistics costs
  • Increased overhead costs
  • Funding gaps

Having financial supply chain issues can directly impact the financial situation of a business. And here, we found our answer to why financial analysis is necessary for the supply chain management.

The Big Answer!

As a finance stream student stuck with the ultimate academic project and cluelessly finding supply chain management help, here's a tip for you. Until now, you must have known the importance of finance in every individual's life along with the big companies and countries. As you know, finance is essential; when we talk about supply chain management, everything has to be financially supportive.

For example, understand it this way if you are a clothing manufacturer buying raw materials from someone. Suppose the raw material cost is nth, and you have to pay some unbearable amount of money to get the material exported. Would you believe that purchase of yours is a great decision?

Being a student in the finance field, all you have ever learnt is to save money, cut costs and find efficient ways to ensure the business runs successfully. So, if your company is buying and paying too much money for the transportation of the raw material, how do you believe you can make a profit? Various brands are selling the same product as you, probably at lower rates, as long as the quality of your clothing is great when you are backed up. But why do you believe your brand is a great option if there is no uniqueness?

To answer all such questions, you need to do a financial analysis, checking the cost and margins of profit you will receive. How much do you invest in the business, and how much can you earn back with all your hard work? Managing the supply chain with easy cash flow, profitable margins, and some advantageous opportunities to make a stronger hold at the market is all you need to understand with your finance techniques.

Once you've understood how effectively your financial analysis could help you in the supply chain management process, the business you are working for is in good hands.

To Wrap it Up

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