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Writing a Research Proposal: Make it or Break it

Writing a Research Proposal: Make it or Break it
The quality of the research proposal makes a huge impact on the success of your application for a PhD degree. Typically ranging from 1500 to 3000 words, these documents must clearly demonstrate your approach to answering the chosen research question. This blog is going to be helpful for students who are assigned to write and submit a research proposal. Our experts who provide research proposal writing service are focused on guiding students to develop a clear and accurate research proposal. We have covered topics like the purpose of a research proposal, what to include in a research proposal, required skills, etc. So, let's dig deeper.

Understand the Purpose of Writing a Research Proposal

  • To provide a basic idea about the research paper. 
  • To write a research project that results in a major contribution to your knowledge.
  • To articulate a comprehensive project plan that includes a theoretical framework and methodological approach.
  • Make sure that the targeting research is doable within the stipulated time. 
  • To present your experience and expertise to carry out the project.

The academic experts suggest students write a research proposal even if it is not a part of their candidature. Formulating a research proposal encourages clarifying the key ideas and objectives. It will help you to think of every stage of the research process that assists you in developing a detailed and clear plan. Also, it helps you to anticipate issues and problems that are generally faced by students during their candidature and let you think how to manage them.

What to Include in a Research Proposal?

Before writing a research proposal, you must check with your university to find out whether they have given a particular template for writing. You can also refer to marking rubric to find additional instructions. However, as per the experts who are known for delivering a high-quality research paper writing service, the following information should be included in a research proposal:

  • Title

You must provide a clear research title including relevant project keywords. The title should be framed in a way that indicates the intent of the project and focuses on the central issue that will be addressed in the paper. 

  • Research Overview

Include a brief overview of the research that you are going to investigate and state the reasons why these issues are important. 

  • Research Context

The introduction is termed as an efficient way to grab the attention of your readers. Thus, it important to answer the questions correctly that state the importance of your research, how they relate to existing strengths, and how it is relevant to existing literature.

The experts providing research proposal paper writing service say that it is quite difficult to review the entire related literature, so it is recommended as per the research paper sample to only explain the appropriate background for the research you will conduct. It should include a short overview of general study in which you may focus on research, recent debates and current state of knowledge. It will help you to establish understanding and knowledge of key texts in the concerned field.

  • Research Questions

Your research proposal should exhibit the key questions and central aims that will help you in research. Few research proposals can be too broad, therefore, ensure that the paper is sufficiently feasible and narrow.

You must focus on one or two main questions in your project and derive a few secondary research questions. Your proposal of the research questions should describe the proposed method to answer doctrinal, empirical, or theoretical.

  • Research Methods

In this section, you are required to attain the research objectives. The proposal should be focused on research methodology and illustrate it by using relevant examples such as sample size, techniques, equipment, data analysis, etc. explaining the ways you have followed to conduct the research.  

Your approaches may include particular archives/ libraries, interviews, and fieldwork. For example - if you have conducted library-based research, you may discuss the key resources. In case, if you are collecting empirical data and conducting fieldwork then include details about plan interviews, several interviews conducted. 

  • Significance of Research

The research proposal must exhibit the originality and uniqueness of intended research. Therefore, you may explain why research is important and include a list of details of applications. 

  • References

As a student, you may be aware of the use and importance of references in academics. Therefore, you must include a list of credible references to discuss key texts and articles in support of your answer. 

Here’s a research proposal sample written by our expert recently:

research proposal assignment sample

research proposal sample

research proposal example

research proposal

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