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CHCECE010- Support the Holistic Development in Early Childhood Assessment Answer

CHCECE010- Support the Holistic Development in Early Childhood

CHCECE010- Support the Holistic Development in Early Childhood Assessment Answer

Today, we will discuss the CHCECE010 unit and its concerned assessments. The Chcece010 unit is included in CHC30113 (Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care) and CHC40113 (Certificate IV in School Age Education and Care). This unit generally deals in developing and enhancing the knowledge and skills that support and identify the interrelationship between the social, physical, cognitive, emotional, and children's communication development. During the course, you are required to deal with CHCECE010 Support the Holistic Development in Early Childhood assessment.

The CHCECE010 assessments are not only assigned to university students but also to students enrolled in TAFE programs. In this blog, our experts providing CHCECE010 assessment answers have discussed the assignments covered in TAFE and university programs. Dealing with the CHCECE010 assignment cannot be easy for all the students and therefore they need the CHCECE001 assessment sample. These samples help them in producing ideas for their assignment. Moreover, it will help you know the writing style followed in the CHCECE010 assignment. 

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CHCECE001 Assessment Details

The assignment discussed in this section is assigned to Open College, Australian students. The key aim of this assessment is to provide evidence which highlights and showcase the competence in the CHCECE001 unit.

This unit is comprised of three assessment tasks such as -


Part 1: The Whole Child In this part of the assignment, you are required to develop charts for child development which summarises the key milestones/ achievements for the below-given age groups: 

  • 6 months – 1 year
  • 1–2 years
  • 2–3 years
  • 3–4 years
  • 4–5 years
  • 5-6 years.

Here, you are expected to discuss at least three major achievements of children you have identified.

Part 2: Choosing experience to support the holistic development of children Here, you must categorise your resources in the following –

  • cognitive development
  • physical development
  • emotional development
  • social development
  • creative development
  • communication development

For each section, you are required to include at least three ideas. Concluding, you must provide a minimum of 18 entries for the above development processes. You may also remember that each entry should be of at least 2 pages including experience name, age range, group size, skills supported to that experience, required resources, etc.

Part C – Exploring communication development through stories    This CHCECE001 assessment task needs to source different developmentally related stories which can be used in early childhood as communication development.

Choose 3 developmentally related stories for the following age group children:

  • 0-2 years
  • 2-3 years
  • 3-5 years.

To complete this section, you will be given a table which should be completed by including book title, author's name, book description, and the best possible and effective ways to introduce the book to the selected age group children.  In case, you find trouble dealing with the above-given tasks you may either need assignment help services or buy a CHCECE001 assessment sample

Important Terms Used in CHCECE001 Assessment

Before we begin to discuss the steps or knowledge you may require writing CHCECE001 Support the Holistic Development in Early Childhood assessment, let's have a quick view of the terms concerned with CHCECE001 assessment. 

  • Code of ethics
  • How to approach the National Quality Framework, the National Quality Standards, and the relevant approved learning framework 
  • Introductory knowledge of child development
  • Early childhood development aspects
  • Environmental and biological influence on child development

For more details or to know these terms in detail, you may avail of assignment help services. 

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Essential Elements to Write CHCECE010 Assessment Answer

To write an impressive CHCECE001 Support the Holistic Development in Early Childhood assessment answer, you may focus on the following elements - 

Support Physical Development

1.1 Make daily routines to help children to gain and practice skills

1.2 Helps in choosing and arranging equipment which is important to develop gross motor skills, and to encourage the choices made

1.3 Assists in creating chances to help the physical skills of an individual

1.4 Assist children to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and health 

Support for Social Development

2.1 Assist children in understanding and accepting the responsibility

2.2 Make chances for personal interaction

2.3 Take part in social and play with other children

2.4 Help and support children when they find difficult to communicate or understand other's words

Support for Emotional Development

3.1 Provide children with different strategies to let them know the choices concerned with their behaviour

3.2 Make sure that the children are confident and experience pride in their achievements

3.3 Offer support and acknowledgment in case if children experience a lack of confidence, frustration, and motivate them to tackle such issues

3.4 Motivate children so that they can easily manage and express their feelings 

Support Communication Development

4.1 Choose, read, and express development-related stories

4.3 Make use of puppets and other upholds to excite the enjoyment of literature and language

4.4 Encourage and model two-way communication

4.5 Help children to recognise patterns, symbols, and their relationships

Develop an environment for holistic development and learning 

5.1 Create and support inquiry processes

5.2 Provide materials and resources which offer intrigue, challenge, and surprise

5.3 Help in promoting children's knowledge and choosing a sense of connectedness and belonging

5.4 Make children take part in sustained shared conversations to develop thinking skills

5.5 Help children to identify their mistakes

5.6 Develop new ideas and handle challenges

These were the few key elements that can be helpful in writing the Chcece010 assessment answer. We know that going through all these processes cannot be easy and therefore we are here to help you. With us, you find experts who have adequate knowledge and experience in handling community service assignments covered in Australian universities. 

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