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IFN509 Data Exploration and Analysis of COVID-19 Assessment Answer

IFN509 Data Exploration and Analysis of COVID-19 Assessment Answer
May 05, 2020

IFN509 Data Exploration and Analysis of COVID-19 Assessment Answer

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IFN509: Data Exploration and Mining is a unit of Data Science that provides knowledge to the core concepts, practices, and techniques of data mining and data exploration. Under this unit, students are required to deal with IFN509: Data Exploration and Analysis assessments. Nowadays, when the world is undergoing with the continuous spread of COVID-19 globally, the university can ask you to write IFB509: Data Exploration and Analysis of COVID-19 assessment answer. In this assignment, you might be asked to develop solutions by applying data manipulation technique and strategy for the given problems. 

 As per our experts providing IFN509: Data Exploration and Analysis of COVID-19 assessment answer say that the task should be completed within the given deadline to score better grades. Moreover, students must have the knowledge and skills to analyse data scenario and scope data analytics, determine and make the best use of data manipulation, data cleansing, and data representative methods to enhance data quality, and apply appropriate data analysis techniques to understand the nature of data. However, let's have a look at the IFN509: Data Exploration and Analysis of COVID-19 assessment. 

Introduction to IFN509 Data Exploration and Analysis of COVID-19 Assessment

covid-19 assignment sample

In this assessment, students are required to work with a collection of data. They can use the available dataset to demonstrate their skills. The data available for this assessment is made available by Johns Hopkins University, especially for academic and educational purposes. This data can easily be downloaded from Blackboard by visiting the Assessment Item 1 folder. The data set contains all the data from 22nd January 2020 to 08th March 2020. 

It is a group assignment, thus you can make a group of three students perform this assignment. In case, if a student is still in abroad because of travel restrictions can get in touch with the unit coordinator and discuss the circumstances and they will provide alternatives to your concern. Once students are done with their IFN509 Data Exploration and Analysis of COVID-19 Assessment task are required to submit it through Blackboard. 

IFN509 Data Exploration and Analysis of COVID-19 Assessment Criteria

The IFN509 Data Exploration and Analysis of COVID-19 assessment will be accessed mainly on four criteria i.e. approach, implementation, findings, and documentation. The total marks allotted for this criterion is 10. Then it will be multiplied by the total weightage of the task which is equal to 100 marks. 

Best Ways to Fulfil the Assessment Criteria

Are you a student and willing to write IFN509 assessment? Then you must follow the below-given approach explained by our computer science assignment experts. 

  • Approach: Follow the correct approach to address the problem effectively.
  • Implementation: Make the best use of methods, libraries, and tools to solve the problem. They should be used efficiently and correctly.
  • Findings: Provide a conclusive synopsis of the approach used in findings, its importance, and possible limitations.
  • Documentation: Every code and choices should be justified and commented so that the results can be reproducible. 

How to write IFN509 Assessment?

Being a writer, students must need to complete the following tasks to write the best paper for IFN509: Data Exploration and Analysis COVID-19 assessment. The tasks covered under this assessment are as followed –

Data Cleansing and Manipulation

The dataset should be structured properly that it can be updated conveniently. Here, you will have to represent the data in memory accurately so that the analysis can be done easily. While doing so, the following point to be remembered: 

  • Data should be free from any type of error and should be well-formatted 
  • Separate data and code. The solution should work for 47 files but can be used for 32, 51, or 64 files. 

Data Exploration and Descriptive Analysis

Under this section, you are required to answer the questions given below: 

  • List the countries who have reported a minimum of 10 COVID-19 cases. 
  • Name the top five countries highly infected by COVID-19 and registered the highest number of active COVID-19 cases. 
  • Describe the increasing rate of infected people as compared to the last week of data?

Data Normalisation

Mainly, data should be reported as per the country and sometimes can be province or state. It can be the best way to start but it also has few limitations such as -

  • Each country has a different population. For example, 10K cases in a country with 10 million populations cannot be equal to 10K cases with 80 million people country.
  • The outbreak of COVID-19 didn't start on the same day in the world. On a specific date, one country or state might be highly infected with this outbreak whereas other state or country may have just started to get infected. 
  • Student can use external sources to get the data normalised. It will also help in comparing one territory with others. 

Further Data Exploration

Completing this section of IFN509 assessment can be quite challenging for computer science engineering students. The questions to be answered are –

IFN509 assessment answer

To answer these questions, you will be required to collect information at the individual level, how much time is required to recover, develop mitigation strategies, calculate CFR ratio, and more. In case, if any kind of issue is faced while writing answers for these questions, buy IFN509 Data Exploration and Analysis Assessment Sample instantly with Online Assignment Expert. It will help you to get ideas about "how to write IFN509 assessment?"

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