What Should We Cover In Corporate Finance Assignment?

Topics to Cover in Corporate Finance Assignment
March 22, 2022

What Should We Cover In Corporate Finance Assignment?

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What Should We Cover In Corporate Finance Assignment?

Corporate finance is an area of finance related to how corporations deal with funding, capital structuring, accounting, and investment plans. Corporate finance maximises shareholders' wealth through short- and long-term strategy implementation and financial planning. Everything, including tax planning and capital investment, is part of a company's financial activity.

As a corporate finance student, you should be aware that business finance divisions control and oversee their firms' financial activities and capital economic decisions. Such choices include if to proceed with funding or whether to fund it with debt, equity, or a combination of the two. They also debate whether or not to give dividends to shareholders, and if so, what could be the rate. The finance department manages current obligations, inventory control, and current assets.

However, our corporate finance assignment help experts have discussed a few important details that can help you understand and comprehend your corporate finance assignment.

Certain Important Areas Covered Under Corporate Finance Assignments

Corporate finance is a branch of finance that deals with several terms and concepts such as planning finances, investments, capital raising, capital financing, return of capital, etc. In this section, our experts offering the best finance assignment help have discussed some important topics –

Capital Investments

Capital expenditures are among the tasks of corporate finance. The decision-making and funding process revolves around capital budgeting. It aids in capital expenditure and cash flow forecasting for the given capital projects. It also uses capital budgeting to assess and compare planned investments to expected returns. Moreover, it decides what schemes and plans to include in its capital budget.

Making capital investments have substantial commercial implications. A company's financial status might be jeopardised by poor capital planning, resulting in greater finance costs or insufficient operational capability.

Capital Financing

This corporate finance area is also responsible for getting funds through debt or equity. A company can lend money from banks and other financial institutions. When a company needs a large sum of money for expansion, it may choose to sell assets and distribute the proceeds to stockholders.

Capital financing is described as a juggling act when we talk about deciding on the weights of stock and debt or relative quantities. Excessive reliance on shares can lower profits and value for new investors, while debt might increase the risk of default. Finally, capital finance is responsible for providing the financing needed to complete capital projects.

Short-Term Liquidity

Another corporate finance role is managing short-term finances, which ensures that there is sufficient financing to maintain operations. Short-term financial planning focuses on current assets & liabilities and working capital. A company must meet all of its present liability responsibility on prompt. This requires having sufficient current accessible finances to keep a company's operations running smoothly. Short-term cash management may also require securing further credit lines or issuing government debt as a cash backup.

In addition to the above, corporate finance assignments may also include some typical topics, such as managerial finance, business plan, corporate action, management accounting, etc. Experts providing finance assignment help in Australia have discussed some frequently asked corporate finance topics.

Frequently Topics Covered In Corporate Finance Assignments

Planning finances

This is a topic where comprehensions are used to determine a company's finances. Here, it would help if you dealt with certain things like settling on decisions, plan-of-action, how much finance is required, sources, areas of investment, etc.

Capital raising

This is a crucial stage that emphasises the value of corporate finance. Decisions made here include a review of the four potential funding sources and the company's assets. A corporation may elect to issue debentures, sell shares, issue shares, ask for investment, take bank loans, and obtain enough capital. As a result, it can be said that it has important financial ramifications for liquidity and profit, as it is related to a company's short-term management and funding plans.


Fixed assets or working capital are used for fund investments. Fixed capital is used to fund the acquisition of infrastructure, machinery, buildings, technical advancements, and real estate. In contrast, working capital is necessary for day-to-day activities such as firm operating expenses, raw-material purchases, overheads and bills, and salaries. You may need various data analytics and foresight before raising and giving resources for such projects. Corporations can only raise their funds if they have a quite effective investment plan with a solid ROI. It's a crucial stage in the process since it involves outstanding asset development and coordination, which directly impacts the firm's performance.

Risk management and financial monitoring

It is necessary to develop and manage a constant investments review. Risk management is an element of the monitoring and reporting process that tries to limit and minimise investment risks. There are many advances made, with sophisticated tool packages and techniques being deployed to give time to time assessments of pricing and their variation, market trends, risk evaluation, creditor and debtor position monitoring. The aim is to provide investors with increased returns.

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