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PICO Model - Definition and Example - Everything You Need to Know

PICO Model - Definition and Example - Everything You Need to Know
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Nursing is a broad discipline to study. Every year, a large number of students get enrolled for several courses, such as healthcare, aged care, child care, Medicare, clinical research, etc. During these courses, they study several models, concepts, and techniques that are helpful to be a nursing professional and PICO model is one of them. Students are also required to write PICO Model assignments which can be quite difficult for students. In case, if you too are a student and assigned with PICO model assignments then you might require nursing assignment help. Finding nursing assignment help in Australia is quite challenging as several assignment help service providers are available who make fake promises. But don’t worry, we, at Online Assignment Expert, are available with the world’s best nursing assignment help where you get instant help in writing PICO model assignments. However, there are many things to be taken care of while writing PICO Model assignments. Some essential information is discussed below.

Introduction to PICO MODEL

As per our experts providing evidence-based nursing assignment help in Australia, the PICO model is a technique that is used in evidence-based practices to identify and answer questions in terms of a particular problem of a patient which helps clinically that are relevant for evidence. The determining process is a relevant response to the doubt which generally takes place in the patient care based on the ways in which we create the related parts of this methodology. This suggested form is called as PICO. PICO stands for:
  • P – Patient/ Problem/ Population
  • I – Intervention/Exposure/Prognostic Factor
  • C – Comparison
  • Outcome
As per the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM), "The important skill needed for practising Evidence-Based Medicine is the asking of appropriate clinical questions. These questions should be relevant to the problem of patients as well as how you search and precise your answers. This will help not only patients but also the clinicians. However, the clinical foreground questions are based on the 4 components that are discussed below by our evidence-based nursing assignment help experts. Generally, the PICO model can be seen as a tool which helps in forming and concentrating on the foreground question in the form of a searchable query. Let’s understand these things in detail.
  • Patient – Here, you think about how to describe patients similar to yourself. For example age, gender, condition, or disease.
  • Intervention – Discuss the types of intervention, exposure, and prognostic factor to be considered. For example screening test, diagnostic, drug, or any other treatment.
  • Comparison – This section mainly deals with the key alternatives to deal with intervention. The best examples can be standard therapy, the gold standard, no treatment, placebo, etc.
  • Outcome – What are the possible hope to undertake to improve, measure, or affect.

Clinical Questions and Study Design

You must know that the two key elements for building clinical questions are the foreground question and methodology. The methodology is sometimes also called the type of study. The information discussed below by our experts providing help in PICO framework nursing research information will surely help focus the question and find the most related type of evidence. clinical questions Our assignment helps Australian experts categorise foreground questions into the diagnosis, therapy, prognosis, and etiology/harm. For example –
  • Therapy: Treatment questions to accomplish the desired result. It includes surgical intervention, drugs, counselling, change in diet, etc.
  • Diagnosis: Identifying questions concerned to patient’s disorder that presents with a particular symptom.
  • Prognosis: Progression questions of a likelihood of a disease or disease taking place.
  • Etiology/Harm: Negative impact of the questions from exposure or the intervention.
Having knowledge of the background and foreground question types might assist you in choosing the best study design for the chosen question. You must always look for the type of study design that yields the maximum evidence. In order to create a most effective search strategy, you may know about the PICO worksheet discussed below by our nursing assignment help experts. It generally includes identifying:
  • Limitations
  • Type of study
  • Synonyms or keywords
  • database/s to be searched
The important components of PICO are discussed below: important components of PICO model If you find anything confusing or want to know more about the PICO Model, then you may reach to us immediately. We, at Online Assignment Expert, are known for providing the world’s best assignment help in Australia for students pursuing nursing courses. However, the services and benefits we provide are discussed below.
  • Subject matter experts – Our experts providing nursing assignment help to scholars are well-versed with the PICO Model. They have adequate knowledge of systematic reviews, critically-appraised topics, randomised controlled trials, cohort studies, case-control studies, etc. Additionally, they have written over hundreds of PICO Model assignments, thus, they know the exact requirements of the assignments and well-versed with the skills to write them.
  • Use of PICO Tools – In order to effectively complete the assignment, we make use of appropriate PICO tools such as Educational Prescriptions Table, PICO Linguist, and Evidence-Based Practice: PICO method, and PICO and Search Query Worksheet.
  • Discount offers – Availing assignment help in Australia with us ensure for a discount offer. With us, you will several discounts offers available depending on the type of assignment, length of the assignment, deadline, etc. Some of the popular discount offers are seasonal discount, instant discount, bulk order discount, festive discounts, etc.
  • Get samples – Most of the times, students get fail to complete their PICO Model assignments. The reasons can be like insufficient time, lack of knowledge, etc. No matter what the issues are, just avail assignment help Australia with us and get a chance to download samples for your assignment.
  • Proofreading and editing – Along with all the above, we offer help in proofreading and editing of your assignment. This service is the best fit for scholars who have already written their assignment and need someone to check if the assignment has some sort of error.
  • Enjoy free revisions – Placing an order with us not only assists in writing, proofreading, and editing assignment but you also get unlimited free revisions. You can let us know the changes to be made.
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