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Top 20 Great Music Industry Dissertation Topics

Top 20 Great Music Industry Dissertation Topics

Top 20 Great Music Industry Dissertation Topics

“Music has a healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours”.       – Elton John

Music is such a soothing and creative field, and we all know it. While students who take up music as their field of study, they are required to prepare a great research paper on the music topics. Picking one that is an impressive topic amongst hoards of music industry dissertation topics is not an easy deal. Having said that, if you have tied your shoelace and you are all set to face the challenges of what may come, you can easily cope up with any obstacle coming your way. All you need is expert help and some handy tips. So, that’s why, your personal assignment genie, Online Assignment Expert is right here at your service!

First things first. The most important thing before starting with the music dissertation is to choose that best topic, which will be zeroed down on the basis of the theme of your academic writing. Choose that particular topic which you think is popular, interesting and will influence the final mark for your work. To help you all out who are currently reading this blog, I have listed 20 most interesting music industry dissertation topics from which you can choose what suits you. Here you go!

Top 20 Great Music Industry Dissertation topics

There are a plethora of music dissertation topics which you can choose from, but which one to pick is the biggest task of all time. It is always suggested to pick the one that resonates with your interest the most. Before picking music dissertation topics, you must see if it relates to you the way you perceive music. It is always a great idea to pick the one that helps you in digging the field more and portray your opinion in the best manner. In the end, the topic you have zeroed down in must be beneficial for you and be in compliance with the university guidelines for your dissertation. Below I have mentioned 20 top music industry dissertation topics from which you can choose that suit you:

  • What is the role of popular music in transforming conflict?
  • What are the essential skills of an opera singer?
  • What is the role of music and culture in a digital future?
  • What are the positive effects of music on the health of people?
  • What is the impact of the internet on the music world?
  • What are the effects of piracy on the music industry?
  • What is the influence of music talent shows on the music industry?
  • Write an analysis of the green movement in live music.
  • Describe the copyright law in the music industry.
  • What are the different motivations that musicians have towards performing live?
  • How music is marketed to the general audience? How is the data collected and used to promote, sell, and advertise to their intended market?
  • How does technology help create, develop, and market the music we love today?
  • What is the impact of music talent shows on the music industry? Positive or negative, explain in detail.
  • What are the factors that contribute to gaining a major record label?
  • Explore the idea of integrating music education with other subjects that help in improving learning.
  • Analyse the origin of popular music pedagogy.
  • What is the basis of Indian classical music? Identify and explain in detail.
  • Assess the historical and cultural development of different music styles.
  • What is the impact of digital recording technology on the music industry?
  • Comparison of music eras that had the best music content ever.

Things to consider while choosing music dissertation topics

There are many things that you need to consider while choosing the best-suited music dissertation topic for yourself. Many of you reading this would know which theme you will choose for your paper writing, while there might be others who have no clue what they will be doing. Below are some of the factors that must hover over your mind, which will help you in assessing the most interesting music dissertation topic. All the below-mentioned pointers are suggested by our assignment help professionals.

So, let’s take a look:

  • Make sure that your personal interest is there - It is the foremost thing to consider that the topic you finally choose must be of your interest. You won’t be able to give your 100% if the topic doesn’t interest you. Why shall you stop your choice on something boring if you can choose a topic that is so pleasant to deal with?
  • Make sure that the topic interests your audience as well - Imagine if the topic you have chosen is interesting to you but not to a major chunk of your readership, then there is no point writing a dissertation on such a topic, right? In such a case, it won’t impress your readers and you don’t want this. Try to find a compromise between your own interest and the interest of other people for creating excellent term paper topics.
  • Ensure that the topic can be explained and illustrated - It is always suggested to pick a topic that your readers like and if you want that to happen, you shall first make them understand it. It is quite logical that the easier it is to imagine, to visualize, and to illustrate the information, the faster your listeners can understand what you are trying to say. Make it simple and easy to understand.
  • Does your topic have an emotional annotation to it? - The emotional aspect of any topic many times attracts the readers. Before choosing any music dissertation topic, as yourself the above question as to if your topic has an emotional annotation attached to it. There is no denying that emotions are significant for effective communiqué and hence, helps in making the dissertation message manifold powerful. 
  • Make sure that the topic is not that common - While making sure that all the pointers are checked, you must also ensure that the topic you finally choose is not that common. It must not happen that the target auditory reads the same stuff over and over again, which would make them bored. It is a logical thing that if your dissertation topic is unusual and intriguing, it will help in attracting the readers. 

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