What is Configuration Management?

What is Configuration Management
October 10, 2022

What is Configuration Management?

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What is Configuration Management?

Every person in this universe is using a smartphone, so tell us something, when your phone is updating a new system or configuration, how do you feel at that time? It might sound stupid, but if your phone takes around eight to ten minutes to update the new configuration of your phone and your mobile phone is your whole life, then you can understand the pain, and nothing feels stupid then. Indeed, not every person is a fan of mobile phones, but dear student, in whatever generation you are, you are a part of the electronic gadget fandom. Wherever you look, you'll find at least a pair talking about the new and updated configurations of smartphones, computers, laptops, or probably any other electronic device.

There is no wonder in believing why mobile phones are your lifeline. You can get the solutions in a few clicks if you need anything, from getting a doctor's appointment online to getting management assignment help assistance. The device in your hand is really handy. However, there are constant updates in its configurations that help in supporting and making life easier.

"Falling in Love" the Smartphones Imply

Are you one of those who can't step out of your room without having your smartphone in your hand? If yes, this signified example is for you, and you'll understand it easily. If, with each passing day, your addiction to your smartphone is increasing, wherever you go, wherever you go, if you think something is missing and that thing is your mobile phone, then how come it isn't a love story?

This invention has made your life more accessible thanks to the multiple applications you can install on your phone. Because now, all you have to do is carry your phone everywhere. Whether you are bored, you can use social media; you must pay someone; there are UPI applications, or you want to check how many calories you have burnt; there is software for that too. So, when you get everything with the smooth touch of your fingers, why can't you call it as you are in love with your smartphone? After all, it is taking care of all your things.

However, when you are using your phone too much, it requires charging. Now, when it comes to charging your phone, not every phone charger can be attached to it. If you own an iPhone and forgot its charger at home, you must find a person who uses an iPhone to charge your phone. The struggle of finding the perfect charger for you is because of the configurations with which your phone's charging point is made. Because of the same configuration, you can't use an android charger to charge your iPhone.

Moreover, if you have understood the highlighted part about configuration, then let's see what new we have for you in the following words.

Configuration Management Definition

According to Wikipedia, Configuration management (CM) is a systems engineering process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product's performance, functional, and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life."

Understand it this way, suppose there is a company that sells a product. Wherever they make a sale, they must register the details; however, every single time when they make a sale, they won't be doing the manual task of filing the details. They can use configuration management to save time on some repetitive tasks in a firm. This system also ensures that the required changes in business are approved and documented.

As you know, constant updates are critical because a slight negligence case can cost many companies. So, modern software configuration management has built-in store, track, monitor, and implement changes time-to-time. The alteration in any configuration management software happens without disturbing the overall configuration and baseline. Also, various application systems are applied to the same, such as software, applications, networking, servers, databases, other storage systems, and operating systems.

Moreover, the configuration management process contains four steps mentioned in the following image.

Configuration Management Processes

Benefits of Configuration Management

As you know, for any firm or organisation, their data is the most crucial thing, and as there is tons of data to be saved and kept secured, several tools are used. Now when it comes to using one such software for configuration management for efficient operation, there are some benefits you must know. Indeed, for you, the most important thing for you is getting management assignment help; however, with your studies, one day, you will be helping a company with this management, and then you will realise the value of excellent configuration management software.

Keep the Data Secured

As mentioned before, their data is the most crucial for any organisation. One of the essential things in an organisation is its employees. There are some portals that the employees of the entire firm use. These tools help keep the data secured in the main server, which can be accessed by every company employee, whether working remotely or from other office locations. Everyone can see one change made by an employee. Moreover, configuration management also provides data security to avoid data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Avoids Information Overload

When a company works on a large scale, an uncountable number of data is registered daily. Whether it is the sales report, pitch decks, or anything else. When a manager or HODs must make plans and decisions for a successful business run, they look at the well-divided reports; as per the requirement of documents and charts, the managers can check the exact data, all thanks to the configuration management. Even after being overloaded with tons of information, it helps managers to avoid confusion and make better business decisions.

Cost Efficient

One of configuration management's most significant benefits is its cost efficiency. Building any new software from scratch takes a lot of money. But as mentioned earlier, the configuration management doesn't affect anything on the baseline, and all the alterations are done with new and essential updates. When a company is intended to stay in the market for decades to come, it must save money and making updates in the existing software is a better cost-efficient way as there is no chance of creating complex and slow situations at work.

Apart from this, there are a few more benefits of configuration management, such as it provides regularity in the devices, helps in creating different portals, making it easier to scale up the business, and also, with configuration management, a business can quickly resolve problems. As we mentioned in the beginning, the upgrade in your phone's configuration makes you wait for a while, but in companies waiting is not an option, which is why their configuration management system and tools are adequate to solve the problem at the earliest.

Wrapping it Up

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