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Table of Contents

1. Week 2 Question 2

2. Week 3 Question 3

3. Week 4 Question 3

4. Week 5 Question 1

5. Week 6 Question 2


Managing Organisations in A Global Environment - Week 2 Question 2

a) Critical Management Skills

The critical management skills are referred to as fundamental management skills that help an organisation to run effectively. Among all critical communication is a very challenging task that provides an enthusiastic and positive approach and success of the team. Another significant aspect is conflict resolution which is essential for lowering the tension and eliminate the troublesome environment form the organisation. On the other hand, another significant skill is leadership which is effective for showing a proper path and generating great ideas from effective participation. Along with this, the fourth significant skill is time management that is essential for enhancing productivity just in time (Pazos et al. 2017).

Application of the skills of Candace Stathis and Sue Ryan

The manager of Camp Bow Wow is Sue Ryan who requires more conceptual and critical management skills for effectively employing people. Developing particular goals and strategies in the company is necessary forthe operation that Sue was unable to deliver. Bringing the success of the company as well as the employees is to be done by the inclusion of effective leadership skills. However, despite including situational aspects of leadership, Sue remained to include Autocratic concepts. On the other hand, the effective leadership style and communication strategy of Candace Stathis, has become effective to engage employees to achieve goals and strategies of the organisation by effective inclusion of the proper. Creating specific objectives and methodologies in the organization is important in an activity, which Sue couldn't convey. Bringing the accomplishment of an organization just as the workers are to be finished by incorporation of compelling administration abilities. Notwithstanding, regardless of incorporating situational perspectives in the initiative, Sue stayed to incorporate Autocratic ideas. The ‘big picture’ of the company as a leading customer service brand can be done by including more critical skills like effective communication, appropriate leadership, proper time management, and essential conflict resolution (Brown et al. 2019).

b) Most Important Critical Management Skills in Camp Bow Wow

For increasing the brand awareness of Camp Bow Wow, the national dog week has been celebrated by the company. However, while celebrating and providing proper services on time, several critical management skills are to be included by the management of the company. In the case of the production line, operation, human resources management, and supply chain network of the company, it is essential to promote the aspects of critical management skills. Inthe case of two top managers like Candace and Sue, the inclusion of critical management skills is necessary to fulfil the goal on time. Therefore, skills like conflict resolution, time management, and effective leadership aspects are necessary for them. However, it can be stated that the most important critical management skill for Sue and Candace is effective leadership. Understanding the situation and making decisions according to certain situations have become necessary. The targeted goal achievement has become crucial for the Camp Bow Wow company to increase its brand awareness.

Therefore, the inclusion of strategies for external marketing as well as internal employee’s proficiency has become significant for the company. In the event of creation line, activity, HR the board, and gracefully chain system of the organization, it is fundamental to advance the parts of basic administration aptitudes. If there should arise an occurrence of two top supervisors like Candace and Sue, consideration of basic administration abilities is important to satisfy the objective on schedule. Accordingly, aptitudes like a compromise, time the board, and successful initiative perspectives are vital for them. Notwithstanding, it very well may be expressed that the most significant basic administration aptitude for Sue and Candace is powerful authority. For this reason, the inclusion of strategic initiatives by making proper communication, time management skills, conflict resolution as well as the most significant, the leadership strategy are to be incorporated by both managers (Pazos et al. 2017).

Managing Organisations in A Global Environment - Week 3 Question 3

a) Black Diamond’s Ethics for Employees in Their Factory Partner in Bangladesh, China, and Vietnam

In the case of Employee handling ability, Black Diamond is effectively holding its ethical consideration. With proper equitability and equality, it offers additional services to their employees. Along with this, they hold the authority to control and ensure ethical equality in every partnership business outlet even in Bangladesh, China, and Vietnam. The ethical standards of the Black diamond are quite high which is depending upon Sustainability and Fair Labour Practice Policy. Along with this, another significant practice is conflict-free diamond policy. Fora mitigating conflict among employeeswithinthe team or between employee and management, it has developed strong policies that could be applied in any country and every partnership business also. On the other hand, for incorporating such practices in every partnership business, they claim the rights of employees in countries like Bangladesh, China, and Vietnam. They claim to promote leadership environment and social advocacy.

It has been identified that conservation and preservation are a significant aspect of this company and to access the great labour market in countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam, and China, the company must incorporate strong policy for conducting an effective policy of the organisation. Alongside this, another critical practice is without strife precious stone strategy. To alleviate struggle among representatives, or inside the group or among worker and the board, it has created string strategies which could be applied in any nation and each association business too. Then again, for consolidating such practices in each organization business, they guarantee the rights of workers in nations like Bangladesh, China, and Vietnam. They guarantee to advance initiative conditions and social backing. The local policies of partners are also not considered by the company (SomavillaCroxattoet al. 2020).

b) Appropriateness of Scrutinising Partners by Black Diamond

It is not to be thought to be appropriate to scrutinize the different other types of factories the reason behind it is that, every organization tends to works in a different way or terms to reach their organizational goals and objectives. In the mentioned context of this paper, it can be stated that Black Diamond is considered to be a company that is on the progressive side. The basic recognition of the company is in context to the monitory resources that they tend to spend into the research as well as development perspective. Alongside it, other aspects where the monitory resources are invested include the commercializing of a product, as well as are used to shape the aspects that help the organization to be recognized as in the form of a competitive farm.

