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7 common problems faced by international students

7 common problems faced by international students

Almost every student dreams to study in abroad and explore the beautiful places we have been taught, but only few students get chance to go and study there. However it feels so amazing to think about the life people live in foreign countries. Their culture, their dressing sense, their music astonishes us the most, but we never look at the other side of the coin. We never think about the problems an International student deals with. Unless you have been to abroad for studies, you won’t realize how many problems International students encounter and how do they overcome with them.

We will cover seven main challenges that International students face

Problem in assimilating a new culture: Every human follows the culture of its nation and it’s pretty difficult to leave it behind and adopt a new one. When a student goes to another nation for the sake of higher studies, he/she has to learn the subtleties of the new culture such as body language, signs of respect, way of dressing or eating, etc. It takes too much of time to learn a totally different culture and students face problem in opting a new one.

Communication: Not everyone speaks the same tongue. People of different Nations speak different languages. Even if you are good in English and decide to go to any English speaking country, you’ll face problem in understanding their accents. So language behaves as a barrier for communication.

Homesickness: It is very natural to miss home when you go away from it, but when you leave your own nation and go abroad for studying, you miss everything about it. It’s not easy to leave your comfort zone and struggle in abroad for everything you have back in your home such as-food, family, friends, etc. Sometimes this situation agonizes the students and leads them to go back to their native place.

Finances: Finance is a major problem when it comes to study abroad. Students need to do part time jobs to bear their monthly expenses. So after taking classes they rush to their jobs, but they face problems when they have to prepare assignments. All of their time goes in attending classes and job, to overcome with this problem they pick online assignment help.

Transportation: When you are new to a foreign place, it becomes difficult to cognize places and choose a genuine transportation service. It’s so obvious that you will not have a personal car or a bike to travel around instead you have to take public transport for travelling. Students generally don’t get used to it so easily as they have memories of their earlier lives in which travelling used to be a fun for them.

Making new friends: It has been analyzed that international students face problem in making local friends. Mostly they are grouped with the students who have the same Nationality and this makes them feel uneasy in social gatherings.

Different ways of teaching: All the colleges and universities have different ways to teach their students, opting a new pattern of teaching can be a difficult task for them. At few colleges, classes are conducted consecutively whereas in other colleges one class can be in the morning and another one in the evening. So accepting every situation lies in front of you is the only solution to study in abroad.

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