Essay Writing Guide for University Students

Essay Writing Guide for University Students
September 09, 2022

Essay Writing Guide for University Students

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Essay Writing Guide for University Students

You might have read thousands of blogs and articles that tell you how to write a perfect essay. But it does not seem as efficient as it should be. Frequently this is the story of almost every person studying in college. Due to the number of topics in each subject, it becomes highly complicated to learn the nuances of writing that exceptional essay every time. For some, it does not seem to be a problem as they are pros. While for others, it is the most hectic task of college life.

If you think you can write an essay, you need to stop and ask yourself can I write a perfect piece for my audience? The answer could be sad for many reasons. When you write an academic paper, you are expected to deliver something unique that can help you fetch higher scores and provide quality content


So, this blog is a treat if you lack specific talents and techniques to write a unique essay.

Find below the list of essay writing help and hacks that will not only help you gain an understanding of your topic but will enhance your writing skills as well.

How Can I improve my essay writing skills in university?

Even though there is no set of rules for writing, you still need to stick to some specific steps in order to simplify the task. Essay writing services share some easy tips that help improve your writing skills and provide that flair you have always dreamed of. So, let's begin with our unique set of writing hacks.

Clarifying the task

According to the essay writing help expert, clarifying, examining and analysing the task can eliminate most of your problems. Try to break down the question into several parts and check what has been asked. This practice is called mind mapping, which identifies the what and how of the essay.

Once you have found what the query is, you can indeed plan how to find answers, and that will eventually enable you to curate all your thoughts.

As you start clarifying the task to yourself, write the questions to guide your research to generate keywords.

  • Search
  • Identify
  • And strategies.

These are basic steps that can help you find different sources and be useful for you in recording well-organised essays.

Finding, evaluating, and recording information

The next step of working on an essay is to write down the questions and start your research based on them. You can form your own question. Will that essay structure help me find what I'm looking for? Is this the right order to compose an essay? What is the story I am trying to tell here? Note down the possible heading, subheading and main points that can justify your goals to present what you want to deliver. In this section, you can use a more detailed plan in order to initiate a power-packed essay.

Planning and drafting

Once you've got all the essential steps covered at the beginning of the essay, you can now apply them in drafting your assignment. If you want to write an essay which gets impressive remarks, make sure you draft it well.

There are several approaches to planning an essay, and they all help students to reflect on the topic. It makes them know how they should approach miscellaneous writing tasks.

According to the essay writing help mentors- you may have different approaches to starting an essay, but here are some common ones that go a long way!

The step-by-step approach and process essay approach are the common ones. In comparison, others start them in a more fluid way which is called freestyle writing.

In the beginning, it could be an essay without a plan, and then you can jot down the keywords, ideas and sentences which are developed in the later stages. In the same draft, you can add evidence, facts, and examples which make your essay more effective.

Some essay plans can be modified as per the topic, which may include bullet points, charts, tables and other descriptive elements.

Handle the introduction and conclusion

When you have finished planning and drafting your essay, all you want to do is just hop on the writing part. But we suggest you hold on a minute and think of an introduction which is worth the ability to impress the reader. If you lose the chance, you may never undo it.

Therefore, if you have an outline of your essay introduction, make sure you frame it as the main attraction point of your essay. Once you do so, make sure you identify the ideas you can develop in the below format;

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • And consistent.

Coherently, when it comes to a conclusion, it must have to substantiate the art of essay writing.

It may sound like a difficult task you may never want to pursue, but it leaves the greatest impression on the reader.

However, if you are unsure of the essay argument and think your writing skills are weak, maybe it is time to ask for an expert's recommendation. Essay writing services could be an ideal choice for all the support you need.

How to evaluate my essay?

Once you have written the first draft of your essay, invest time into taking it to the final stage. You may take some time off and then restart working on it. When you return with a fresh mind, you will complete the task actively as you will have more organised thoughts that help refine your work. Here are a few tips for your help;

  • Check that you have an introduction with a clear and concise purpose.
  • Ensure that the conclusion provides you with an apparent response to the topic. Moreover, it must justify the whole essay while summarising the key points/finding and arguments.
  • Check the structure of each paragraph. It must clarify the topic and sentences are linked together.
  • Make sure that paragraphs are in a logical order, providing consistency.
  • Reading your essay aloud backward and slowly will help you identify the rhythm of your writing.
  • Is there any unnecessary repetition of ideas? Remove them, as they are annoying.
  • Review the examples with evidence that you have gathered. Is there enough evidence for your argument?
  • Remembering to spell check and remove the errors can save you more grades.
  • Once you have completed your editing and proofreading, it is time to check the spelling and grammar errors just to ensure you have not committed any unintentional plagiarism.

A well-structured essay is a pleasure in the eyes of your professors. Not only this, but it also helps you get shinier grades. So, follow these practical tips that help you become more aware of your topic when analysing the evidence. Also, you can make sure to have the essay writing services at your support during some difficult moments when you feel stuck in the middle of your project.

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