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What Is The Difference Between Article And Essay?

What Is The Difference Between Article And Essay?
In academics, you undergo several assignment projects such as research papers, thesis, dissertations, and many more. There are certain assignments that can be confusing and essay and article papers are commonly misinterpreted. In recent years, it has been analysed that many students have failed to understand them and therefore, we are here with assignment help experts who have described the key difference between article paper and essay.  The assignment writing experts say that articles are often backed by photographs, statistics, reports, and facts, which are not required in an essay, because it is generally said to be fact-based opinion writing. 


An article is generally a piece of paper that is mainly found in websites and/or newspapers. It includes fact-based information for a particular topic. It is generally written to let the reader be aware of the latest information and updates about that topic. Essays are generally a literary work that mainly discusses experiences, ideas, and concepts in a coherent and clear way. Moreover, writing an essay mainly focuses on reflecting the author's personal knowledge, view, and research for a particular topic. Few more details are illustrated below in the form of a comparison chart, definition, and key differences. Let's have a look - 

Definition of Article

An article is described as a form of written paper that is produced either in electronic form or printed one, in journal, magazine, website, or newspaper. It focuses on survey results, conveying news, analysing debates, or analysis. An article mainly targets a group of people to intrigue readers and engage them. Hence, it should be written in such a way that it gains the reader's interest.  An article discusses reports, stories, and describes news, argument, provides facts, offers advice, compares and contrast, express opinion, and more. In an informal and formal manner, depending on the type of readers you have opted for. In order to write the best form of article, you are required to conduct thorough research, so that it may provide authentic and original information to the audience. 

Components of Article

While writing an article, you are required to discuss a few important components such as - 
  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Definition of Essay

An essay is a comprehensive and formal form of literature, where you are required to discuss a topic thoroughly. It generally showcases the writer's knowledge, outlook, and experiences for a specific topic. In other words, it can be termed as a literary work that argues, analyses, and clarifies a topic. The word 'essay' has been taken from the Latin term 'Exegium'. It generally means 'case presentation'. Thus, you are required to describe the causes or reasons for something including analysis, viewpoint, stories, experience, interpretation, or facts while writing an essay. Moreover, you may focus on the intent to inform or convince the audience about what you are discussing. Therefore, it is important to have sound knowledge of the subject in order to describe the concept. If not, you might need essay writing help services. 

Essential Components of the Essay

An essay includes the following components - 
  • title
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • conclusion

Key Differences between Essay and Article

In this section, we have discussed a few points that show the difference between article paper and essay. 
  • The article is referred to as published in newspapers, journals, websites, magazines, or written work, etc. that contains information or news in a particular format, whereas essays are said to be continuous paper writing that is written to convince the readers by providing them facts and information.
  • An essay is termed to be subjective in nature whereas the article is objective. It is because the essay is a research-based opinion based on facts and an article simply discusses the topic. 
  • The tone used in an essay and an article is quite different. For example - The tone you may use while writing an article will be conversational, to make the article understand easily and engage the reader's interest, whereas an essay is written in an analytical and educational tone.
  • In an article, you may include headings, whereas in the essay you write the content in the form of paragraphs without any headings, bullet points, or sections. 
  • The article is drafted with a specific objective, which is to make or inform the readers of something. On the other hand, an essay is generally prepared in the context of a question or assertion. 
  • In the article, you are free to include charts, photographs, statistics, tables, and graphs, whereas in the essay you may not include any charts, photographs, or graphs to support your thesis.
  • References and citations are a must in an essay, but in the article, it is not compulsory. 
In the end, an essay is written to analyse a specific topic by reflecting a complete detail of a person's point of view. On contrary, an article is generally written to let the readers know something through featured stories, reports, products, descriptions, or news. 

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