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BSBMKG502B Establish and Adjust the Marketing Mix Assignment Answer

BSBMKG502B Establish and Adjust the Marketing Mix Assignment Answer
The BSBMKG502B unit and its assignments are mainly covered by the students pursuing business and finance courses from TAFE NSW. Under this assessment, you are required to select an organisation of your interest, assess its website, and other documentation like promotional and marketing material, annual report, policies, procedures, etc. The BSBMKG520B unit is covered under the Advanced Diploma of Business (Public Relations), ASSET MAINTENANCE TRAINING PACKAGE, Health Training Package, Screen and Media Training Package, and more. 

This unit explains the knowledge, skills, and performance outcomes that are necessary for identifying the optimal marketing mix for an organisation through analysis of marketing components. The BSBMKG502B assessment includes four parts i.e. PART A, PART B, PART C, and Part D. After successful completion of this unit and assessment, you can develop the marketing and marketing mix for a business. Also, you will be able to regulate marketing mix as per the change in business and market.  Further detail about the BSBMKG502B is explained by our business and finance assignment experts. 

Assessment Details

As we have discussed above that there are four parts of BSSMKG502B assessment. Now, we will read the questions and approaches to solve them. This information and details are provided by our experienced business and finance experts who have a complete understanding and knowledge of the marketing mix.


BSSMKG502B assessment sample

understanding and knowledge of the marketing mix

To solve the above question, you are required to analyse the existing marketing mix and customer service. Being a writer, you must be focused on the existing marketing mix of the company you have selected i.e. product, price, place, promotion, potential customers, and customer service level. In addition to this, also discuss the success behind marketing decisions. You can see the sample given below for the success of the marketing decision of your selected company.

success of the marketing decision of your selected company

Part 2 - Activities To Establish The Marketing Mix

Activities To Establish The Marketing Mix

Under this task, you must conduct a SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis method for the selected company. Also, discuss the customer's need, priorities, and preferences. Therefore, you need to explain a few aspects that influence the marketing mix strategies i.e. segmentation, target market, and positioning strategy. Provide at least three marketing objectives as well.

PART 3 – Develop a Marketing Mix

Develop a Marketing Mix

The total word count given by the university for this part of bsbmkg502b establish and adjust the marketing mix assignment is between 800 to 1000 words. Therefore, remember the word count while answering these questions. However, you can follow the steps given below to write an accurate bsbmkg502b establish and adjust the marketing mix assignment answer:

  1. Explain the four elements of the new marketing mix presented for the company:

    a) Product

    b) Price

    c) Place and

    d) Promotion

  2. Focus on customer service standards
  3. Develop policies and procedures and implement those following ASA Codes. 
  4. What could the variations in the marketing mix?

Part 4 – Success Of Marketing Activities And Adjustments

success of marketing activities

The maximum words allowed for these three questions are 800. Therefore, it becomes important to answer these questions precisely and clearly. Under this task, you should focus on the following: 

  • Evaluating the marketing mix strategies
  • Discuss market factors, your research, and customer's response to the marketing mix. 
  • Outline organisational, operational, strategic, positioning, and budgeting objectives. 

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