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A Complete Guide for College Essay Writing

The college essay is not just something where students can showcase their writing skills; it is just a part of a college application where the voice of students can shine. Unlike transcripts and test scores, the college essay gives a chance to highlight their personality. The college essay is sometimes known as a personal statement and it is required to make a positive impression and enhance the chance of being accepted. Writing a college essay is a difficult task because you get a limited word count to present yourself and get accepted. This is the reason many students search for how to write a college essay or college essay tips and more. A better way to overcome such issues is by availing online college essay writing services.

How to Begin Writing a College Admission Essay?

Many students do not understand the importance of the right format of a college admission essay and thus, they just start writing the essay. As per our college admission essay writing experts, the good time to begin the college essay is when you are done with the assignments, academic projects, and other activities. Beginning the process of writing a college essay early provides plenty of time for each activity such as writing, proofreading, rewriting, editing, quality check, etc.

Before starting the essay, students must visit the official website of the college or get in touch to an admission counsellor to know the exact requirements of the college you are applying to. It may include word length, sophisticated structure, etc. There could be students who might not be able to write a college essay effectively or as per the requirement. In such a situation, they can avail our college essay writing services. Here, experienced college essay writers will assist you in drafting the best essay for your university.

What is the Ideal Length for a College Essay?

No matter whether you are a loquacious or terse writer, our college essay writing experts will guide you with "how long should a college essay be?" Mostly, the word length of a college essay depends on the college you are applying for. However, the ideal word count for a college essay will be between 500-750 words. Generally, the university provides the length for the college essay. For example, Illinois University says:

college essay sample

Therefore, it is important to refer to the instructions given by the university or your counsellor. While writing, weigh the lengths carefully because it is limited.

How to Choose a College Essay Topic?

This can be one of the most daunting steps of writing a college essay. Many students fail to figure out what to write about in a college essay. A college essay cannot be termed as a complete autobiography. It is a piece of paper where you put all your life experience in the form of an essay. As many experts say that students should narrow down the topic and must write about their strengths, hobbies, and specific experience, etc. Students must also write about something that exemplifies and demonstrate the aspects of their background.

The admission officers who interacted with US News cited that the essays are mainly focused on ordinary topics which are thoughtful and tells a story that displays who a student is as a person. So, now the matter is what type of topics student should choose for their essay. To help such students, our experts providing college essay writing services online have listed few tips to choose a college essay topic. Check out the below-given hints for picking topics for your college essay.

  1. Focus on a particular instance
  2. The best way to choose a topic for a college essay is to focus on a specific moment that has changed you or signifies your character. One of our college essay writing experts says that while writing a college essay, you are required to start with an instance or moment rather than telling a complicated and long story.

  3. Stand out from the crowd
  4. Writing a college essay becomes more difficult to write because you are not the only one who is going to apply for a particular course in a particular college. Many aspirants have organisational working experience and are capable to handle responsibilities, and more. Thus, it becomes tough to present yourself unique. Therefore, you will be required to write something that is interesting, real-life experience and admission officer has never read before.

  5. Be genuine
  6. Liza is a student studying at Monash University and recalls her college essay with pride. Her essay was common because she was genuine while writing it. Our experts also say that if students are genuine and truthful, they can easily write their essay.

  7. Discuss Childhood
  8. It has been seen that many students mainly focus on who they were in high school, what they did, what classes they took, and so on. Obviously, these are important, as much as your childhood personality. Present your childhood personality illustrating some examples that make you, you!

Step-by-step Guide To Write A College Essay

The personal statement is a type of application that requires the most time on it. The essay generally ranges from 500-750 words or depends on the colleges you are willing to study in. Basically, the admission officers look for three things:

college admission officers requirements

Part 1: Brainstorming

Our experts providing college essay writing help suggest for few exercises (essence object exercise, value exercise, needs and feeling exercise) to brainstorm before writing.

Part 2: Follow the structure

Before writing a college essay, students may be aware of the types of college essay as we have discussed below.

college essay structure

You must choose the format and structure based on the type of personal statement you are going to write about. List all the challenges you want to write in the essay. The basic structure can be:

  • Challenge 1
  • Challenge 2
  • Effects
  • Feelings
  • Needs
  • What you did about it
  • Experience you gain

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