How Can Nurses Balance Public Health Interests Between Pandemic Protection and Protests Over Police Violence?

How Can Nurses Balance Public Health Interests
August 18, 2022

How Can Nurses Balance Public Health Interests Between Pandemic Protection and Protests Over Police Violence?

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How Can Nurses Balance Public Health Interests Between Pandemic Protection and Protests Over Police Violence?

“Sacrificing lives to protect the unknowns.”

Being a nurse isn’t an easy task. It is hard to complete the studies on time; it is a whole different struggle after becoming a nurse and balancing your life. To those students pursuing nursing and who are currently looking for nursing homework help, you have to be a strong and selfless human to treat those who need you in the most challenging hours of their life. Having a namby-pamby heart won’t be a great sign of a reliable nurse who has to be at the frontline helping millions of people without any breaks.

How the nursing profession has changed in the past can be judged by the pre- and post-pandemic era. When the COVID-19 waves hit the world, one infection led to another, and within no time, the world was behind closed doors in lockdown, and Coronavirus was officially declared the world’s biggest pandemic. When there was nothing to help or rescue, the frontline warriors, the doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, and police personnel were selflessly protecting each nation.

The Pandemic Outburst

Never in human history has anyone seen one such pandemic where the death rate was so high that there were no places left for cremation. If talking about Canadian numbers, the total COVID 19 cases were 4.14M, out of which the number of deaths was 43440. The Coronavirus outburst was a disastrous story that no one would wish to remember ever; however, those who have lived these heart-wrenching moments know what it felt like to look at the empty roads and stay 24/7 behind closed doors. Not being able to go to the supermarket for grocery shopping, people were neither able to go to the office, and students had to opt for the study from the home method.

Pandemic showed us a life unseen before, and the only way to live is to stay behind closed doors, wearing a mask all the time, keep washing your hands, and stay six feet apart from others. Social distancing took over socializing and clubbing, as that was the demand of the hour, and to save lives; we have to follow all the protocols. However, there were still some people who were going to work despite the deadly outbreak in the world. The people in white coats and PPE kits, and with them were the personnel in uniform.

The best way to sum up the pandemic story would be, it was like, one night everything was perfectly alright, and boom! The next minute someone ate something, and since then, life doesn’t remain the same. Some of the essential accessories were masks, without which going out was not in the plan.

In the fight against a global pandemic, from behind the doors, the world had to fight another severe illness, and it was the racism mentality. The day the public protector became a public assaulter was the black day in the history of humankind. On one end, people across the globe were tensed about the ongoing pandemic, and the doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers were doing every bit to save humans; humanity died on May 25th, 2020, along with George Floyd.

Policeman and the Brutal Execution

On another day of fighting the pandemic, on the one hand, where human beings across the globe were finding ways to live safe and save themselves from the COVID-19 pandemic, was a black man who lost his life on the roads of Minneapolis. George Floyd, accused of using a counterfeit 20-dollar bill by a store clerk, was assaulted by the policeman Derek Chauvin who knelt on Floyd’s neck and back for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. The last words by George were, “I can’t breathe,” but the cruelty on humanity was in no mood to stop anytime soon.

This act of inhumanity by the police personnel brought in the most considerable movement waves in the US as around 15 to 26 million people protested on the streets to support the Black Lives Matter movement. On the one hand, where the people were fighting against the deadly Coronavirus, the act of brutal execution made people come to the streets to protest against this cruel act. Coming in support of the coworkers and standing strong to do their duty, several police officers used tear gases to stop the crows that negatively affected the protestors.

In this horrible situation of a black man dead and several people protesting, COVID-19 was pushed to the backseat but what people didn’t know was that George Floyd had SARS-Cov-2, which Floyd himself tested positive for after his death. At that moment, healthcare workers were worried about the constantly spreading and growing disease that could make uncountable people dead. Also, there was tension about people who would die at the police offer’s hands. At that moment, taking two situations into control wasn’t an easy task; the healthcare workers had to save the public from the deadly virus and keep them from the brutal act of inhumanity.

Being a Nurse is Tough

No matter what age you are, whether you are preparing for the entrance test, looking for instant homework help, or have already become a practicing nurse. Your life is a continuous juggle, and you must struggle to get a break. Being a nurse, you are never off duty; if you are in the hospital, you are constantly working and walking from one place to another, having conversations with doctors, patients, their family members, and other healthcare coworkers. Being a nurse isn’t easy because you don’t get the time to sit and relax; having a day off at work is a question out of sight, too, because you have to be on standby every time of the day unless and until someone is there to cover your shift.

Now, in that struggle of finding time, what do you think would have happened when the worldwide pandemic, the deadly Coronavirus, hit the world with its continuous waves? The scenes from various news channels are still evident in front of the eyes, seeing doctors and nurses in PPE kits covered with sweat, not caring about their lives but working hard to save every patient possible. Even though the doctors were placed next to God, the nursing and other healthcare workers were no less than the same.

As the first wave of COVID-19 ended, people thought things would be better and stabilized, but within a year, the second and third waves affected the world again. The norms of COVID-19 protocols were necessary until there were no vaccines. However, it has been two years since the Coronavirus entered our lives, and there has never been a day when people haven’t shown concern regarding the deadly pandemic.

The total number of cases of COVID across the world till now is 590 million, among which the death count is 6.44 million. If you see fewer death rates, you must thank the doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers who have given their everything to stay away from their loved ones and be available and treat the patients. The surrounding wasn’t a treat to watch, but the healthcare workers kept trying their best to save the world, and to some extent, they have succeeded.

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