How To Write a Case Study Assignment: The Student Guide

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July 05, 2022

How To Write a Case Study Assignment: The Student Guide

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How To Write a Case Study Assignment: The Student Guide

Case studies are in-depth studies that are used to validate theoretical hypotheses. A case study examines how a specific group, person, occurrence, or society has changed over time, according to Henson (2005). Writing a case study is primarily intended to test the practicality of theories while acquiring first-hand knowledge of the topic.

Writing case studies can be challenging for many students since it necessitates paying close attention to detail, investigating problems, and conducting in-depth research utilizing various research techniques. It requires a narrative or descriptive style of writing. Therefore the learner must pay close attention to all the details, particularly when looking at specific examples involving a person or group.

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What kinds of case studies are there?

Helsheirm (2003) asserts that case studies offer thorough accounts of various persons, places, institutions, and events. They are more appropriate than research reports as discursive scholarly investigations because of the greater intensity of the focus. Case study reports have received much attention from the academic community over the years and are now necessary for practically all scholarly investigations.

  • Historical Case Studies - Historical case studies feature a wide range of sources that can be used to present various viewpoints. Students must identify contemporary parallels where these viewpoints can be used, compared, and studied in-depth.
  • Problem-oriented Case Studies - Case studies of this nature are frequently employed to address issues. Students must apply the theoretical situations they are given to their case studies. Problem-focused case studies are an important component of pertinent socio-economic discourse on a larger scale.
  • Cumulative Case studies - These case study formats entail information gathering and providing pertinent comparisons. Case studies are frequently used in business to demonstrate the worth of a product.
  • Analytical Case Studies - The causes and consequences of a particular case are examined in these case studies. They are frequently carried out in the wake of an unexpected or sudden incident to look into its origins for future reference.
  • Illustrative case studies - These case studies focus on detailing specific occurrences, examining their results, and analyzing results.

What format does a case study follow?

Typically, the case study format consists of eight parts:

  • An executive summary: It functions as a summary of your case study. It explains what the case study will have you look at. You are allowed to write a summary of the study area while posing the required thesis statement. Last but not least, a strong executive summary must include a brief paragraph that summarises the findings of your observation. You may consult assignment help for writing good executive summaries.
  • Background: Giving readers a background on your subject is crucial for familiarizing them with it. It functions similarly to a literature review but focuses more on practical problems than theoretical ones.
  • Case Evaluation: In this section, you should specify the areas on which your case studies will concentrate. The means of implementing pertinent measures for the study are also highlighted, along with appropriate sources.
  • Proposed Ideas: Following your research and evaluation conclusion, you must present workable solutions that can further your conclusions. The suggested remedies must be completely realistic and supported by real-world applications.
  • Conclusion: Summarize the key takeaways from the case evaluations and suggested solutions in this section.
  • Recommendations: Now that you have a thorough understanding of the subject matter of your case study, you may make appropriate suggestions for ways to make that particular area better.
  • Implementation: When tactics are implemented correctly, the essential recommendations can further be effective.
  • References: All relevant citations must be included for reference purposes.

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What methods may you use when writing a case study?

  • Organizing the Research: The research phase of drafting a case study is crucial. You will develop more original ideas and learn more about your subject by reading many sources and examining opposing viewpoints. Writing a case study may require some time, considering all the required research. Following are some tasks involved in conducting research:
  • Establishing your goal,
  • Selecting the appropriate subject for your case study
  • Identifying the many effects
  • Compiling a list of trustworthy sources and evaluating them

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