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Top 20 Architecture Dissertation Topics

Top 20 Architecture Dissertation Topics
Talk about a fascinating area of study. Many of you would agree that there is no field of study as captivating as that of architecture. A mere thought of the fact that planning, designing, and constructing pretty physical spaces and bringing it all live attractively is so excellent. While studying, it is important for every student, no matter which university he/she belongs to, the dissertation has to be written as a part of their module. And then comes various Architecture Dissertation Topics and to decide which one to choose is a tough task. Nonetheless, Online Assignment Expert has got your back with their subject matter experts who will help you out effectively with the best dissertation help ever.  There is no denying that searching and picking the best of the best architecture dissertation topics can be a challenge. And so, I have created some of them for you in this blog. Yes, that’s what you read! In this blog, the mentioned topics will give you a broad spectrum to choose from to write that perfect paper. So, let’s start.

Top 20 Architecture Dissertation Topics

Modern Architecture Dissertation Topics

  • A detailed review of multicultural architecture in the urban landscape.
  • What are the fashions of ecological technology in residential constructions?
  • Talk about the development of commercial projects for IoT.
  • Evaluate the designs in municipal constructions.
  • What are the creative designs in the modern era?
  • How to maximise resources and spaces with user-friendliness?
  • How about the minimalist design in tight areas?
  • Methods of mitigating damage from a natural disaster
  • What are the methods and techniques of pre-fabricated design?
  • What are the features of portable housing units? Explain in detail.

Architectural Technology Dissertation Topics

  • What is the significance of project management in relation to architectural technology to make sure that architectural projects are smoothly being carried out?
  • Draw the comparison of the use of building guidelines and principles in various countries all over the globe. Now, describe as to what does this impact on architectural technology.
  • Talk about various ways in which different construction ways have become more or less popular over a period of time. What are the reasons that have enhanced the admiration of these methods?
  • To what extent have computer-aided design programs changed the way in which architectural technology is used when designing and building structures?
  • What is the use of environmental technologies in more than 21st-century architectural technology?
  • Talk about all the positive impacts that have taken place recently as a result of the use of architectural technology?

Sustainable Architecture Topics

  • What are the applications of hemp in building structure?
  • Talk about the retrofitting inefficiency with existing buildings.
  • What about the construction of building in response to climate change?
  • Explain about micro-construction for the future.
  • Creating Self Sufficient Structures
  • Calculating Solar Panel Output with Planning
  • Determining Optimal Insulation R-Values
  • Principles of Net Zero Design
  • Reducing A Structure’s Carbon Footprint
  • Heating and Cooling Systems with Renewable Energy

Things to keep in mind to hone your academic performance

Below are some of the pointers that you all must keep in mind while writing on any of the modern architecture dissertation topics or interior architecture dissertation topics:
  • It is very significant to get all the relevant data or details of the subject to enhance your knowledge before starting with the dissertation.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is to formulate the research question to set in motion with the existing data.
  • Thirdly, it is vital to be more explanatory and use detailed method to explain the research question on which your dissertation is based.
  • Make sure that there is proper guidance over the methods to ensure that things work properly. 
  • Looking out for the best and the most appropriate method of data analysis. 
  • A perfect conclusion that makes sure that the data collected and mentioned in the dissertation properly answer the topic in question.
  • Make sure that the language used is in the best manner. It is also to be noted that language is the most productive tool as a writer. So, it is imperative to pick the right words and sentences to make your writing valuable and effective. 
  • Make sure that the entire dissertation is clear. In order to make your dissertation a blockbuster, your writing must be clearer and easily understandable by writers. It is important that you must represent your point of view in a way that is clearly understood by the readers. 
  • It is important in order to make your work more effectual and perfect. It is also inclusive of the fact that proofreading is to be carefully done, which is reading the article thoroughly to correct all the technical or grammatical mistakes in your paper.  

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