What are the Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing?

What are the Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing?
December 16, 2020

What are the Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing?

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Nursing is a broad field to study. It contains various topics such as nursing leadership, nursing management, legal and ethical issues in nursing, and more. Writing a proper and accurate assignment paper for such topics cannot be easy and therefore they need nursing assignment help. We, at Online Assignment Expert, are one of them who have been assisting students for a decade. We have developed several well-researched assignment papers for students who completed their degrees from Deakin University, Monash University, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, etc. Some essential details have been discussed by experts providing assignment help in Australia

Just like other medical professionals, nurses are required to practice as per the complex web of state and federal statutes – while they take proper decisions ethically. Because of rapid advancements in the field of medical technologies and healthcare practices, nurses and other professionals often encounter challenges in taking appropriate decisions where law courts and lawmakers have developed laws for new practices and procedures. As a result, nurses are required to be attentiveness while making decisions in order to minimise legal liability risks. Moreover, nurses are also required to take into account the ethical applying of decisions to make sure their actions. 

The ANA Code of Ethics: The Essential Guide for Ethical Decision-Making

The ANA collects, compiles, and announces the ethical nursing practice guidelines in the United States of America. The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics is generally said as a living document which alters as a profession in advance. This association also announces different ethics guides for various controversial and specialties areas, like the ethics included at the end of life decision making.

Some Major Nursing Ethical Principles Discussed in Our Nursing Assignment Help

Even when medical and law practice change, the basic nursing ethical principles remain firm. The nursing ethics foundation centres on the fundamental components of nursing care. Some of the basic elements concerned to the nursing profession are discussed below by our experts providing help in legal and ethical issues in nursing

  • Attentiveness: Nurses should be ethically responsible to attend to their patients as well as the needs of their employer, colleagues, and community.
  • Responsibility: Many nurses make decisions on a regular interval which has a direct effect on the lives of people. Also, they are obliged to take into account all the possible values of their actions and the patient's well-being and health.
  • Competence: The nursing practice needs a high level of knowledge, degrees, and several complex skills. Nurses are required to keep themselves updated in terms of practice and developments in their profession.
  • Patient Responsiveness: Being engaged in multi-disciplinary treatments, nurses are generally said to be professionals who regularly contact with the patient to take care of patient's responses so that they can effectively take part in patient's intervention and treatment and conveying information effectively to other team members. 

Legal and Ethical Issues Concerned to Nursing

Nurses and other professionals engaged in healthcare generally practice in such an environment which is getting advance in terms of technology, the pressure to cover costs and advances in medical science. Due to such changes, nurses are required to make decisions in which their opinions of experts are different and judgments are uncertain. Some of the legal and ethical challenges in nursing are discussed below by a team of professional providing legal and ethical issues in health care

  • The suitable and best use of social media in relation to their workplace
  • Balance the need to offer patient's care with pressure in order to be more efficient in using resource and time 
  • To deal with workplace conflicts 
  • Cope with staffing shortages

When nurses encounter such legal and ethical issues in nursing at the workplace, they are required to get in touch with their colleagues and supervisors. For instance; if a nurse is working in a hospital setting then the institution's ethics committee can provide in-service training and newsletters with a set of guidelines and rules that can be helpful to deal with certain situations. In such cases, nurses are required to adhere to the key nursing ethical principles.

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