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Leadership and Effecting Change in Public Health

Development of Teamwork Skills

Good teamwork skills help in playing a very important role in achieving the common aim and goal of the team. It can be achieved by good coordination, communication and collaboration within the group members to do good teamwork and achieve the common aim of the group. The key to efficient teamwork is to utilizethe exclusive abilities and capabilities of the team members and play according to their own strengths and balance them with their weaknesses as well (Brock et al., 2017). We decided on the topic of the group project after having a discussion amongst each other. An argument broke out between the two members of the group concerning the topic of the project. I intervened and tried to reason out with both of them to find a common place with everyone else in the group instead of having a heated argument around it. A topic was decided for the project after making both of them understand. I believe it helped me portray my effective communication skills and conflict resolution ability as well.

I distributed a certain amount of work to everyone along with some stipulated time as well to make sure the project gets completed on time and we get enough time to edit it before the submission deadline. I asked everyone for regular updates regarding the work and took the role of fact finding and research in the project. My role was to research the facts around the topic and collect and present them as well. This helped me develop responsibility towards my work and also displayed my leadership skills as well. Also, this continuous interaction with all the team members helped me to develop and portray my collaborative skills along with good communication. The experience taught me that team work is not an easy job and it requires patience and the ability to adjust and listen to your fellow team members. I will try and imbibe on this experience and try and incorporate more patience and listening skills in myself to work as an effective team player and team leader as well in future.

Development of Leadership Style

Leadership can best be described as a practical skill which involves ability of an individual to lead or head a group of people or an organisation. It could involve any field of work such as research, corporation or public health. There exists a variety of skill set that that an individual must possess in order to be able to lead other individuals, organisations or teams (Yphantides et al., 2015). There are a variety of styles and principles on the basis of which an individual’s personal leadership style and its idea can develop and prosper.

My personal experience asworking in a team and developing my own leadership skills has mostly revolved around trying conflicts between team members, taking responsibility of getting the work done by other team mates and also delegating and distributing work as well. I feel I have, in the process developed and learnt how to include other team mates and their opinions as well as their ideas towards completing the main aim of the group. It has also helped me develop trust, respect and support amongst other team members towards me and motivated them to work towards the completion of the common goal of the group. I feel I am more inspired by the transformational style of leadership where the leader is supposed to keep his teammates motivated by making them equal participants in terms of contribution and make them work towards their strengths by effective communication and showing support (Robbins et al., 2020).

I believe my greater focus on communication and collaboration with the team members and letting everyone share their ideas for the project makes me fall in the category of the Caregiver under the Boleman Role Wizard inventory model(Boleman& Deal, 2017). The caregiver role focuses more on communication, building trust, sharing information with the leader, conflict resolution and keeping everyone motivated to give their best. It makes the leader more of a catalyst that helps take the team and the team players ahead. I feel I have developed more of the caregiver frame in myself by encouraging contribution from everyone and helping achieve the desired goal of the group. My plan of action for the future will involve working more around my analytical side of personality which will involve more focus on rationality and the ability to think like an architect(Boleman& Deal, 2017). I will try and gain more knowledge and skills around my expertise and practice looking at things in a more analytical manner.

Conclusion on Leadership Reflection

This activity helped me realise and reflect upon my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and team player and helped me gain perspective on how to develop my personal leadership style and grow on a professional and personal front as well.

Reference for Leadership Reflection

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