Why Study Nursing From An Australian University?

Why Study Nursing From An Australian University
March 29, 2022

Why Study Nursing From An Australian University?

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Why Study Nursing From An Australian University?

Nurses are among the most crucial aspects of the international healthcare system. They have laboured tirelessly amid COVID-19 to assist communities in combating the virus and saving lives.

If you choose to devote your life to this great profession, you've made a fantastic decision. Nursing is a very rewarding profession. It also has a wide range of job prospects and high earning possibilities!

If you choose to study nursing in Australia, you access too many of the best nursing universities and brilliant career opportunities. Are you unsure where to begin your nursing career as an overseas student? Our nursing assignment help Australian professionals have put together a helpful guide to address all of their concerns about nursing in Australia.

Is it possible for overseas students to pursue a nursing degree in Australia?

Absolutely! Nursing is an option for overseas students. However, there are several requirements you must complete if you wish to pursue this educational path. So, what are the prerequisites for pursuing a nursing degree in Australia?

Completing an Australian Year 12 exam (or equivalent international secondary education qualification) and English language fluency are the most important requirements. A non-native English speaker must demonstrate that they can meet the English language registration requirements of the NMBA.

This can be accomplished by taking an English language test. Several companies specialise in English language certification for healthcare workers. These tests are typically created to represent real-world tasks and incorporate necessary language abilities.

While these are the basic standards, individualised educational providers will certainly have further or distinctive requirements. Many universities require students to get vaccinated against various immunisation diseases before beginning any practicums.

Furthermore, some colleges demand that candidates have completed required courses such as maths and sciences. Ensure the requirements for each institution's nursing programmes on their website.

Highlights of the Things You Should Know Before You Apply for Nursing Courses In Australia

Some of the largest and most prestigious nursing programmes are found in Australia. As per the QS World University Rankings 2022, 10 different Australian universities are ranked among the top 50 nursing schools.

These institutions can be found all around Australia, even in rural and regional areas. Several rural campuses offer diploma, bachelor's and master's degrees in nursing. These locations and universities open several doors for overseas students. The Wagga Wagga Health Service, for example, recently undertook a $431 million renovation. The project includes the construction of Wagga Wagga Base Hospital, a referral hospital, and a 24/7 emergency centre. Career prospects have improved dramatically due to this recent rise, which leads us to our next point.

As of 2021, the largest sector in Australia is social help and health care, which employs over 1.8 million people. By 2025, the number is expected to approach 2 million. Australia also has an ageing population; by 2040, it is expected that 20% of Australians will be above the age of 65, with 1.2 million people over the age of 85. Therefore, the need for nurses in Australia is projected to continue high as more individuals reach old age or enter retirement age. So, if you opt to get employed in Australia after finishing your studies, you will benefit from a wide range of job opportunities and job stability.

Not to add, the skills you'll learn during studying nursing courses in Australia are transportable, which means you may use them almost everywhere. To put it another way, students enrolled on nursing programmes in Australian universities may be the initial step toward launching a global healthcare profession.

Different Places in Australia Where You Can Study Nursing

Are you looking for a nursing programme in Australia? You'll be inundated with options. A large number of academic courses accessible is one of the best aspects of choosing Australia as a study option. A diploma, bachelor's, Master's, or doctorate in nursing can be obtained from various educational institutions.

If you want to pursue VET courses, you can do it through TAFE or any other VET provider. You can also specialise in mental health, aged care, emergency medicine, community health, etc.

If you want to acquire a university degree, you can go to university. As you can see, these degrees are available at several Australian universities; most of them are internationally renowned for their outstanding nursing programmes.

Numerous universities also offer practical training internships that permit scholars in obtaining real-world experience in a professional setting. Workplace Learning placements are available at Australian Nursing, Healthcare Sciences, and/or Paramedicine university. These placement options are available in various healthcare settings, including nursing homes, schools, community health centres, and rural referral hospitals. Willing to know more about nursing WPL placements? You may need to connect our experts, who have been assisting scholars since 2010. They have been providing nursing assignment help in Melbourne and the rest of the Australian cities.

In Australia, how long does it take to study nursing?

The answer to the above is largely dependent on the course and degree you wish to study.

If you choose a diploma programme at a TAFE or VET college, you can expect to study for 18 months to two years. Similarly, for a bachelor's degree, you may need at least three years, and for a Master's degree in nursing, you may normally need one to two years. If you are willing to pursue a PhD programme, it will typically take three to four years to complete full-time.

Enrol in Online Nursing Programs

You may be able to study medicine online under certain conditions. Some TAFE and VET nursing programmes are created expressly for online learning. There are also several nursing master's programmes that are online. These courses are intended to broaden your learning while improving your critical reasoning and judgement abilities. Rather than having students complete labs in person, these schools use cutting-edge online simulations to simulate real-life medical circumstances.

Overseas students on a study visa are not permitted to take 100 per cent of online courses due to visa restrictions. On the Department of Home Affairs website, you can discover more about the requirements or write to our nursing assignment help expert.

Total Cost Incur To Study Nursing Courses in Australia

The cost of higher education nursing in Australia varies based on the degree of education and the university you choose. The cost of tuition for foreign students seeking a degree in nursing at TAFE and other VET providers generally varies from AU$27,000 to $38,000 per year.

Similarly, the cost for an undergraduate nursing degree is between AU$27,000 and $35,000 per year. The annual suggested fee at the postgraduate level is normally between AU$35,000 and $45,000 per year. Remember that if a student is enrolled on an online programme, he can save money because they are not required to purchase flights or pay as much for living expenses as you would if you were studying abroad (i.e. rent, utility bills, public transport).

Are you looking for financial assistance to help you pay for your studies? Foreign students can take advantage of many scholarship programs in Australia. In Australia, you can find several scholarships like –

  • Melbourne Mobility Scholarships
  • JN Data Endowment for the Higher Education of Indians
  • Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarships
  • Education Future International Scholarships 2022 – the USA and Non-USA
  • Agnes K. Missirian Scholarships
  • NLB Scholarships 2022 etc.

Wide Ranges of Career Options After Nursing Study

Nursing professionals in Australia have many work prospects due to the country's burgeoning healthcare industry. They can also choose from a variety of professions. Mental health, rescue, and elderly care are some examples.

The nursing assignment helps Australia say that clinical nurses, assistants in nursing (AIN), mental health nurses, and enrolled nurses (EN) are some of the in-demand nursing professions in Australia. Not only this, midwives, nurse managers, nurse educators, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses are also in great demand in Australia.

Impressive Salary for Nursing Graduate's in Australia

The average salary for a nursing graduate lies between AU$60,000 and $65,000 per year. However, the nursing assignment help pay may vary as per certain criteria such as degree of education and experiences.

No matter what field you work in, the more experience you gain, the higher your pay. With each year, you might expect a small increase in your compensation.

Please remember that these are simply typical salaries. When you choose to work as a nurse, your income potential is significantly higher than the national average. Let's imagine you want to become a nurse anaesthetist or another specialised or senior post. The average annual salary for this position is between AU$105,000 and $130,000. On the other hand, Orthopaedic nurses might make up to AU$120,000 per year.

In other words, as your job progresses, you'll have numerous options to boost your salary and better your financial situation.

Students who want to know something else about why to choose Australia for nursing courses can write us on contact@onlineassignmentexepert.com or simply connect our nursing assignment help Australian experts through phone or order now form.

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