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LW120 - Principles of Business Law Case Study

LW120 - Principles of Business Law Case Study

LW120 - Principles of Business Law Case Study

Business law is also known as Mercantile law, Commercial law, and sometimes, trade law. It is defined as a body of law that applies to the relations, rights, and conduct of businesses or persons related to trade, sales, commerce, etc. Nowadays, the study of business law has become intellectually challenging because of a change in legal puzzles. The programs related to business law prepares you to understand different practice areas which include non-profit law, business transactions, and commercial litigation, and taxes.

In the same way, dealing with business law assignments is often challenging as it requires knowledge about different branches of business law such as contract law, corporate law, property law, tax law, uniform commercial code, intellectual property law, and negotiable instrument law. However, today, our law assignment help will talk about LW120 Principles of Business Law assignments. Read more to find related information, it will certainly help you in writing your answers. 

Scenarios Related to LW120 Principles of Business Law

LW120 Principles of Business Law Assignment

Question 1: Identify the issues and introduce the relevant area of law to the case study.

Question 2: Explain the legal rule(s) and principle(s) of law with reference to relevant precedent case authority(s) appropriate to the case study.

Question 3: Application of the legal rule(s), principle(s) and precedent case authority(s) to analyse the issues in the case study.

Question 4: From the application reach a logical conclusion. Be sure to explain your reasoning for your answer.

Few Requirement For LW120 Principles of Business Law

  • The LW120 Principles of Business Law should not be more than 2000 words. 
  • This assignment is for 30 marks. 
  • Proper use of quote legislation and sections of legislation for the ideas and information collected from different sources.

How to Answer the Questions in the LW120 Principles of Business Law?

The LW120 assignment contains four essential topics, i.e., Issue, Rule, Application, and Conclusion. It is also called a four-step process. Let's read the details defined by our business law assignment experts.

Using the IRAC Rule for Writing the LW120 Assignment Answers

Based on the 4 step process, you must describe issue, rule, application, and conclusion. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Issue: This section underlines the principles to develop and implement a valid contract with respect to question 1. On the basis of the above scenarios, you will come to find that the legality of the promise developed by Justin to Gullie which states that payment of 100000$ is made as a bonus which is also the main cause of the issue. Because Gullie was supposed to get bonus money for her effort by Justin and then Justin rejected that.
  • Rule: Here, you must describe the rule through which the above issues can be solved. Our assignment help experts say that students must have knowledge about Australian Contract Law where it is said that the contract is valid only when meeting the necessary principles and elements. Here, elements in contract refer to offer and acceptance. The next principle of contract law is a consideration. The consideration takes place while entering into the contract. Thus, it becomes important to explain all the elements and principles of contract law relevant to given case scenarios.
  • Application: Based on the elements and principles of contract law, you are required to know whether Gullie can claim for bonus amount from Justin or not. While going through the given scenarios, we come to find that Gullie will be required to prove that the contract made on 2nd December 2013 was valid along with its elements.

    • In the scenario, it is also seen that an offer was made from Justin's end but there is no proof of acceptance from Gullie's part. You will see that a lawful consideration is presented and both the parties agreed to that legal relation but when it comes to a matter of the valid contract, no proper formalities were made such as signature and writing so that contract can be proved as a legal contract. Students will be aware that verbal contracts or confirmation are not termed legally.

  • Conclusion: Writing a conclusion of an assignment includes your final yours comprising the information closeness to the central idea with logical sense precisely. Here, you are required to cover important principles and elements of a valid contract that were not submitted in case of claiming the bonus amount.

Moreover, three more questions should be answered by following the four-step process as described above. If you need any sort of help in writing the rest 3 questions, then don’t worry, Online Assignment Expert is available to help you.

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