Nursing Assignment Sample: GCNNK2 Mrs Grace Case Study

Nursing Assignment Sample: GCNNK2 Mrs Grace Case Study
March 27, 2020

Nursing Assignment Sample: GCNNK2 Mrs Grace Case Study

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Case study assignments are generally solved by students pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate courses. In this blog, we are going to talk about the GCNNK2 nursing case study about Mrs Grace. It is an assignment where students are required to understand the case study first and then answer the asked questions, i.e., written test and multi-choice questions. These tasks require students to have a good knowledge of nursing elements such as chronic, acute, client management, principles, etiological environment, lifestyle factors, microbiological factors, and more. So, let’s go further and read how a nursing assignment writing expert would approach this case study.

Background of the GCNNK2 Mrs Grace Case Study

The aim of this assignment is to develop understanding and knowledge of critical events and their effects on an individual or a group of individuals. The content you should include in this assessment are chronic, acute, psychosocial, rehabilitation, mental, aged, principles and management of clients with consideration to an etiological, environmental, demographic and lifestyle factors, nutritional, psychosocial factors, microbiological involvement, and community nursing care. It also requires documentation forms such as existing documenting systems and more. Additionally, clinical skills are also reinforced by utilising simulated case scenarios.

GCNNK2 Assignment: Tasks 1 & 2

In the GCNNK2 Nursing Knowledge 2 Case Study assessment, there are two main tasks, i.e., written assignment, and online multi-option questions. Our nursing assignments help experts have described these two tasks below:

TASK 1: Written Assessment

Under this task, students are required to write a discussion paper of 2000 words. The paper should be drafted as per Mrs Grace’s case study and should also include at least 10 literature support.

Case Scenario Example –

GCNNK2 nursing assignment case scenario

nursing assignment task case scenario

nursing case study assignment case scenario

What Type of Issues Do Students Need to Address?

While writing the discussion paper, students must address a few issues in their paper such as what questions or information does a nurse need? Explain the problem of a patient aiming at pathophysiological issues, and more. However, let’s know the types of issues that should be addressed in the GCNNK2 Nursing Knowledge 2 Case Study assessment.

  • Describe the different types of data that can deviate from normal findings. Also, suggest why further investigation is needed?
  • Elaborate the pharmacokinetics of the suggested medications and their indications.
  • Determine the two nursing diagnoses that require instantaneous interventions and explain the appropriate patient’s nursing management and assessments of the nursing management plans.
  • Explain the management of nursing to the given medication in the ED, its effect, side effects, and contraindication, with the patient’s age.
  • Give detailed information you would like to convey with the patient and the ways you will follow to educate them about Mrs Grace Medication and effects.

TASK 2: Online Multi-choice Test

Apart from the written assessments, you will also have to deal with an online multi-choice test related to medication and calculating medication. This optional question test can vary for each student. Each question is selected randomly from a set of available questions, thus the answer will also be randomised.

Students finding difficulties in any part of the GCNNK2 Nursing Knowledge 2 Case Study assignment can take avail of our online nursing case study assignment help.

How to write the GCNNK2 Nursing Knowledge 2 Case Study Assignment?

The nursing assignments help professionals suggest elaborating the required abnormal data for future investigation and other information that a nurse should ask the patient. Additionally, identify the two different nursing diagnoses which require instant interventions and explain the nursing management that is relevant to a patient.

You can also explain the following:

  • Pharmacokinetics to the given medications along with supporting literature
  • Nursing management against the suggested medication, its effect, side-effects by using a peer-reviewed evidence-based literature
  • Explain the information and details that to be shared with the patient and the ways in which a patient will be educated in terms of interaction and regular medication

All the above-given practices should be based on Mrs Grace's intervention. In case, if you need further details about this nursing case study assignment, contact us. Our assignment help experts are here to guide with all the steps including critical analysis, structure, sequence, source, and formatting that are important in the process of writing a GCNNK2 nursing knowledge assignment. So, do visit Online Assignment Expert today to know more about our academic services.

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