BSBFIA412 Report on Financial Activity Assessment Answers

BSBFIA412 Report on Financial Activity Assessment Answers
November 12, 2020

BSBFIA412 Report on Financial Activity Assessment Answers

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BSBFIA412 unit is covered under various training packages and qualifications such as Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package, Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package, Certificate IV in Business Administration, Certificate IV in Strata Community Management, Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication, and more. Under this unit, you come to learn the skills and knowledge which are required in preparing financial reports and analysing data. The BSBFIA412 unit is applied to all the students pursuing any of the above qualifications. Moreover, you may write BSBFIA412 assessment answers as a part of their assignment. 

Dealing with BSBFIA412 assessment can be difficult because of preparing to compile and analysing data and preparing the financial report. As per our financial accounting assignment help experts, writing BSBFIA412 assessment needs to apply subject knowledge and showcase analytical skills while preparing the financial report. In case of any queries, you may feel free to contact the Online Assignment Expert and get the best BSBFIA412 report on financial activity assessment answers.

What Questions Are Covered in BSBFIA412 Assessment?

The BSBFIA412 assignment includes three (3) chapters. Each chapter includes a few questions to answer. If we talk about the questions covered in chapter 1 are as followed:

BSBFIA412 assessment question

Chapter 2:

BSBFIA412 assignment question

Chapter 3

BSBFIA412 assessment sample

Now, the question is how to write the BSBFIA412 assessment answer. If we know that preparing a financial report or writing answers for the above questions cannot be easy and therefore, we are here with our assignment help experts who can help in doing your assessment. Here are a few points to keep in mind chapter-wise:

Chapter 1: Compiling and analysing financial data

Chapter 1 is all about compiling and analysing financial data. Here, compilation means a financial statement that was prepared by a firm's outside accountant. A compiled financial statement helps the accountant to transform the data given by the client in the form of a financial statement without any auditing services. 

If you are willing to write answers for chapter one questions, then it is important to know the methods used for financial statement analysis. Few popular methods are horizontal analysis and vertical analysis. Moreover, you may know to follow the below-given points – 

  • Gather, examine, and evaluate the existing financial data to make sure quality, consistency, and accuracy as per the requirements of the organisation
  • Make proper use of consolidation and conversion procedures to collect data 
  • Prepare, disclose, and record the liability and assets valuations following accounting standards
  • Make sure that the unusual features, discrepancies, or queries are well-determined, referred, and resolved 
  • Determine and record taxation effects 

Chapter 2: Preparing reports

Report preparation is comprised of numerous activities such as – 

  • Financial statement preparation
  • Preparing financial position statements
  • Income statement
  • Equity change statement
  • Cash flow statement
  • Auditor's report

If you lack any of the above activities, then you might face hurdles in report preparation. In such cases, you can avail of financial accounting assignment help with us. We have a team of professionals who are best in writing financial assignments. They have ample knowledge of recording expenditure and income, keeping accurate tax records, maintaining statutory requirements, etc. 

Chapter 3: Suggesting financial business recommendations

In every business, positive cash flow is said as a lifeline for that business. Without this, you are vulnerable to emergencies, missed payroll, and debt payments. To deal with this section, you must know about cash flow, expenses, consolidation, profit, loss, and write-offs. Moreover, you may focus on the following points – 

  • You may review the suggested recommendations and make sure that they are logically explained and supported with strong and relevant evidence
  • Suggest recommendations to maximise the functions and services effectiveness 
  • Make sure that the recommendations are precise and concerned with the control and direction of organisational operations
  • Find and prioritise important statement's issues which also includes decision making and financial performances review 
  • Make sure that the format and structure for the report is clear 

Foundational Skills Required for BSBFIA412 Assessment

Along with the above knowledge, there are few skills to be developed before writing the bsbfia412 report on financial activity assessment answers. Here are the few - 


  • Reading is a skill that helps you in comparing and examining information from different sources that helps to regulate and wide-ranging financial requirements


  • It helps in recording textual and numerical information that is needed in organising data which supports the purpose and format of the report

Oral Communication

  • It presents financial requirements and issues, briefly, and based on your findings. Moreover, you get help in obtaining and exchange information from others by questioning and listening 


  • It develops categories and criteria for financial management tenacities and oversees activities regularly
  • Allows you using different mathematical calculations to apply and arrange numerical data and information to comply with the requirements

Interact with others

  • You may identify, understand, and apply the suitable legislation, organisational policies, industry standards, and procedures 
  • Choose and make use of that protocol and conventions while interacting with external stakeholders 

Get the task done

  • Use logical and formal processes to plan and deliver the tasks within the stipulated timeframe
  • Make use of analytical skills to determine discrepancies, resolving issues within responsibilities
  • Using various digital technologies to identify, access, store, record, compile, organise, analyse, examine, and present complex data or information

These were the set of skills that students must have if they are willing to write BSBFIA412 assessment answers on their own. In addition to this, you may also be fluent in terms like budget variances, balance sheet, profit reports, cash flow, identify and resolving discrepancies, recording income and expenditure, and more. If you lack these terms and need someone who can help them in developing subject-knowledge or writing BSBFIA412 assessment, then choose Online Assignment Expert. 

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