Although the initiatives as mentioned in context to monitory resource utilization refer to the processes that can only be initiated by the bigger investing companies (SomavillaCroxattoet al. 2020). On the other hand, it is considered to be not appropriate in favour of firms like Black Diamond or any other similar type of firm to analyse all its partner factories in one or the other way. Several different factories or organizations do possess diversity in terms of values as well as on the ways on how they tend or want to carry out their business in context to the competitive market. It has further been conferred in context to the Black Diamond as in the form of an organization that is based on a strong ethical and infrastructural standard. On the other hand, it does mean that they are (while conducting business in the same competitive market scenario) able to inspect other operating local companies. Alongside it, they are not allowed on the ethical grounds to raise questions in context to their standards. They have the resources associated to go global but others may not.

Managing Organisations in A Global Environment - Week 4 Question 3

a) Maximising Barcelona’s Employee Fit

Besides the "shop" Barcelona can help determine job fit by offering the applicant a walkthrough in context to the restaurants, or the ability to shadow a worker for an hour or so. This will help the applicant engage with the work, as well as to determine if the pace along with the type of work aligns with their expectations as well as their personality. The overall concept here is that the process here helps remove non-performers by replacing employees that better align with the desired values, as well as the hiring process offers a unique approach associated to ensure that the employee truly gets the fit along with desired qualities that the Barcelona group is looking for. They are always interviewing people. In this context, it can be conferred that HR is further considered to be an important part as it helps the organization in creating a strong yet in gaining highly competitive advantage in the course of their Human Resource management policies. In terms of productivity as well as employee happiness results in catering to superior customer services, with the advantage of driving more sales.

HR considers employees' problems and it helps to develop a strong competitive advantage through employee management policies. Employee retention in context to retaining the efficient candidates with good Personal-Organizational understanding leads to better productivity, employee-engagement as well as referrals. An employee with an impressive P-O fit will be satisfied with the job role and are highly committed. They will feel that they belong to that place and will strive toward achieving the best results. As a sense of belonging starts to develop an employee tend to work engagingly and take responsibility without any pressure. This leads to a rise in their productivity resulting in higher quality output. Employees fit with an organization positively tend to be happier, resulting in being actively engaged, contributing highly, along with maintaining a healthy collaboration with colleagues while demonstrating high levels of work creativity (Wuryaningrat et al. 2018).

b) Suggestions on Improving the Hiring of Employees

Other suggestions for developing new hires related to the work of the organization will include a new recruitment policy adaptation, as well as a defined training program. New employee adaptation refers to the process used to welcome a newly recruited employee in the organization. New employee orientation refers to the goal to help new employees achieve success as soon as possible and to help the organization generate feelings of being integrated. The new recruitment orientation culture can help to immerse oneself in the environment as well as ensure that it is suitable for a good job (Bogatova, 2017). This will allow the recruit to engage in behavioural changes to better align with the business process. For example, managing employee training programs as well as building bonds based on work ethics has become much easier with modern training platforms. However, it is the responsibility of the training manager to design and manage it properly.

Like most things, following a corporate training program can be difficult at first but becomes easier through practice. In this case, the organization always focuses on effective training programs. In this context, it may work as a personalized employee training programs allowing each user to learn the context at their own pace, without the pressure of taking too much time to study or feel ashamed of taking too much time. Shortcuts associated with the support department are integrated into prompts, reminders, and sales tools so that each employee can ask for help individually as well as without the wrong kind of attention. Implementing smart, personalized employee training alongside development programs raises business profile in more ways than being thought. It browses a long way to create a positive corporate culture, gain a reputation for innovation and forward-thinking, increase employee as a continuum of professional development, and increase productivity in the workplace.

Managing Organisations in A Global Environment - Week 5 Question 1

a) Explanation of Goal-Setting Theory of Motivation

In the 1960s, Edwin Locke developed the theory of goal setting in the context of motivation. This theory states that goal setting is associated with performance. This indicates that it is specific in terms of functional objectives as well as the contribution of appropriate feedback associated with performance. In general, the objectives indicate what an employee should do as well as help in assessing the amounts of his or her efforts. A poorly defined goal is unable to measure the targeted objective and is not competent enough to set up a clear understanding of the company's mission and vision (Beeman, 2017). Hence an organization must set up a standing bar on to which the goals and the efforts to achieve them by the employees can be measured easily.

