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All You Need to Know About Evidence Selection and Critical Appraisal Tools

All You Need to Know About Evidence Selection and Critical Appraisal Tools
December 18, 2018

All You Need to Know About Evidence Selection and Critical Appraisal Tools

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Are you facing a problem in evidence selection and critical appraisal?

What are the tools that come to your mind whenever you hear “Critical Appraisal”?

We know that you already know how evidence selection and critical appraisal are complimentary to each other. Critical Appraisal is the method by which you carefully and systematically assess the results of an evidence (scientific research) in order to gauge how trustworthy and relevant it is.

The academicians at Online Assignment Expert are all geared up to guide you on examining several factors such as internal validity and generalizability using various frameworks such as CASP and PICO.

This blog shall talk all about what all you need to know about the various assessment tools used in for critical appraisal. So, do not stop your inquisitive minds and shoot all the questions which you have!

All about CASP and PICO assessment tools

Basically, budding researchers like you need to get yourselves acquainted with the two most widely used frameworks of assessing evidences. These are CASP and PICO. Various checklists for CASP include

  • Systematic Reviews
  • Randomised controlled trials
  • Clinical prediction Rule
  • Cohort Studies
  • Economic Evaluations
  • Case control Studies
  • Diagnostic Studies
  • Qualitative studies

PICO and CASP are the most widely used ones.

Nursing Assignment Sample

Below is a nursing assignment sample which our experts had done for the reference purpose of students. Using these frameworks, students are able to do assessments of any discipline. So, for doing this assessment and many such, you must have a decent knowledge about these frameworks. So, let us discuss these frameworks in detail.

CASP tool

Mainly, CASP tool is the one that deals with some broad principles or assumptions related to qualitative research. CASP aims at helping individuals to inculcate skills in themselves, with which they find sense in the evidence. Also, it helps them to apply those evidence in practice. Basically, there are certain things which needs to be considered when you have to use CASP assessment tool for appraising a qualitative research report. In the sample above, our nursing assignment help experts ensured that their assignment catered to the following terms and questions:


Does the report have a thorough approach towards the main research methods in the report or not?


Whether the findings presented in the report meaningful and presented in a well legible format or not?


Whether the findings which have been inferred from the study are useful for you and your organisation or not?

How CASP Was Developed?

The aforementioned CASP Checklist was basically developed using a 4-stage process, which is as follows:

Step 1

Initially, a team of multidisciplinary group and CASP institution created a rough draft of the written materials.

Step 2

Then, the rough drafted critical appraisal tools were tested by the working group and modified based on requirements of different people.

Step 3

After the modifications, the tools were presented in front of knowledgeable audience and modified even further according to the requirements of people.

Step 4

In the end, non-expert health experts used the tool to ensure the credibility of these tools.

PICO tool

In part 2, our nursing assignment help experts used the PICO tool, which is a technique specifically designed for using in evidence-based practice. It helps the researcher to give answers to various clinical or health related questions. Also, this framework is used for developing several useful literature search strategies. PICO is an acronym which stands for:

  • P- Patient, problem or population
  • I-Intervention, which means what you plan to do for carrying out a specific test, treatment or therapy
  • C-comparison, control and comparator
  • O-outcome

So, using this framework, our nursing assignment help experts found out the details of the patient in the given scenario. Then, they talk about the interventions which they have planed for the problem addressed in the case. Thereon, our experts compared various situations which they have dealt concerning the same issue. In the end, our experts inferred the outcomes of the care provided to the patient.

So, this was all about CASP and PICO frameworks which have immense importance in the assessments. Online Assignment Expert is such a firm which is all geared up to cater to even more of this vast topic for you. Our nursing assignment help experts are trained and experienced individuals who have been providing academic assistance on a number of topics such as CASP and PICO critical appraisal tools and many others to students over 7 years now.

So, we hope we have been successful in imparting all that we know about evidence selection and critical appraisal tools. For more detailed discussion, you can simply get in touch with our experts and we promise that we would not leave any stone unturned for you. So, what are you waiting for?

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