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Writing a Methodology for Research Paper - Expert Guide

Writing a Methodology for Research Paper - Expert Guide

Writing a research paper is a lengthy process where several sections have to be written. It includes a table to content, introduction, issues and background, literature review, analysis, presentation, etc. The methodology is an important part of a research paper where you are required to explain the philosophical underpinning of the selected topic. You must also describe the types of methods used in the research paper. There could be a few students who might not be aware of what to do in a methodology. In such a situation, they might need help from research paper writing experts.  According to academic experts, the research methodology is a method used to collect data, conduct analysis, and perform the calculation. It is an important part that you must focus on while writing a research paper. Students who are new to assignment writing or unable to write the methodology section of a research paper or dissertation can instantly contact professionals associated with us. Before that, you must read the details given below. 

Here’s How an Expert Would Write The Research Paper

In your research paper, you mainly discuss the methods that have been used in your research. While writing a methodology section your key discussion is to describe what you have done and how you have done allowing your readers to analyse the research validity and reliability. However, the following are the points to be considered in writing a methodology:

Step 1: Discuss the methodological approach

Start your discussion by providing a brief introduction to the research. What research question or issue you are going to investigate, and what data type is required to support it? Generally, qualitative and quantitative are the two different methods used to collect information.  Quantitative methods: The most suitable example of quantitative method surveys. It is best to fit to measure, determine patterns, categorise, ranking, and generalisations.  Qualitative methods: Interviews can be the best example of this method of data collection. It is mainly used to describe, categorising, interpreting, and attaining in-depth insight.  Sometimes you can be asked to conduct data by using a mix of the above methods which is called a mixed method. It is generally included when you are in need of in-depth exploration and numerical measurement. 

Step 2: Describe the research methods

Once you are done with explaining the methodological approach, you are required to provide full detail of the research methods used in your research. You may outline the procedures, tools, and materials utilised to collect data and sources referred to. In quantitative methods, our assignment writing experts prefer to use surveys, existing data, experiments, and similar methods. 

Quantitative Methods Sample

quantitative methods sample qualitative methods example Qualitative methods may be like focus groups, interviews, participant's observation, etc.

Step 3: Explain the methods used for analysis

Now, you are needed to explain the ways to process and evaluate the data. You do not require going much in deep - in simple words, avoiding explaining or presenting the result.

Quantitative methods

If you use quantitative research, your analysis should be based on numbers. The key points to be included in the research method are – 

  • What you have done before analysing data 
  • Tools used for data evaluation. For example – SPSS and STATA
  • What statistical methods have been used for analysis

Qualitative methods In this method of research, the analysis should be based on images, languages, and observations. You may also include content analysis, thematic analysis, and discourse analysis.

Step 4: Analyse and explain the methodological choices

Being a writer, your job is to evaluate and explain the methodological choices. You can explain why you have used that specific method for research objective and why not other methods. Describe the weaknesses and limitations of the approach you select. how to write strong methodology

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