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Writing a Biology Lab Report – Learning and Researching Online

Writing a Biology Lab Report – Learning and Researching Online
June 15, 2020

Writing a Biology Lab Report – Learning and Researching Online

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Many of the scientific studies require submitting a lab report and one of the important ones is the Biology lab report. At some point in time, you might need to do lab experiments as well to prepare your biology laboratory report. Your document should solve the following purposes:

  • Examine how accurate you have done your experiment
  • What is the finding from your experiment? 
  • How will you convey the gained information to others via report?

biology lab report


Basic Outline of a Biology Lab Report

Writing a scientific lab report is important just like a scientific experiment and investigation. Although, the key parts of a scientific experiment that is held in a laboratory - equipment connection, obtaining samples, repairing, checking every apparatus for calibration, consistency, and data collection through experiment. To perform these tasks, you will need to spend a large amount of time to present the outcome of the experiment in a critical, concise, objective, and conclusive way. Hence, a well-ordered and organised biology lab report is more effective and impactful than one written without a format.  

A biology lab report generally includes sections like TITLE, INTRODUCTION, PROCEDURE, RESULTS, and CONCLUSION/ DISCUSSION, REFERENCES, and APPENDICES. Let's understand the format of a biology practical report in detail.


The title draws the attention of the targeted audience to your work. Therefore, it should be clear and concise. You may avoid using "The" in the title of your science lab report. For example –

biology lab report title sample


The abstract of a biology laboratory report is written to provide an overview of the conducted experiment, inclusive of conclusions and findings. Generally, an abstract is prepared on the following basis: 

  • What was the purpose of the conducting experiment?
  • What research question/problem was addressed?
  • Illustrate the methods used to overcome the problem
  • What was the result?

The key points to remember while writing a biology lab report abstract is to be concise, clear, and include relevant information/data. The abstract should not be more than 300 words/ or 10% of the total report.

biology lab report abstract sample


This is a place where you describe the purpose of your lab experiment. In case, if you have a hypothesis, it should be introduced in this part of the report followed by your intended hypothesis.

Our biology lab report assignment writing experts suggest writing the introduction once you are done with the materials, methods outcome, and conclusion sections. Your introduction should: 

  • Define the background and enthusiasm of the experiment
  • Describe significant theory precisely
  • Include relevant equations, laws, or theorems
  • Present the aim and research question that you are going to address in your experiment.

introduction writing tips

Sample For A Writing A Lab Report Introduction

sample of biology lab report

If you are finding issues in writing the introduction of a science laboratory report, refer to the above-attached sample. It will help you in generating ideas for your report.


This section allows you to explain what you have done in your experiment. Here, you can describe the processes and procedures followed during the experiment. Your biology lab report should include what you did rather than what you planned. The ideal procedure of this section includes:

  • Define experimental set-up including diagrams
  • List the used materials 
  • Processes followed in data collection
  • Experimental issues (if any) along with the steps followed in resolving them
  • Also, include the experimental procedure that can contribute to results and data.

Experimental set-up

The experimental set-up description should have enough material that it allows others to imitate the experiment easily. Start with the description of how equipment and apparatus was set-up, accompanied by:

  • Relevant image presenting the features of the materials or object under investigation
  • Include the experimental setup diagram which must show that each component is labelled clearly


Here, you are required to specify what system properties or parameters you are measuring.  Usually, while experimenting, you keep on changing the system parameters such as a change in independent variable or temperature and indicate its effect. You can also present an apparatus diagram to explain the procedure of your lab report. 

As per our experts, the procedure can be explained as a descriptive yet concise story for the steps you have taken in the biology lab report. You can draw your procedure by including:

  • Bullet points/ numbered list
  • Task repetition or staggering at a regular interval
  • Suitable detail including the method to set-up the negative as well as positive controls, measurements to be taken, use of equipment, and precautions are taken
  • It should be written in the past tense using passive voice

lab report procedure assignment sample

Analysis and Results

In the analysis and result section, you must indicate the data collected during the lab experiment. Each data should be presented and reported correctly. Data can be in the form of figures, graphs, and/or tables. Also, you can include an analysing method of raw data. Follow the below-given methods to write this section:

  • Provide graphs, tables, and figures for measurement.
  • Explain uncertainties like an instrument, standard, and random errors
  • Reckoning slope calculation, standard deviations, and averages in the final answer.

Discussion and conclusion

The discussion is written to:

  • Illustrate your final results based on the experiment.
  • Estimate the outcome without any bias. For example – if the result is not as per your expectation, even then, you may state reasons why that is so. Include factual statements like graphs, images, diagrams, etc. 
  • Highlight the differences between your experimental results and theory. 
  • Recommend suggestions and scope of improvements

Citation & References

The references should be presented on a separate page at the end of the paper. References show the credibility of the information, data, or any other materials collected from articles, books, lab manuals, etc. in your biology lab report. 

Let's' have a look at the APA references mentioned below:

For Book:

references suggestions

For Journal:

lab report journal sample

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