Top 10 Universities in Canada for Someone Who Wants to Study Nursing

Find the Best Nursing Universities in Canada
June 08, 2022

Top 10 Universities in Canada for Someone Who Wants to Study Nursing

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Top 10 Universities in Canada for Someone Who Wants to Study Nursing

Nursing is a well-recognized occupation in Canada, with numerous advantages after graduation. There has been a growth in the number of health professionals with a high level, and more nurses are being encouraged to pursue their profession wholeheartedly. If you desire to study nursing as an undergraduate or postgraduate student, the universities listed below provide excellent nursing programs in Canada. Moreover, additional academic assistance can be accessed at Canada's nursing assignment help. Professional experts provide perhaps the best opportunities to reach the top of their nursing courses under Assignment Help Canada guidance.

Nursing in Canada: How Much Does It Cost and How Long Does It Take?

When you consider the whole cost of living and learning in the country of your choice, studying abroad is usually a massive accomplishment. Studying for a nursing program in Canada requires a lot more, and the cost of education will vary greatly depending on the sort of course you choose and the university you attend. Others universities charge more for international students than others, and some provide scholarships and other student assistance to help you pay for your education. Tuition and living expenses for a bachelor's degree in nursing in Canada would cost around CAD $40,000 per year. As we understand your budget limitations, Nursing assignment help in Canada strives to offer pocket-friendly academic services.

Nursing schools in Canada last roughly four years for undergraduate courses, and you'll learn how to work as a nurse practitioner throughout that time. You can also get any assistance from the Assignment Help Canada team. The period of postgraduate courses might range from one to two years. It's vital to keep in mind that the length of your nursing degree is mostly determined by the form of the university you attend and the programs available.

Ultimately, for many people, studying for a nursing degree in Canada is a dream come true since you will enjoy and obtain a high-quality education from the universities. Still, you will also have a fantastic work placement if you begin your nursing practice in Canada after graduation. You may want to consider which type of nursing specialty you want to pursue as a profession due to regional limitations.

  • University of Toronto - The University of Toronto is one of Canada's major universities, with various degree courses, including nursing. The University of Toronto provides a variety of nursing degrees, including a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing, and Nurse Practitioner Diploma, to name a few. Students begin by learning about health assessment, social competence, and rehabilitative skills as part of an introduction to nursing practice. The skills learned in this course can be applied in various clinical situations. Pathophysiology and pharmacotherapeutics, public health, child and family care, and childbearing individuals are topics covered by nursing students in the curriculum. The university's nursing school was placed 2nd among nursing programs in the QS World University Rankings. The cost of tuition is estimated to be around $51,660.00.
  • University of Alberta - The University of Alberta is yet another old institution that is also one of Canada's finest universities. Its medical college offers a variety of bachelor's and postgraduate nursing courses and degrees. Foundations of anatomy and physiology for nurses, medical cell biology for medical professionals, participation in a health care context, indigenous wellness in Canada, statistics and strategic leadership, mental health and wellbeing in nursing, and more are among the courses offered in the BScN degree nursing education programs. Domestic students pay $6,207.60 in tuition, while international students pay $25,978.40.
  • Université de Montréal - This is yet another top-ranked Canadian university with excellent nursing education programs. In the QS Globe Universities ranking for Nursing Schools worldwide, this university's nursing faculty is ranked 51-100. Language can be a concern for overseas students interested in studying nursing at the University of Montreal because the courses are taught in French. You must be able to speak the language before you can even begin your studies. International students should expect to pay between $1,195 to $8,186 per session in tuition.
  • The University of Western Ontario - It is a state university in Canada that is home to some of the greatest nursing colleges in the country. Graduates of nursing school can pursue their profession anywhere in the world. The tuition charge for international students at the University of Western Ontario is around $39,836.00, whereas the fee for domestic students is $6,050.00.
  • McMaster University - It is a Canadian university in Hamilton, Ontario. In 2018, the nursing school was ranked 19th in the world by QS. Nursing programs and certificates are available at the university. Introduction to nursing practice, determinants of health, psychology, neurology and psychology, human biochemistry, human anatomy and physiology, and other courses are included in the first-year nursing course. Students study nutrients and metabolic activity, clinical reasoning, and advanced nursing topics in years three and four.
  • University of British Columbia - The University of British Columbia is a public university in Canada home to one of the country's best nursing schools. Undergraduate and postgraduate nursing courses are available at the university. All nursing coursework is accomplished in years three and four and a summer term for a five-term BScN program (20 consecutive months of study). Theoretical and professional foundations for nursing practice, basic principles of pharmacogenetics for nursing practice, the health impact of global warming, theoretical frameworks in healthcare: people affected by mental health struggles and their communities, leadership, strategy, and informatics, promoting the health of indigenous peoples, and more are among the topics covered in the courses.
  • McGill University - The nursing school's arm was established in 1920 at this Montreal university, and since then, it has produced prominent and highly skilled specialists. The McGill School of Nursing provides a variety of courses and programs for undergrads, including the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN), Bachelor of Nursing (Integrated), and master's programs and professional nursing studies. Many nursing enthusiasts find several courses in this complicated nursing program difficult; that is why we provide exceptional Assignment Help Canada services.
  • University of Ottawa - The University of Ottawa is yet another renowned Canadian university with one of the most prestigious nursing schools. The university's courses and programs are offered in both French and English. It is the world's largest multilingual institution, according to reports. The nursing school at this university is part of the faculty of Health Sciences, and it provides bachelor's, master's, diploma, and nurse practitioner courses.
  • Kingston's Queen's University - Queen’s University in Kingston is a historic public institution that opened its doors in 1841 and has since provided several approved courses to its students. Undergraduate, diploma, and additional postgraduate nursing programs are available at the university.
  • The University of Calgary - It is another prominent Canadian institution that provides one of the best quality nursing degrees. Even though it is not as ancient as most institutions on this ranking, it offers a wide range of recognized courses and programs. In Calgary, Canada, the nursing school offers undergraduate and graduate nursing degrees.

Nursing Course Objectives Points

To choose the best university, you must visit these universities' websites and do your homework before taking the big step. It is also advised to take academic assistance from Nursing Assignment Help in Canada to gain familiarity with learning approaches to nursing inquiries.

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