What is Rolfe's Framework For Reflective Practice?

What is Rolfe's Framework For Reflective Practice?
December 26, 2020

What is Rolfe's Framework For Reflective Practice?

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What is Rolfe's Framework For Reflective Practice?

Just like Kolb's reflective learning cycle, Donald Schon's theory of reflective practice, GIBBS reflection cycle, Rolfe’s framework is a type of reflective cycle and reflective practice. In previous blogs, we have learned about John's Model of Reflection, Donald Schon Theory of Reflective Practice, and more. Today, our experts have planned to let you know enough detail about Rolfe's framework for reflective practice.

In nursing, it has been seen that universities assign assessments based on Rolfe's framework for reflective practice. Writing assignments for this reflective practice cannot be easy even it just focuses on three questions such as - 

  • What?
  • So What?
  • Now What?

Being a student, you must know that Rolfe's framework for reflective practice revolves around these three questions. In this blog, we along with our best assignment help experts have tried to let you know all the things that are useful in writing reflective practices assignments. 

Rolfe reflective model (2010)

Rolfe's framework comes with the goodness of straightforwardness and simplicity. In this model, you are generally required to answer three key questions, as indicated in the below diagram:

rolfe reflective model

The above-discussed three stages of the Rolfe Reflective Cycle model generally ask you to consider, what happened, the occurrence implications, and future conduct consequences. This model is cyclic and suggests a set of questions that may flow from the first three; all these can be used to improve reflective thinking and insulate all the important elements of the situation so that they can be understood in detail. 


This element of the Rolfe et. al reflective practice framework is related to explaining the occurrence or event that is being reflected upon and describing the self-awareness of an individual.


  • Was your role in the creating situation?
  • Were you planning to achieve?
  • Different actions were done to achieve them?
  • Responses do you get from other people?
  • Were the results?
  • Feelings were elicited?

So what?

Another element of Rolfe reflective practice is so what. Under this aspect, you come to analyse the situation and evaluate the conditions that have been addressed.

So what:

  • Does it tell about you and your relationships with student/s?
  • Was your thinking process and how you acted?
  • Possible methods might be bought into action during the situation?
  • Different approaches have to be produced be deal with that situation?
  • Have you learned from that particular situation?

Now what?

The third element of Rolfe's framework for reflective practice is “now what”, which is related to synthesising insights and information. It mainly considers the actions that can be identified and used in the future in case if a similar situation occurs.

Now what:

  • Identify the things that need change or improvement? 
  • Do support from others needed?
  • What you have learned from that situation?

Evaluation of the Rolfe Model by Our Nursing Assignment Experts

Our experts providing the best assignment help in Australia have evaluated the Rolfe Model in this section. Let’s have a look at it.

The key benefit of the Rolfe Framework for Reflective Practice is its clarity and simplicity. Reflective frameworks need to be useful and easily accessible to its user and may give meaningful results. However, if Rolfe Model is applied to three core questions, then a complete inventory for that situation is reflected upon may not occur, and the understanding produced as the outcome might tend to descriptive and simplistic.

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