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PSCY2019 Social Psychology Assignment Sample

PSCY2019 Social Psychology Assignment Sample

PSCY2019 Social Psychology Assignment Sample

Social psychology is a branch of psychology dealing in social interactions that include origins and its effects on an individual. In other words, it is also termed as a scientific study of an individual's feelings, thoughts, and behavior that is influenced by the imagined, actual, or presence of others. Students studying social psychology cover topics like social influence, social cognition, interpersonal processes, attitudes, aggression, and stereotypes.

Today, in this blog, we bring you the PSCY2019 social psychology assignment sample where the tasks is to identify and describe the interactionism in the social identity approach to leadership.

social psychology assignment question

Identifying and describing the interactionism in the Social Identity Approach to Leadership

Every student wants to score better grades in their assignment whether it is related to writing, attempting online quizzes, appearing online exams, or any other but only a few of them are able to do so. This PSYC2019 social psychology sample will help you in writing about the essence of this theory. You will get to know that this theory has evolved over previous leadership theories. 

You must understand and clearly articulate the static and dynamic interactionism

The theory states that a person living in society is a social manager, building significance, and set up through personal action. In the field of sociology, interactionism can be defined as the speculative plan which draws the communal processes like collaboration, conflict, and individuality formation. Interactionism is also known as symbolic interactionism that mainly focuses on the developing relationships between the people of a society. Symbolic interactionism theory was created in the 20th century by George Herbert Mead which has now become one of the leading sociological perceptions in this existing world. Moreover, our psychology assignment help providers include a few assumptions created by the interactionists which prove the practical application of symbolic interactionism theory. Take a look at the screenshot of the PSYC2019 social psychology assignment sample below.

PSYC2019 social psychology assignment sample

Find, examine, and analyse the theoretical processes or elements that consider interactionism

The symbolic interactionism theory is comprised of four different elements. They are - 

  • People make own action - they are creative and deliberate intentional
  • Need to know an individual's definitions of situations in their own terms
  • Individuals make their own meaning of, attribute to, their behavior and situations
  • Value of negotiations that give rise to meanings
  • Importance of social and natural context or the environment in knowing the meaning and construction of meaning
  • People and situations are unique and idiographic

Explain the ways in which social identity approaches are different from other leadership methods

The 4 key elements of symbolic interactionism consist of four elements which are:

  • to describe why different leaderships require different contexts
  • highlights the dynamic interaction between the followers and leaders
  • understand the power of followers on leadership rather than a particular person
  • transformational practices that define the change in followers and leaders

On the contrary, theoretical theories related to leadership include the social identity approach which is composed of two corresponding theories, i.e., social identity theory and self-categorisation theory. These theories provide one-way direction by the leader to a follower and interactionism theory creates a dual way process. Moreover, you should explain the components that affect the dual way process to support your answer. If you find any sort of difficulty while writing your assignment, do request for the free social psychology assignment sample from our teams today.

In the end, you are required to analyse the quality of the presentation including flow, clarity, grammar, and spelling. Also, your document should be free from plagiarism. Do contact our customer care executives where experts will provide you with a unique and original social psychology assignment. Along with this, you will also be provided with a Turnitin report to assure that your document is ready to be submitted.

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