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Superdry Case Study Journey From the UK to the World

Superdry Case Study Journey From the UK to the World

Superdry Case Study Journey From the UK to the World

Did you know that one of the top fashion labels and clothing brands, Superdry, was started with just five t-shirts? Surprised, right? Well, you should be because Ian Hibbs launched the brand with Julian Dunkerton and established the Cult Clothing Co in Cheltenham in 1985. Superdry is now a fashion label and known for its ingenious branding strategy. And you will be more excited about the case study about how the brand started to thrive and become what it is today. In the fashion industry, it is pretty uncertain to know and impress your audience, especially when fast fashion culture is taking over all the trends, whether H&M, Uniqlo, Zara and many others.

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Superdry– who are they?

Superdry’s History

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The brand was started in 1985 by Julian Dunkerton and a former business partner who together founded the brand-named Cult Clothing. The brand later evolved and became the Superdry that we all know! After the successful Kickstarter of the first Cult Clothing store in Cheltenham, the journey led to establishing many more stores across the country. Later, Julian joined forces with designer James Holder, the founder of bench brand, to develop an in-house brand– Superdry, in 2003 in the UK and globally.

Ever since the brand's successful launch, it has grown in massive popularity in the UK and abroad. In the series of success stories after the introduction of Superdry into Cult Clothing stores, 2004 was the year of more considerable changes. The second store format was launched, and branded as the dedicated selling Superdry products were launched. Recognised as the global brand, the Group launched its UK and abroad wholesale business with the exclusive addition of a new partner, Theo Karpathos. In march 2010, the company started its successful venture with the London Stock Exchange, accompanying the next stage of its expansion with global growth. CNC Collections BVBA (Supergroup EuropeBVBA), Superdry's France and Benelux franchise and distribution partner, was acquired in February 2011, assisting Superdry further accelerating its European franchise rollout.

Who are their target, Buyers?

The brand usually targets the younger fashion group– especially women and men aged between 15 and 25. They often prefer premium quality yet affordable clothing, accessories, cosmetics and footwear. But according to the case study help experts- the brand also attracts people from a broader group. The primary reason for this significant appeal is that the brand develops a vast range of products.

As the brand is already established in the UK, which is also its home market, the company has its subsidiaries, which also expand the business in far-reaching international markets. Now it is quite evident that the new age digital world has given it a fantastic fold, and this is how e-commerce, wholesale partners, and networking with franchise stores are taking place.

Where is Superdry In 2022?

Well, it is everywhere now! Superdry has a significant customer base globally, and therefore the brand has a presence in 46 countries with over 151 Superdry store locations. Moreover, there are 139 owned stores across the UK and Europe. With over 208 franchised and licensed stores with 168 concessions, the fashion brand has been and is now on the list of awarded winners of the 'Retail Energy Project of the Year at The Energy Awards 2018.

Superdry is a brand with particular attention to detail and a vintage look, accentuating their products with the fusion of Americana and Japanese. They are also characterised by high-quality, sustainable fabrics, unique styles and world-learning, hand-drawn illustrations with tailored fits and peculiar styling.

When we talk about clothing, fabric, material, and quality are some significant criteria that matter. But one thing which also matters is how authentic they are and their carbon and water footprint, drastically affecting the world population. More than 10% of humanity's carbon emissions come from the fashion industry. But the good news is that Superdry is making a great start to sustainable fashion trends. Founded in 2003, the brand, with a blend of Americana and Japanese inspiration, claims itself to be the "energy, creativity, an incubator for a new visual identity, inspired by community, culture, and collaboration."

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What is the brand identity?

Superdry markets itself as a 'fashion chain for men and women". It blends vintage Americana with Japanese and British fashion inspiration. You may wonder what real inspiration could be. Well, the logo that you see. European consumers aspire and explore their interest in inclination toward Japanese brands, and this is just a reflection of their purchase. Moreover, the packaging/product theme in Japanese makes it exuding for a certain degree of the 'wow' factor in the customer's perception.

Many of you will be curious to know how this brand, founded in 2003, is related to Japan. Well, if you decipher the script which goes with the Japanese logo at the top with means but you might be surprised to know the literal meaning of the Japanese word 'kyokudo kanso (shinasai), which literally means "maximum dry." So, in reality, the brand has nothing remotely anything to do with Japanese fashion or culture. But the surprise element is not over yet. James Holder, the brainchild of Superdry, calls to mind his obsession for typography and his childhood days reading Japanese manga comics.

As the sales are migrating rapidly to eCommerce, the first movers delivered blistering growth. However, the vogue of in-store shopping retails hasn't faded, making it hard for investors to choose a winner or loser in the fight to be buyers' preferred choice.

The emphasis on online shopping has given an ever-fresh dimension to the fashion and clothing industry, and Superdry is not the exception. With being an international brand, it is now expected to have a total revenue generation of online retail of 43 billion European dollars by 2020 of online purchases that will be done on smartphones.

It clearly demonstrates flexibility, which goes far from what we see in the 2022 world with highly-rising mobile traffic.

In addition to the case study, the instant assignment help mentors can also help you with how Superdry focuses on the content of their website. Superdry solely focuses on engaging and making people come back to the website, whether it is an advertisement or event.

Needless to say, that Superdry plc has gained too many advantages due to the vastly growing global market, and the digital age; it has left many of its competitors far behind in the race to own maximum customers. The surprising element of the company is that it is still holding its old way of sales like the logo, which hasn't changed since.

The Bottom Line

The main desire of Superdry to keep their people coming back to them and extending the number is the reason why they are known as the best brand strategy models of all time. The co-founder announced a scheme in September that the fifth of the share price giant would be contributed across a bonus scheme. This share will be conveyed to none other than its 4,500 employees. It means this scheme incentivises their employees' dedication and hard work and promotes the entrepreneurial zest that keeps the brand standing out!

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