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Clinical Reasoning Cycle And Its Application In Real Life

Clinical Reasoning Cycle And Its Application In Real Life
March 23, 2019

Clinical Reasoning Cycle And Its Application In Real Life

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Are you a nursing student who is engulfed in the shackles of clinical reasoning cycle? Or are you the one who is not able to apply the concept in real life? Well, Online Assignment Expert is such a platform which can give the answers to both of these category queries.


For that, our nursing assignment help experts would take you on a journey around clinical reasoning cycle and also help you understand how to apply this vital concept in real life situations. So, fasten your seat belts and come with us!

What Is Clinical Reasoning Cycle?

If you find yourself a part of the latter category of students, then you already have an edge over others who do not even know what a clinical reasoning cycle is. However, our nursing assignment help experts do not leave any query unanswered. Thus, for them, we are first going to shed some light on what this cycle is, very briefly!

In this clinical reasoning cycle, you are required to collect indications and understand the problem which has been diagnosed. After this, you are required to develop and monitor interventions for treating it. In the end, you have to note the findings and reflect upon what all you have learnt and how can you use it for improvement in the future.

Steps Involved In a Clinical Reasoning Cycle

Basically, what we have explained in the previous paragraph was a brief explanation of the main steps involved in this clinical reasoning cycle. The experts of our nursing assignment services would never leave you hanging in between. So now, we are going to show you how to apply this cycle in real life situations.

As a nursing student, you would be required to complete clinical internship and placements where you would be required to apply this cycle practically while dealing with patients. So, let us have a discussion on how you would have to do it.

Clinical Reasoning Cycle

See the image above. With this, our nursing assignment help experts have represented the 8 steps of clinical reasoning cycle. Make sure that all the steps are diligently followed as all the steps are inter-related. So, let us try and understand what are these and then tell you how to apply it in real life.

1. Consider Patient Situation

As the name suggests, the first step is to get hold of the health conditions and situations of a patient. For instance, when a patient comes to you, make sure that you make notes of the details of the patient. Even in the assignments which you get regarding clinical reasoning cycle, you would be required to consider the situation of the patient. This would include the facts and context of the patient.

Say, your patient is 45 years old and has been admitted in the ICU. He has been undergoing a dialysis. All these things are written under the first step. Our nursing assignment help experts emphasise on making this section articulate.

2. Collecting Cues

In this step, you would have to review all the previous details of the patient. For instance, the history of patients (operations, surgeries, assessments).

3. Processing information

In this step, all the information has to be interpreted efficiently. Based on this, you have to relate it with other situations which may occur during the treatment. The experts of our nursing assignment writing services advice students to make this section very carefully.

4. Recognising the problem

After processing the information of the patient, you would have to properly identify the problem. Only when you find the suitable problem, you will be able to treat it properly.

5. Establishing goals


6. Taking actions


7. Evaluating


8. Reflecting upon the learnings

According to our nursing assignment help experts, the final 4 steps are a combination of challenges. You have to state what you plan to achieve and based on them, you have to take necessary actions. In addition to this, you would also have to evaluate the outcomes and reflect upon whatever you have learnt in this scenario so that you can underline the areas of improvement and work towards it.

Our Nursing Experts, All That You Need!

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