What Are Some Examples Of Evidence-Based Practices In Nursing?

Examples Of Evidence-Based Practices In Nursing
March 11, 2022

What Are Some Examples Of Evidence-Based Practices In Nursing?

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What Are Some Examples Of Evidence-Based Practices In Nursing?

Evidence-based practice is the method of procurement, analysing, and applying findings to mend clinical practice, the workplace, or clinical outcomes (EBP). As per the ANA, nursing interventions ought to be realistic, rational decisions depending on EBP research training. Using the EBP level of nursing practice, one may give patients the best and most cost-effective care. In this post, our experts who provide evidence-based nursing assignment assistance look at the basic criteria and a few examples of EBP in connection to nursing research.

Is it a trend now? Let's Understand!

Since its first inception in 1992, EBP has gained traction as a holistic approach to clinical practice. It began in medicine and has now moved to nurse, psychology, and education. Currently, research findings account for 55% of all nursing practises. According to ANA, EBP research findings will inform 90% of nursing practice by 2020.

If you include the latest knowledge from newly introduced EBP studies, you can put the current techniques to the test. When fresh study facts and conclusions become available, nurses engaged in EBP will compare actual clinical and professional practices with new research facts and outcomes.

Nurses need to become adept in analysing multiple kinds of EBP research to accomplish the 2020 target as they give useful, significant, and verified validations for nursing activities. You become a positive change agent and a role model when you implement this new information into your clinical practice and job domains. To develop and boost the fundamental components of your function and work environment, share your findings with your healthcare team.

Knowing Where To Look

EBP research can be found in scholarly solitary or peer-reviewed publications, which nurses can access. Nursing research is conducted by different national and state nursing organisations, such as the American Nurses Association (ANA). The National Institute of Nursing Research is noted for conducting thorough research studies that strengthen the nursing practises of scientific foundation, improve palliative and hospice care, and guide illness, treatment, prevention, and creative management.

Many universities, schools, and professional nursing schools research and disseminate the results in newsletters, websites, and scholarly journals. Always keep an eye out for new study discoveries relevant to your career. Also, you can connect with experts who have been providing nursing assignment help for scholars pursuing nursing degrees in Australia.

If you find areas that need improvement in particular job functions or workplace culture, consider gaining the necessary institutional authorisation and undertaking your official research project. Geriatric, hospice care, or long-term care sceneries, home care, substance misuse programmes, and risk management are the few areas where evidence-based practice research can be undertaken. It may help assess social interactions, enhance patient safety, remediate environmental issues that affect health, boost life quality, explore healthcare economic issues, develop theories, and address benchmarking needs to enhance health outcomes and the workplace culture.

Key Elements To Keep In Mind While Evaluating EBP Nursing Research Studies

If you are a student pursuing nursing courses in Australia and asked to evaluate evidence-based practice for your nursing assignment, then you must focus on these four major elements:

  • Validity — the study's validity, accuracy, and soundness in all areas 
  • Reliability — the consistency of a measurement's outcome 
  • Validity — the study's validity, accuracy, and soundness in all areas 
  • Outcome — the conclusions obtained as a result of the study procedure.

Suppose the study's outcome does not display consistency, accuracy, or significance. In that case, it may not be acceptable to utilise the study's outcome to implement changes in current methods that have a proven history of performance, positive outcomes, and convenience. If the study findings are reputable, dependable, and relevant to your profession or patient group, you should consider incorporating them into your current clinical practice. Poor outcomes are more likely if EBP isn't used to guide nursing care.

Now, Let's Discuss Few EBP Examples In Nursing 

Evidence-based nursing practice is among the most fundamental elements in medicine. This is the medical practice founded on sound research and follows safe and high-quality standards while concentrating on the patient's needs. That's why EBP is commonly taught in RN to BSN programmes.

Few examples of Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

As per the evidence-based nursing assignment help experts, there could be several examples of EBP. Some are highlighted below:

  1. Infection Control - A care facility infection is the last factor a patient looks for when they come for treatment. Nurses have an essential role in preventing illness through evidence-based infection-control protocols. Protective equipment, cleaning the medical environment, washing hands properly, and utilising barrier precautions are examples of this. Even though nurses are overworked, the time spent handling septicity is well worth it.
  2. Providing Oxygen to COPD patients - When it comes to providing oxygen to COPD patients, nurses must be aware of evidence-based nursing practice to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their patients. Many think that providing oxygen to COPD patients leads to certain complications such as hypercarbia, acidosis, or death. Organ collapse and hypoxia can be avoided using this procedure.
  3. Assessing Blood Pressure in Children - As accurate readings are important for effective care, it becomes important for nurses to monitor blood pressure says the EBP. The way in which the blood pressure of children is measured generally differs from those of adults' blood pressure. Children's blood pressure is rated through the auscultatory method and then compared to collected data.
  4. Intravenous Catheter Size and Blood Administration - When utilising intravenous tubes to donate blood for compact red blood cell transfusions, nurses must follow EBP (PRBC). According to the policy, nurses should utilise a smaller-gauge catheter to maximise patient comfort.

Apart from the above, the EBP can be used in a few other areas – Soft skills that increase patient engagement, communication regarding changes in a medical illness, Shift schedule and its impact on care, and new nurse education and integration. If you still want to know more about the EBP, examples can connect to our nursing assignment help professionals.

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