In other words, the organizational goals and objectives need to be highly specific. There is a deadline for achieving the most effective goals and that is considered to be the Challenge. The set goals must competent enough to set a decent difficulty level to motivate the employees to get a closer view of the goals. A commitment or a Promise makes a deliberate attempt toward achieving the organizational goals. There is a need to share goals with others to increase the responsibility level for achieving the goals. Configure a related method to get information about the progress towards the achievement of a goal. If achieving a target comes out to be difficult, it is best to adjust the problem to goal through time management without spending much time. Task Complexity – refers to a complicated goal that makes sure that enough time is added to overcome the learning curve involved in achieving the goal. In other words, if a goal is hard, adding padding gives the best success chance (Yurtkoru et al. 2017).

b) Brads’ Motivation in Terms of The Theory of Goal Setting Motivation

In the context of Brad, the main purpose of the motivation was to discover the importance and conviction that they could achieve. In addition to giving personal importance to the goal, steps are also taken to keep the goal stable and motivate the individual to overcome the failure. In this case, it was established that Brad John was firmly committed to being on the list of international authorities in context to Flight 001, other than ambitious plans there is a requirement of changes in terms of company's staff, products, as well as in terms of financial plans. With all forms of talks concerning the expansion as well as the development of a new line of products, the organization needs to be cautious. As it will become increasingly important not to get distracted from the values and context that makes in the first place Flight 001 special. These include the location, product as well as the design line that act as being impeccable. An objective based on the goals must be specific and measurable.

It must address the product, place, time, person, along with the reason and the ways to meets the objective’s expectations. Measurements along with specifications provide an external adjustment for gauge progression, although the vague goals of "doing better" are vague and often have a diminutive motivational effect. Removal of ambiguity allows a person to focus specifically on actions as well as behaviours related to the achievement of organizational goals. The performance gets affected with objective precision. Specific goals improve employee performance rather than abstract or vague goals. An individual can set a common goal of selling more cars each month, but setting a sales target of selling 2 cars /day for the subsequent 30 days is more effective plus efficient. These goals will be more motivating than broader goals in the context of doing better. Employees with a clear goal in mind need to be more determined in achieving the goals (Beeman, 2017).

Managing Organisations in A Global Environment - Week 6 Question 2

a) Description of Norming State

At this stage, the group members trust each other and come together feeling committed making the group united. The group members can now appraise each other's strengths along with the weaknesses by winning successfully through the conflict or the Strom stage. They begin in segregating member's roles as in the form of a leader, communicator, as well as an organizer by spending more time on the ways they tend to differ from the other resulting to focus more on the ways to use their communication talents associated with the execution of group work. This time group identity fully develops as the group members feel cohesion as well as belonging.After the storming stage, conflicts are resolved to some extent associated with emerging unity.

In the norming stage, the development of consensus about the leader or the leader’s role also addresses the individual roles of the members (Pieterse et al. 2018). A difference based on Interpersonal level gets resolved, along with an emergence of cohesion sense based on unity. Increase in team’s performance due to member’s cooperation and an increased focus on the team’s goals in this stage. On the other hand, the precarious harmony exists due to re-emerge of teams disagreements going back into the storming stage. A mentor begins to step back from mediating conflicts when the group enters the norming stage. There is a shift of group guidance in context to the establishment of norms. Mentors can reinforce the group’s progress that has mentees of lessons they have learned concerning communication along with conflict management. A mentor also helps the members to determine group norms utilizing reviewing and clarifying the tasks, goals, along with the objectives, in context to the group itself (Hardy, 2019).

b) Nathan Decker’s Effective Team Norming

The Norming stage is the stage of team development. It has been found that Nathan Decker, director in context to e-commerce, turns out to be the team leader. As being a skilled negotiator, Decker always makes sure of the fact that his talented trio tends to steer clarity based on dysfunctional aspects and eventually delivers the items. It was due to Decker’s leadership qualities that include a skilful negotiation in the context associated with conflicts. All the contextual members associated with the team of creative services tend to learn the techniques useful in communicating with the ways that were never possible before. As the contextual team tends to start the norming stage the manager can try as well as build activities in the context associated with trust-building.

Trist is very important for a team associated to work effectively. Since Nathan has good communication skill and conflict solving skills, he can be a medium to solve matters as well as heated arguments between the members. In this stage, he also needs to be associated to ensure a fact that all the members of his team feel comfortable along with that must possess ample confidence in context to their job roles that can be of immense help in the process of continuing to establish a group based on cohesion. This particular process must include all the associated needs in favour of some of the members that areas associated with the process to change roles. In this particular case, the mentors are instrumental in drawing upon the skills that are gained in the process of forming as well as norming stages to make the applicability of changes possibly smoother (Hardy, 2019).

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