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SITXMGT002 Establish and Conduct Business Relationships Assessment Answer

SITXMGT002 Establish and Conduct Business Relationships Assessment Answer

SITXMGT002 Establish and Conduct Business Relationships Assessment Answer

Students enrolled in management studies in an Australian college require dealing with several units and assessment and the most important is the SITXMGT002 Establish and Conduct Business Relationship assessment. This unit and its assignments are covered by the students studying Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management, Diploma of Hospitality Management, Diploma of Venue Management, and more. If you are a student and writing the SITXMGT002 assessment answer on your own, then you may have to be well-versed with the requirements of the assignment, and have adequate skills like writing, reading, numeracy, oral communication, initiative, and problem-solving.

The SITXMGT002 assessment includes a task like writing a report (1500 words). To prepare a report, you will be given a case scenario. Therefore, being a writer you must first read the scenario and understand the requirement and process to be followed to write a report. In case, if you find any type of difficulties, then contact Online Assignment Expert. However, before doing this, let’s have a look at the important details of SITXMGT002 assignment.

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SITXMGT002 assessment report sample

Important Points To Consider In Sitxmgt002 Assignment

Writing a report based on a case study or case scenario is one of the most difficult tasks because of specific parameters, gathering materials, sorting materials, writing, editing, refining, etc. However, our experts have listed a few steps that can be helpful in completing your SITXMGT002 assessment. 

  • Identify the potential business relationships with dealers, customers, organizers, and government bodies
  • Explain the benefits accumulated from the relationships made with suppliers, customers, organisers, and government. 
  • Include enough supporting evidence for your argument. 
  • Follow the appropriate structure such as introduction, methodology, results/ findings, recommendations, conclusions, and references.

assignment structure

Source: RMIT University

Hopefully, following the above steps will help you in writing your report. In addition to these, you may have the knowledge of following elements; performance evidence, knowledge evidence, and fulfill assessment conditions.

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They are as followed –

  • Performance evidence

a) You must show the ability to complete the report before the deadline meeting all the requirements of the task:

b) Develop, conduct, and manage business relationships including minimum two of the following:

  • Cooperative partner with organisation
  • Contractor
  • Customer
  • Networks
  • Supplier

c) You may require conducting formal negotiations and succeed in contracts and agreements. Provide at least two relationships developed above that are appropriate to a particular business context

d) Make proper use of relationship building skills and high-level communication while conducting formal negotiations.

  • Knowledge evidence

a) Present your understanding and knowledge to write reports as per the performance and elements given for this assessment.

b) You will be required to interact with suppliers and customers. It consisted of cooperative promotions, association membership, informal social occasions, industry functions, social media, and regular programs for telephone contact. c) Explain what are the negotiation principles? What are the stages of the negotiating process? What are the negotiation techniques?

d) Illustrated the contact law components such as:

1) Terms and obligations of contract

2) Methods of contractual agreement

3) Dispute resolution clause

4) Exclusion clauses

5) Termination of contracts

  • Assessment Criteria

a) You may present your skills demonstrating the knowledge of:

1) Workplace of a business and

2) Simulated environment within the industry

b) Include materials supporting the negotiation process:

1) Key performance pointers

2) Statistics and facts

3) Market information

How to Structure the SITXMGT002 Establish and Conduct Business Relationships Assessment?

Whenever you are asked to write an assignment whether it is essays, dissertations, research papers, or reports, it is expected to submit an extensive research paper. The first thing you need to do before writing a report is to decide whether you are going to write an analytical or informational report. Both the reports require skills like writing and analytical thinking. Along with this, you must include the following section while writing SITXMGT002: Establish and Conduct Business Relationship assessment.

Structure of a Report

Title Page:

The title page of a report generally includes the title of the report, complete details of the writer and the person for whom it is prepared, and submission date.


An abstract is an important element of a report. Many people are interested in reading the abstract instead of the whole report. Therefore, the abstract of a report should provide complete overview information to readers. The abstract should not be longer than 10% of your assignment. If you facing issues in writing abstract for SITXMGT002 assessment, focus on the following:

  • Include a short overview of what you are going to do in your report
  • It should be specific, complete, and concise, so that it could be easy to understand
  • Propose recommendations for managers based on the result.


Introduction should include a hook that attracts the reader’s attention and let the readers know “why the report is being written?” An introduction may:

  • Explain the background of the report
  • State the reasons behind writing the report
  • Specify the scope as well as limitations
  • Illustrate the methods you have used to collect information
  • Let the readers know “how are you going to present the information?”

SITXMGT002 assignment introduction sample


This is a place where you are required to explain everything in detail such as purpose, observations, interviews, theories, etc. You may remember that each paragraph should start with a new idea that should be relevant to the central theme of the report. For example –

SITXMGT002 assessment answer


Conclusion is a summarisation of the key points of a report that you have discussed in your introduction. In this section, you may include:

  • A brief overview of your findings, observations, and analyses
  • Remind what you have discovered, what you have researched, problems and implications 
  • Avoid including new ideas

SITXMGT002 assessment conclusion sample


Recommendation is just like an action plan. You may describe the steps or propose solutions for issues so that it can be resolved easily in the future. The solution should be based on your findings and outcomes. The recommendations of a report should be realistic. In case, if you are unable to write this section, hire Online Assignment Experts. 

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