CHCPRP001 Develop and Maintain Networks and Collaborative Partnerships Assessment Answers

CHCPRP001 Develop and Maintain Networks and Collaborative Partnerships Assessment Answers
April 28, 2020

CHCPRP001 Develop and Maintain Networks and Collaborative Partnerships Assessment Answers

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CHCPRP001 Develop and Maintain Networks and Collaborative Partnerships Assessment Answers

CHCPRP001: Develop and Maintain Networks and Collaborative Partnerships is a popular and in-demand unit in the study of community services. The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors is offering community services for nursing and health care students. This unit is covered under the study of accredited courses, training packages, and qualification courses. The Chcprp001 unit is comprised of few tasks and one of them is writing assignments. Under this unit, our nursing assignment experts have dealt with the CHCPRP001 assessment where they were required to answer a few questions as part of their assignments. 

To write CHCPRP001 assessment accurately, students must have following skill sets such as Service Coordination and Collaboration (CHCSS00089), Peer Leadership Skill Set (CHCSS00104), Lead Inclusion and Collaboration (CHCSS00083), and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Sexual Health Skill Set (HLTSS00041). Mainly, this unit and assessment are offered to students to develop the knowledge and skills that are important in determining the networks and collaborative needs and establish informal and formal partnerships to improve service delivery and professional practice. However, let's discuss the types of questions covered under the CHCPRP001 assessment

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What Types of Assignments Does the CHCPRP001 Unit Include?

This unit and its assessment are applied to an individual and entire industry sectors who take dynamic responsibility to improve relationship and coordination between workers and organisations. However, in this unit, there are a few sections that should be covered as a part of its assessment. They are – 

Section 1: An Introduction to Networking and Collaboration

In this assignment, being a student of community service study from the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, you are required to answer a few questions i.e. 

  • Define networking and collaboration
  • What are the principles of networking and collaboration? 
  • How to improve performance through collaboration and networking?
  • Challenges related to networking and collaboration

chcprp001 assessment sample

Section 2: Establishing and Maintaining Effective Networks and Collaborative Relationships

Section 2 of CHCPRP001 assessment asks you to deal with a few questions concerned with developing and maintaining collaborating and networking relationships. They are like – 

  • How to initiate networking and collaborating relationships?
  • What the level and types of collaboration?
  • How to develop networks and effective collaboration relationships?

initiating networking assessment sample

Section 3: Working Collaboratively

Working collaboratively is the last section you need to cover in the CHCPRP001 assessment. This section includes questions like types of need and strategies for them, communicating issues, practices, & policies, planning and applying networks and collaborations effectively, what are the legal and ethical concerns related to collaborative practice, and more. 

Skills/knowledge required to solve the CHCPRP001 assessment questions

The CHCPRP001 version covers the entire requirements of Standards for Training Packages (2012). Students must answer each assessment covered under this assessment. To answer all the sections and questions require a set of skills and knowledge as described below. 

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Performance Evidence

Here, students must present the ability to complete and deliver the assigned tasks as on or before the scheduled deadline as per the given details. Also, you must show that you have:

  • Established the networking and collaboration strategies for an organisation
  • Worked in collaboration with external groups in minimum 3 different service delivery situations

Knowledge Evidence

You should exhibit the entire required knowledge in managing and completing the tasks effectively that are asked in the elements and performance criteria. Knowledge evidence includes: 

  • Ethical and legal considerations
  • Intellectual and copyright property
  • Confidentiality, privacy, and disclosure

Principles of networking and collaboration

  1. Forms of networks and collaboration, including: a) individual b) organisational c) formal/informal d) virtual
  2. What are the benefits of networking and collaboration from clients, organisation, and workers' point of view? 
  3. Limitations, dynamics, and values of networks and collaborative partnerships
  4. Inter-relationships between public and private organisations
  5. Developing networks in the areas of work,


a) key stakeholders

b) structure

c) opportunities for participation

d) vision and purpose

How to write the Chcprp001 Assessment Answers?

Our nursing assignment experts have provided a few steps that can be quite helpful in writing Chcprp001 Assessment Answers. They are – 

Determine the collaboration and networking opportunities

  • Examine the ways how the performance of an individual and organisation can be enhanced through collaboration
  • Identify and organise the needs of an individual and organisation
  • Identify gaps in collaborative and network practice and determine the action to be taken to fill the gap

Establish collaboration strategies

  • Collect, examine, and evaluate each information about the concerned organisation, services, and people
  • Initiate relationships with other Intra and inter-sector organisations and professionals
  • Managing information accessibility and currency 
  • Define the level and types of collaboration

Maintaining and maximizing the partnerships 

  • Maintain and manage the collaboration and networks to offer client's benefits and the organisation
  • Enhance the network and collaborative partnerships
  • Control and overview the benefits for the organisation, worker, and other client groups
  • Evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of networking and collaborations and provide recommendations

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